Reproduction of rabbits and all the main nuances of this process

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  • Selection of Species
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Reproduction of rabbits and all the main nuances of this process

Reproduction is a fairly simple process, but at the same time very responsible. For the sake of having offspring, people often have to adapt

for a long time to each other, often visit medical centers and much more, and rabbits in this regard are unpretentious, therefore, it is enough to perform a number of basic procedures.

Usually a hand-held link is used, and there is always a probability of coolness, because of which, after joining, there are procedures for precise determination.

Selection of

Reproduction of rabbits and all the main nuances of this process

Species Before you can start a rabbit mix, you need to pick the individuals correctly. Physiologically, rabbits and rabbits are ready to bite in 4 months, but it is absolutely undesirable to start the process at this time, so that the offspring are born strong and healthy.

Most experienced rabbits are advised to start reproduction of rabbits closer to 10-11 months, while their opponents follow figures of 7 months. In the process of breeding should be selected the most fruitful, and then denote their cells with signs with the following information:

  • date of birth;
  • rabbit nickname;
  • breed of parents( if the transfer, give a description of the last three generations);
  • dates that were pairing and paddling;
  • is the number of live and stillborn rabbits in each okrol.

In order to prepare rabbits for mating, one should take into account a number of elementary moments, which include bringing them to a normal psychological state, hunting, quality feeding and attention to each step.

If 3 of 4 points is easy to execute, then you need to take care of the power supply before pairing. If the rabbit is lost, then it should be fed to normal physical size, but in no case do not overeat. Usually the food goes green grass, oats, boiled potatoes with bran and woody food( thin branches of trees - no more than 200 g per day).There are many more items that can be included in the menu, but it is these that allow you to gain the required mass in the extremely short terms.

If the pairing turned out to be ideal( from 7 to 10 rabbits), the female with the male will remain in total for 5 years, while less fertile individuals will be slaughtered in 3-4 years. Particularly, this approach applies to males, since it depends on them the number of cubs in the litter, whereas females are always diverted to the background.

If a female is seen by eating offspring, then it should be isolated and sent to a slaughterhouse as soon as possible. It is not so difficult after the birth each time it is subtracted from rabbits, but their feeding is a particularly painstaking process that will take away all the time. It will be much easier and more reliable to replace it with the younger generation, which will be much more adequate in this regard.

How to determine the hunt and start the propagation process

Reproduction of rabbits and all the main nuances of this process

It is impossible to reproduce rabbits by the owner's instructions, but here it is necessary to wait until the rabbit enters the hunting stage. Only during this period the rabbit will be easy enough to let go of the rabbit to itself, while others have a chance that the animals will have to be planted very quickly, so that they can do without a fight. To distinguish this moment is very simple:

  • behavior becomes nervous( growls, scratches, sometimes bites);The
  • is much more rarely used to feeder, and sometimes it does not give up food at all;
  • if you pat the back, then starts to pull out, and also slightly raises the back;
  • is a swollen genitalia, which in this period have a bright pink color.

If all aspects coincide then rabies can be started. To do this, the rabbit should be fed to the rabbit and left for 10 minutes. During this time, two breeding attempts will be made, after which each rabbit will fall off with a characteristic pee. If left for a longer time, then the animals may experience physical exhaustion.

Everything that reminds me of food is pre-cleaned from the cell - feeding the drinker. If you do not do this, then you can watch a common meal instead of getting rabbit pairing.

If you do not sow rabbit to rabbit, but on the contrary, it can not do anything for two reasons:

  • Rabbit will sniff the new space for a long time.
  • The rabbit will protect its territory, so there will not even be talk of breeding. The main task of the host at such a moment is to save the pet.
  • Some rabbits consider it necessary to reapply rabbits after 5 days, since the female will otherwise not let the male die. But here one should take into account the fact that - these are animals that have a double pregnancy, that is, 2 reproductive cycles. This can not only damage the expectant mother, but also the entire offspring, up to the increased stillbirth.

    2 weeks after the rabies were bred, it is necessary to examine the rabbit for the presence of a pregnancy. An animal can behave correctly and sincerely in such a state of affairs, whereas in practice it will turn out to be an erroneous pregnancy. The determination is done by the method of palpation, and all procedures should be carried out with maximum care so as not to damage the future offspring( tested in the lower abdomen, like hazelnut).But in no case should you engage in similar actions in the past 14 days, because even the most experienced veterinarian is likely to damage the future fetus.

    If an erroneous pregnancy is found, then you need to let the rabbit run for a while, so that it calms down, after which you can again wait for the hunt, and let it go to the rabbit for breeding. Usually, this period takes a little longer than normal pregnancy, so re-mating of rabbits usually takes 35-40 days.

    Some peculiarities of

    Reproduction of rabbits and all the main nuances of this process

    multiplication The rabbit parry over time is directly dependent on weather on the street:

    • in warmer seasons it is better to do it in the morning or in the evening when there is no heat;The
    • in cold season is considered optimal at noon when the animals are not as cold as at any other time.

    But be sure to know that the hot weather for rabbits is a reason for the increased lawn, because of which animals are not as eager to mating. In winter, in turn, reproduction is more active, but it is necessary to monitor the rabbits, because the newly-baked mother can give birth to them not in a specially allocated cell, but outside, due to which the new generation can banally freeze.

    If, however, it happened, that breeding occurred outside of a specially designated box, then the mother should be transferred for a few minutes to another cell from which it will be impossible to see the offspring. At this time, you need to rub hands down and straw to repel the smell, after which you can take rabbits with your hands and move them to the nest. If for any reason the smell will remain, then the rabbit will at best refuse to approach its offspring, because of which it will die, or it will have to feed it personally.

    Pregnancy dates after pairing varies from 28 to 35 days depending on individual characteristics and breed. Generally, births occur at dawn, so some time will have to get up much earlier than usual, which can save part of the offspring.