How to cure a headache? Folk remedies and medicines

You suffer from headache attacks, taking large amounts of analgesics, but it helps for a short period of time. Because the headache needs to be treated under the supervision of a doctor. You can, of course, drink a pill or use folk remedies.

How to cure headaches? Folk remedies and medical prescriptions

Particular attention is paid to treating headache during pregnancy. During this period, caution should be exercised when taking medicines. This also applies to the period of breastfeeding.


  • Folk and natural remedies for
  • treatment Main causes of headache
  • Headache types and treatment
  • Lifestyle prevention as a method of treating

Folk and natural remedies for the treatment of

Now consider how to cure headaches and what? Painful attacks have a different nature of occurrence. Because of this treatment methods may vary. Select the most effective way, individually. Be sure to go through the survey and determine why there are attacks.

Preventive measures should be used to increase the remission period and complete treatment of attacks. With this approach you can cure and migraine attacks. According to physicians, for the most part, women suffer from migraines. The group at risk is all those whose relatives have been subjected to such a disease. With proper treatment, the pain will stop disturbing you and improve the quality of life significantly.

Modern medicine supports the use of folk remedies for the treatment of headache attacks. This method can be chosen if you do not develop a complicated disease. There are a lot of recipes and recipes. It is recommended to consult a specialist, especially in the presence of chronic diseases.

We will now consider methods for treating headache at home. Herbs are widely used for treatment. Of these, you can cook decoctions, tinctures, raspberries, ointments. The most common ones are:

  • mint;
  • chamomile;
  • calendula;
  • St. John's wort;
  • hipster.

Recipes are very simple. When cooking broth use fruits or leaves. Fill with boiling water and insist for 30-60 minutes. For this purpose, the root of peony, thyme, flowers of the cornflower are used. You can cook right away with the use of several components.

How to cure headaches? Folk remedies and medical prescriptions

For the preparation of tinctures it is possible to take medical alcohol, or cologne. The herbs or the desired plant are poured and infused in a warm dark place, the term tinctures can range from a week to several months. They can be used externally and internally, it all depends on the composition. Such preparations can be stored for a long time.

Often use essential oils to remove the attack. If you do not have an allergy, you can choose the oil of rosemary, mint or lavender. It can be combined with a massage of the head. Sit in the chair and rub one drop in whiskey. After that you can do a whole-body massage. If possible, you can lie down. The assault will begin to retreat in about ten or fifteen minutes. If the head is hurt during a cold, it can be used with essential oil during inhalation. In this case, a headache and it becomes easier to breathe through the nose.

You can choose lavender oil to treat tired and overexposed pain. Compress very well. Add to the water four to six drops, wet the napkin and attach to the forehead. After a short period of time, a headache attack will take place. If you have such manifestations come in often, try to take a bath with essential oils. You can apply a mixture of oils. Basil lavender sage is well suited.

Good results from clay wrap. You can make them at home. Wash clay in a small amount of water. Apply the resulting solution to a napkin and attach it to the forehead. Keep up to twenty minutes. For a good effect, do this for four weeks. In a solution you can add infusion of peppermint or menthol oil. In this case, the application process will be changed.

Major Causes of Headache

Pain relief may occur for several reasons. Let's dwell on the most common. Causes of headache:

  • unstable arterial pressure;
  • sharp changes in blood pressure, including intracranial;
  • exhaustion, stress, depression;
  • injuries;
  • complex diseases of organs and whole systems;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • alcohol and nicotine use;
  • for migraine attacks is a genetic predisposition.

For office workers and residents of big cities there are problems with pain sensations due to the large number of stressful situations. You need to learn how to handle this. During long work at the computer every hour you need to take a break. A very good way to learn how to meditate and relax after a day's work. This approach will avoid frequent headaches of over-stress.

In cases of unstable arterial pressure, it is necessary to monitor its changes every day. To stabilize, take medications or use folk remedies. The doctor will make the right choice.

Be sure to complete a medical examination after the injury. Even if you have a diagnosis - a slight concussion of the brain, be sure to follow all the recommendations of the doctor. If necessary, observe the desired time. The consequences of an injury can manifest itself over time. If headaches arose a month later, always ask a specialist. Independently, you will only be able to reverse the attack, and the cause of the cure can not be cured.

An individual examination is carried out at the medical facility and the cause of the attack is established. There may be a need to be in the hospital for a complete picture of the manifestation of symptoms. The reasons may be different, but many of them lead to complicated diseases, so self-medication is strictly forbidden.

Types of headache and treatment for

How to cure headaches? Folk remedies and medical prescriptions Physicians distinguish seven main types of headache. Tense headaches require special diagnosis. Very often the reason for installing is practically impossible. During examination it is necessary to establish the presence of injuries, even old enough, in the area of ​​the head and neck.

Scientists believe that they are due to a large number of stresses. Attacks appear with a certain periodicity. Concentrated pain in the forehead, eyes and at the top of the head. They appear in the afternoon. It lasted about thirty minutes.

Migraine can be identified in a separate line. In women, attacks can occur with and without the aura. In this case, external stimuli are of great importance. If they are not eliminated, they will not get rid of pain, even after taking the pill. The reasons for the occurrence of such attacks have not yet been studied to the end. An important role is played by genetic predisposition. With proper treatment, remission periods can be quite lengthy.

Clustering pains are rare. Such an attack is characterized by a strong pulsation, a surge of blood. Could start unexpectedly undead. Usually their duration does not exceed one hour. It is very difficult to treat such patients. The pain comes unexpectedly and also retreats.

After unsuccessful use of alcohol in the morning, a headache achieves. This is due to the high content of serotonin. It expands the vessels and destabilizes the work of the entire system. Such attacks can be waited or lost. Particamamol is recommended for medicinal products. There is one condition for taking medications on a hangover after taking a pill to not drink alcohol.

Any formations in the brain cause severe headaches. They begin to appear in the event that the tumor has significantly increased in size. Increases intracranial pressure and at the same time can start to get sick. In some cases even vomiting begins. In such situations, be sure to contact your doctor.

If the pain attacks occur along with insomnia, deterioration of the general condition, sharp weight loss, one can assume a diagnosis - temporal arteritis. The treatment is necessary only in the hospital. In case of damage to the vessels of the brain, intracranial bleeding may occur. Therefore, an appointment to a doctor should be urgent, call for emergency assistance.

Lifestyle Prophylaxis as a method of treating

Must be given a lot of attention to preventative measures, especially in the treatment of headache. Such measures are necessary for complete treatment and a long period of remission. If you do not have a complicated disease, trauma and genetic predisposition to avoid headaches, you can at least reduce the number of attacks to a minimum.

What to do:

  • to engage in physical education and sports;
  • to refuse alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances;
  • prefer healthy eating, vegetables and fruits;
  • use low-fat meats and fish;
  • do not use strong tea and coffee.

These are the very basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. If you start to follow these rules as early as possible - you can avoid many complicated diseases. Of great importance are outdoor walks. Very often we strive to get home after work and all evening are indoors. It suffers from the body and loses oxygen, blood circulation worsens. Every day you have to stay in the fresh air for about two hours. Try to walk on the job to work.

A very important factor is a healthy sleep. About eight to ten hours in a day. If you will sleep for a less long time, the body will end, you will become annoying, will quickly get tired and there will be pain from overwork. Sports should match your age. Physical loads are feasible and increase gradually.

How to cure headaches? Folk remedies and medical prescriptions

Headaches can begin with arterial pressure drops or high and low rates. This can be due to overweight. Therefore, even if you gradually increase your weight, try to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In the first place, you can abandon the elevator or travel in a couple of stops. Cycling is very good for blood circulation. If possible, you can get to work on this vehicle.

A healthy lifestyle can save health for many years, reduce the number of colds, and maintain immunity in the right tone. Therefore, preventive methods can be attributed to a systematic course of treatment of various diseases. Headache attacks can affect quality of life, cause depression and cause complicated diseases. It is necessary to give a worthy place to the prevention measures that are acceptable to you.

It is necessary to pay attention to your health. If the body signals you pain - then, there is a malfunction in the work. Usually a brain department that responds to a specific function responds. In the event of a malfunction, it becomes a source of pain. Need to determine the cause of the attacks.

How to cure a headache will tell you in a medical institution. Treatment is prescribed by a specialist and includes preventive measures. Of great importance is the patient's implementation of all the advice and recommendations of the doctor. For the period of treatment, you must abandon alcohol and nicotine. Medicines should be taken strictly for prescription.

Self-treatment can be a threat to complex diseases, which predict the consequences is very difficult. Medicines are made on a synthetic basis, most of them. Many elements can accumulate in the body for a long time and provoke disorders of the kidneys and liver.

Therefore, many prefer non-medicated treatments. In many cases, this is justified, but only at the initial stage of the disease. All pains need to be treated, especially the headache. Preventive measures bring a positive result with long-term use.