How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

For all pigeon-lovers and breeding professionals, birds are a very important and integral part of the hobby. After all, the appearance of healthy strong progeny, the emergence of new species and rocks depends on it. Consider the pigeons as they multiply, and also learn all the subtleties of the

of this process right now.

In different regions, depending on the climatic conditions, the reproduction of pigeons occurs at different times. So, for example, in our country in the middle zone of birds begin to cross in the spring in the period from the end of March to the beginning of April. In warm southern regions, pairing can be started in about 2-3 weeks.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

Of course, in order to pair pigeons, you need to be able to distinguish their gender. At the same time, it should be noted that in most, both wild and domestic birds, these are poorly expressed sexual characteristics. Newbies are sometimes called for help by experts for sex determination. One of the most important features that can help distinguish males from females is the size of the body. As well as in many other living creatures, a dove-male is slightly larger and more coarse than females. In addition, the doves are more gentle in appearance, more graceful.

Many practice in a variety of methods for determining gender, for example, pulling a beak or lifting paws. We will say that the most unmistakable way is to trace the behavior of birds. Of course, the male will roam, take care of a dove, show any interest in her person.


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mature pigeons areat the age of 6 months, but this does not mean that you can already mate birds. The fact is that natural sexuality differs from the most successful. At this time, young birds can give even weak, poorly developed offspring. We can not allow the reproduction of sexually immature individuals. They give unfertilized eggs.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

The best period for offspring is the age of 1-2 years. During this period the bird has a well-formed organism, immunity. Then with age, fertility increases and persists up to 10-12 years. Of course, there is another question - how to correctly determine the age of a bird if it did not grow in you?

You will find the answer to this question in our previous publication. However, it should be noted that a certain indicator of sexual maturity is the tsetse. Every year it increases. If you are breeding a breed or want to improve the offspring, then you should remember that in such cases it is better not to mow birds if they are already 5 years old. In many cases, at such an age, pigeons produce weak offspring. However, if you can not find a young male, then you can select only one young female.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

Martial Games As with any animal, pigeons also have a feeling and they definitely make their bird "marriage games".In nature, pigeons themselves find a pair, the male begins to turn and show interest in a loved woman. If it accepts its courtship, in a short period, pairing takes place. At home, often pigeons consciously, based on various reasons, themselves make up a pair of birds. In such cases, too, it does not take long to wait. Pigeons have a well-developed sexual instinct.

So, the corresponding male and female are placed in a cage. If the pigeon is healthy and well developed, he will immediately show interest to his girlfriend, will begin to talk. A male during this is a trumpet, that is, it produces certain sounds, begins to circle in place, as if picking up his paws, inflating the struma, to appear more and more. If the female corresponds to reciprocity, she bows to her chosen and makes the characteristic movements forward or "floating on the tail".

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

At free maintenance, for example, in a dwarf, males often fight for a favorite female. And the female often does not agree to the courtship of the victim of the male. Although this is rare. In all active young sexually mature birds, marriage games take place quickly. During the first acquaintance they press against each other, begin to scoop the feathers on the neck and head. If they kiss with beets, then it's an inseparable pair and will be offspring.

It is important to note that pigeons are paired and monogamous. Pigeon with dove can live forever. It is the blue of faith that often becomes the symbol of eternal and pure love for people.

Building a Nest

Before pairing doves, a poultry farm should take care of their nests. In nature, the feathers themselves are looking for a suitable place for masonry and themselves build a "house".At home, a person should help them, for example, hanging various twigs for construction, or by putting ready nests.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

If the dwarf is large, then it should make more nests or lay many branches. This is necessary to ensure that birds do not fight for a place. In addition, the birds themselves are trained in the room of straw and dry grass. The nest is built by a male.

The Asbestos Process

To date, pigeons use two methods of pairing birds: natural and enforced. What does it mean? In the natural pairing of pigeons occurs, as in nature, that is, the male chooses a female himself. And when compelled, a person chooses a girlfriend for a dove. The latter type relates to breeding work to obtain the desired offspring with the required qualities. Note that when mixing blood, mixing blood should not be allowed.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

It is also worth noting that in contrast to forced mating, in a natural environment formed a very strong pair, which maintain loyalty to each other throughout life. At the same time, they always lay a lot of eggs. When artificially choosing a pair, often males show carelessness to females, they are aggressive and quickly forget their girlfriends. In such cases, the birds form the birds later, and lay eggs less.

Forcing and Care The offspring of

Before the female is about to lay eggs, she changes her behavior: becomes inactive, moves little, sits in the nest. Before the laying of her cloaca swells and increases in size. As a rule, a dove produces masonry for 2-3 days and it takes place 12-15 days after pairing.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

A young, sexually mature female usually lays two eggs, but now older individuals are one. Pigeons seriously involved in the breeding of pigeons indicate the date of demolition of each egg and indicate the degree of development of chicks. Eggs of pigeons have a medium size, white color and a weight of about 19-20 grams.


As soon as the female leaves all the eggs, it begins to nourish them. In the first week you should not bother birds, but for 8-9 days you can check the eggs for the presence of fruits. This is done using an ovoscope. Already by the end of the first week in the eggs will be well developed blood vessels.

Approximately 65% ​​of fruits are fed to young couples, and more than 95% of those who are more experienced and those who choose a pair on their own, naturally, reach 95%.All domestic pigeons are good parents, they carefully guard the offspring and well nest eggs.

How do pigeons multiply: the process of mating and video

Feeding chicks

After hatching a dove, the female feeds them with goose milk. Then about 14 days of life they are already eating crushed grain. The chicks are caught blind and almost naked, therefore they need protection and heating of their parents. The first food the baby receives 4 hours after the light.

A beak is very fast in pigeons. Already on the 12th day of life, its length reaches the length of the adult species. At the age of 2 months, as a rule, the weight of the chicks reaches the adult mass. Also, more about how pigeons reproduce, see the video.

Video "Male Sex"

In this video you can see the marriage dance of a male near a dove, to hear his grinding. This behavior in birds is called current.