Hemorrhoid Treatment

Correct prevention of hemorrhoids

It is much easier to prevent a disease than to deal with it later. Especially when it comes to such a "delicate" disease as hemorrhoids. Not everyone can dare to attend a doctor when the first symptoms occur, because never before important is the prevention of

hemorrhoids. It should be remembered that if timely, that is, at the earliest stages, eliminate the factors causing pathological changes in hemorrhoidal veins, further treatment may not be necessary. Even if the disease has passed in the late stages requiring different treatments, preventive measures can not be refused. The fact is that therapy is aimed at eliminating the symptoms, reducing the impact of other adverse factors. Even after treatment, if you do not follow the recommendations of your doctor, hemorrhoids can be formed again.

Basic principles of hemorrhoid prevention

First of all, it is an exception to those factors that can trigger the onset of the disease or cause its remission. It is necessary to lead a healthy and mobile way of life, to eat properly, to prevent overload of the body with excessive physical activity. It is important that the right way of life is translated into a healthy health habit. If necessary, you can resort to the use of various venotonizing agents.

A healthy lifestyle - an important factor in the prevention of hemorrhoids

Correct prevention of hemorrhoids If too little to move, there is a stagnation of blood in the pelvic vessels and a high probability of pathological increase in hemorrhoids. If work is related to long seating, it is recommended to take breaks from time to time. Just take an hour and a half to get up, make a light workout or walk a bit.

For additional training of the spinal muscles, it is possible to walk in the stairs between floors. In addition, you need to pay attention to the organization of the workplace. If you sit on a very soft chair or in a chair, you need to replace it with a harder one.

While on the street, and if there is such an opportunity, it is recommended to go for a walk on a public hike or a private car. Physicians do not recommend a long seat behind the wheel. To prevent hemorrhoids, every 2-3 hours you need to get out of the car and perform exercises for the sphincter muscles.

A good measure to prevent the onset of the disease is swimming in the pool, regular exercise of gymnastics exercises.

Walking on foot, playing sports, physical activity has a beneficial effect on the tone of the veins in order to prevent the occurrence of a variety of diseases.


Correct prevention of hemorrhoids If you have a proper and balanced diet, follow a special diet to prevent hemorrhoids, then such a digestive tract disorder as constipation or diarrhea, you are not afraid. And after all, they are another important reason for the onset of hemorrhoids.

When constipation is often necessary to strain, which creates an increased pressure on the veins. Well, diarrhea contributes to the irritation of the perianal region, which may result in infection.

To eat small shoulders, dividing the daily diet by at least 4-5 parts. Drink at least 1.5 pure water during the day. Better if it is mineral water, it has a beneficial effect on intestinal motility.

In order to prevent hemorrhoids, it is necessary to abandon the frequent use of sharp, spicy and salty foods, strong alcoholic beverages, which can cause irritation in the anus and the appearance of bleeding.

If these recommendations do not allow you to get rid of constipation, you should contact your doctor to find out the reasons.

A visit to the toilet

Correct prevention of hemorrhoids The toilet can not be used for a long time. If bowel movement does not begin, it is better to leave the toilet and return there after a while. It is necessary to respond in a timely manner to appetite for bowel movements, not to tolerate.

It is better to spend the emptying of the intestine from the very morning, after 20-30 minutes after a dense breakfast, which will allow to develop a gastro-intestinal reflex. To do this, before eating, you should drink a glass of cool juice. Better if it is tomato or plum. Usually this is enough to trigger the reflex.

But if the aspirations of the toilet are not felt, you can push the stomach - pull the stomach when inhaled, and push it out when exhaling. Repeat should be at least 10 times.

Following the release of feces, the hygiene of the anus should be followed. The best way is to warm up with warm water. If this is not possible, hygiene should be carried out with sanitary napkins or soft toilet paper.

In order to prevent hemorrhoids, it is necessary to restrict the use of ordinary toilet paper or to do it not every day, as it can cause irritation and become one of the factors of the disease.

If visiting the toilet is possible only after taking laxative, it is better to consult a physician than to use such medications continuously. The fact that they are able to provide short-term care and do not affect the very cause of constipation.

Exercises for the prevention of hemorrhoids

They are aimed at the restoration of blood circulation in organs located in a small pelvis. For the simplest exercises you do not need any special training, they are available to perform even at work.

  • Bike. It is necessary to lie on the back, lifting the pelvis alone or with the help of hands, and perform movements in the air simulating a ride on a bicycle.
  • Scissors. The initial position of the body as a "bicycle" exercise, but raised legs are their alternate crossing.
  • Birch. A more complex exercise, in which the basin rises even higher, and supporting the vertical position of the body is supported by the hands.
  • Prevention of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

    Correct prevention of hemorrhoids During childbearing, it is simply necessary to take measures to prevent the development of the disease. First of all, from the first day of the establishment of the presence of pregnancy, it is necessary to eat properly and fully, so that in the diet were present all the necessary substances during this period. More walking in the fresh air in parks, squares.

    And most importantly - when detecting the first symptoms of the disease can not be delayed with a visit to a doctor that threatens the further development of pathology. The doctor will select the necessary treatment, for example, the candles allowed for use during pregnancy.