What to do if a headache hurts


  • What is the reason for a hangover?
  • What to do if there is a headache with a hangover
  • Physical cleaning of the body
  • Cleansing by biochemical methods
  • Cellular stabilization of
  • Restoration of acid-base balance in the body
  • Medical aid to the patient hangover
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For some reason, it is commonly believed that the Russian feast was traditionally accompanied by exorbitant drinking. Modern followers of this far-fetched tradition are equally ready for any solemn occasion to "crush a bottle."However, the payoff will not force itself to wait - the next morning, the participant of the nodules feels incredible weakness, a cut in the eyes of the light, sensitivity to noise, nausea, vomiting, and, of course, a headache that does not even want to move.

What is the reason for the hangover?

The reason for the onset of a hangover is simple - the body is seriously poisoned with alcohol and toxins, disturbed distribution of fluid, due to which there are swelling and thirst, the body is dehydrated and suffering.

What to do if a headache hurts

The cause of headache caused by a hangover is the intoxication of the body, as well as uneven distribution of fluid from the body, resulting in edema and thirst.

When used with alcohol, compounds contained in it have a detrimental effect on cell membranes, destroying them. As a result, the liquid enters the intercellular space, the heavy load on the blood vessels, the oxygen starvation of the brain, resulting in the death of the cells of the latter. Dead cells are removed with the help of a special liquid, in large amounts, it flows into the brain and increases intracranial pressure, which also does not facilitate the situation.

What to do if your head is hurt

In the morning after a fun party, people feel broken and try to find a way to eliminate discomfort. Despite the fact that there are two absolutely reliable ways to prevent a hangover in the future - the "refusal to use alcohol" and "experience of a hangover without facilities that facilitate the patient's condition", for some reason most suffer from headache for this reason they are ignored.

Treatment of severe hangover requires a comprehensive approach - eliminating dehydration and eliminating toxins better at once and simultaneously.

Physical cleaning of the body

Due to the heavy load on the liver, it can not cope with everything eaten and drunk during the feast, and therefore the stomach remains complete. Therefore, to clean the body it is possible to use the enema or take laxative with a mild effect. Also, as an option at the recent completion of the feast, you can independently hold the stomach. From medicines it is advisable to advise activated charcoal or polysorb.

Purification by biochemical methods

The elimination of toxins is possible by stimulating the metabolic processes of the organism - for this it is enough to be treated with honey, tincture of eleutherococcus or citric acid. The traditional recipe for medicine from the hangover includes both dairy products and kvass, has not been pasteurized - they contain lactic acid, which has a positive effect on metabolism.

Cellular Stabilization

To eliminate swelling and get rid of headaches, it is necessary to stabilize the state of cells and prevent the redistribution of water in the body. To do this, you will need any tools that contain tanners. They are full of folk recipes, so you can use, for example, infusion of mountain ash.

A bath or sauna, as well as an abundant drink with the use of a measurable, will help to re-apply the body fluids to their places. For this purpose it is best to use not medicines, but natural products with the necessary action.

Since all this patient is thirsty, he is obliged to drink juices, brines, kvass and dairy products. It is not desirable to drink simple water, as it will not help to recover lost nutrients.

Recovery of acid-base balance in the body

As already mentioned before, water will not help here. The balance should be restored with abundant use of liquids with high content of amber, milk, and citric acid. It is also good to use mineral and soda water for this, but the sweet soda water is contraindicated - because of carbon dioxide poisons and toxins are only quicker to be absorbed into the bloodstream, but not removed from the body.

What to do if a headache hurts
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Medical aid to the patient in the hangover

Alco-zeltser, anti-pox and other specialized drugs to a greater or lesser extent contain a complex of stabilizing substances, which we talked about earlier. They can not instantaneously alleviate the condition, but gradually help to cope with malaise.

But strong analgesics here in any way will not help, only habits will cause - in their composition there are substances, even more load liver. Therefore, if the pain is completely unbearable, you can drink aspirin or analgin.

If, during the holiday, the nervous system is further affected, anxiety and depression are felt, instead of taking care of bite, you can use light antidepressants, which, however, are easily replaced with milk, cocoa, kvass, tea or coffee.


In order not to prove itself to such a terrible state, you should drink in the least and do not follow the myths about alcohol, as if a snack in large quantities eases the symptoms of morning sickness. In no case should it be necessary to interfere with different types of alcoholic drinks and drink them with soda water - this will only worsen the situation. Be sure to count your rate for the evening, based on your own weight and physique, and at the end of the feast to drink tea to level out the effects.