Hemorrhoid Treatment

Chamomile seaweed from hemorrhoids

Chamomile seaweed from hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids - one of the most common and unpleasant diseases, which entails pain, discomfort( especially during bowel movements), itchiness. Other problems are possible: bleeding, stomach upset. What to do?

The best option is to appeal to a proctologist who will

be able to provide the patient with a comprehensive treatment, taking into account the individual features of the body. After all, there are a lot of medicines used to treat inflamed hemorrhoids, and some of them have a number of contraindications.

Forms of medicines for this delicate disease are diverse: ointments, gels, creams, pills and candles. Often, the doctor prescribes several forms of drugs at once( for example, candles and pills).

Very popular rectal suppositories, in particular, seaweed candles from hemorrhoid .

What are the sea buckthorn candles? What problems do they help solve?

Swarovski candles are local remedies. They are in the form of a torpedo and consist of wax, which allows you to maintain hardness, and the active ingredient - sea buckthorn oil. Getting into the warm environment of the body, suppositories with sea buckthorn dissolve and help to heal hemorrhoids.

With their help you can not only fight the symptoms of the disease, but also eliminate its cause. This is achieved due to the high content of buckwheat oil, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids( polyunsaturated and monounsaturated).

Here is a list of problems that help solve oblepyhov—če candles from hemorrhoids:

  • repairs damaged connective tissues, heal minor wounds and cracks
  • Improve blood clotting and stop bleeding
  • reduce inflammation of hemorrhoids
  • Remove pain, itching, discomfort
  • protects against free radicalswhich damages healthy cells
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria( salmonella, staphylococcus, etc.), damaging their cell wall and DNA
  • Normalize blood flowg
  • Positive effect on immune cells
  • Strengthen venous rectum

What are the benefits of seaweed candles compared to other hemorrhoids?

Chamomile seaweed from hemorrhoids They have many advantages over other medications.

A list of some of them is available to you:

  • The vegetable component is a sea buckthorn oil. For this reason, their application does not cause fear and psychological discomfort in the patient.
  • A very wide range of patients who can use this drug. Sea buckthorn candles from hemorrhoids practically have no contraindications, unlike many other medicines. It can be used in pregnant women, nursing mothers, patients with high sensitivity, children, and elderly patients. The only contraindication is the individual intolerance of the components.
  • Do not cause overdose.
  • Not only eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also have an immunostimulatory effect.
  • Prevent the emergence of cancerous tumors.

How to properly use and store sea buckthorn candles?

Use this medication twice a day( in the evening and in the morning) or once before bedtime. It is important to remember that the candle is inserted only after the act of defecation and hygienic procedure for clearing the anus. Before you can make an enema.

First, you need to get medications from the blister. Then - go to the side, relax and carefully insert her into the anal passage. It is necessary to lie calmly in this state for 7-10 minutes, until the medicine is dissolved. By conducting this procedure, you must ensure that the candle does not intensify the pain and itch. Blisters with hemorrhoids have one drawback - they dirty the laundry with a bright orange paint that is not washed away. Therefore, prepare hygiene linings in advance. The course of treatment, as a rule, ranges from ten days to two weeks. If you do everything right then you will soon notice a noticeable improvement.

Suppositories have a low melting point, so keep them recommended in the refrigerator.

In which cases, candles with sea buckthorn can not be used in the treatment of hemorrhoids?

  • Released from blisters and not used immediately
  • The drug has been exposed to very high or low temperatures
  • Has expired
  • You suffer from diarrhea or individual intolerance of components

How to quickly cure hemorrhoids using bivalve drugs?

Sometimes in buyers' reviews it is possible to read that lobster candles against hemorrhoids do not give the expected result. This is partly true. Achieve a good therapeutic effect using this drug can only be combined with the observance of certain rules. What exactly do you need to do?

  • Follow all
  • doctor's instructions. Maintain proper
  • diet. Prevent constipation( e.g., take appropriate food or laxatives under the supervision of a physician).
  • Take frequent breaks during shift sessions to physical activity of
  • . Avoid excessive physical activity.
  • . Use other medicines based onBuckthorn Oil

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about it.


What do people say and write about, who have already tried the candles with a sea buckthorn for the treatment of hemorrhoids?

"Sedentary work has led to the fact that hemorrhoidal nodes have become a serious problem in my life. Sea buckthorn candles became the first cure I tried. They are very effective and can be used even for pregnant and nursing women. Another pleasure is that they do not have any chemistry. To me, this drug has helped to relieve pain and inflammation, heal cracks "(Orissa).

"I first took Natalsid tablets, which was prescribed by my doctor. But they turned out to be too expensive. Therefore, she decided to try more accessible suppositories with bilephemy from hemorrhoids. And I can say with 100% confidence - they give a good result. Just need to take care of the laundry in advance, because the candles are very dirty "(Diana).