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Lupus red subacute - causes, symptoms, treatment, photo

Red lupus is an autoimmune disease that develops inflammatory reactions in various organs and tissues. The disease can occur in the acute( this is the most difficult option) or chronic form, however, the most common occurrence of subacute red lupus. With

this form of disease, all symptoms and manifestations are less intense than with acute lupus erythematosus, and the outlook is more favorable.

Red lupus are predominantly female, women are diagnosed with an illness more often than men. The peak of the incidence falls on the age group of 15-25 years.

Most often, red lupus is first manifested in hormonal rebuilding - in adolescents, during pregnancy or after childbirth.


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Causes of

Development There are several theories of lupus development:

  • Genetic predisposition. Often, the disease is manifested in native siblings and brothers. However, in the hereditary theory of lupus development there are many opponents. In particular, it is proved that if one of the spouses is ill, the probability of developing a child's disease in this pair is only 5%.
  • Infectious Theory. Recently, more viral evidence has been found in viral theory. Patients with lupus are often found in the blood of antibodies to a certain group of viruses( Epstein-Barr virus, retroviruses and others). Also, infection with this virus threatens the development of cryograbulinemia.
  • Hormonal Theory. In favor of this theory, says that the debut of the disease is often due to the period of hormonal reorganization. In women with red lupus, it is often found an elevated level of prolactin and estrogen.
  • Excess insolation. It is known that excessive ultraviolet radiation in individuals susceptible to the development of the disease can provoke the development of autoantibodies.

But since none of the above-mentioned theories are universally accepted, today, red lupus is classified as a polyethiological disease. How dangerous is the red lupus you can learn from this article.

Clinical picture of

Lupus red underlying causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Red lupus affects a large number of systems and organs, so the symptoms of this disease are quite diverse. The disease in the subacute form in the initial period is manifested by moderate fever, patients complain of weakness, the appearance of joint pain.

Since the first manifestation of the disease to the defeat of internal organs and systems, it takes about 1.5 years, that is, the process proceeds rather slowly. For comparison, in the acute course of lupus, a widespread clinical picture manifests itself in 1-2 months after the onset of the disease.

Skin manifestations

In red lupus, skin lesions are most commonly reported. A characteristic feature is the "symptom of a butterfly", the appearance of symmetrical redness of the skin on the cheeks on both sides of the nose. The shape of the rash resembles the wings of the butterfly.

In addition, with lupus erythema, prone to peripheral growth, appear on other parts of the body - in the area of ​​the neck, on shoulders and hands. Depending on the localization and symptoms, the following erythema develops: nodular erythema, erythema Breaker, infectious erythema, ringed erythema, etc. As a rule, skin manifestations of lupus erythema are increased after being in frost or in the sun.

Another common symptom of the disease is multiple spotted hemorrhages on the skin of the palms. Also, dystrophic changes in hair and nails are often observed, for example, the development of trichomycosis.

For red lupus, mucosal lesions, especially in the oral cavity, are characteristic. In patients there are small wounds( aphthous stomatitis), cracks and erosion on the lips.

Arthroplast manifestations

Lesion of joints is observed in 90% of patients with subacute lupus erythematosus. Joints are often affected by fingers. Patients note pain, limitation of mobility. However, the deformity of the joints in lupus erythematosus is rare.

Manifestations from the nervous system

In patients with red lupus, various neurological pathologies are often noted. From migraine to end stroke development. In case of exacerbation of the process epileptic seizures are possible, peripheral neuropathy is common.

Manifestations from other internal organs

In patients with lupus, pleurisy often develops, often bilateral as with Reiter's syndrome. These diseases are accompanied by pain and shortness of breath.

Often in the process kidneys are drawn, patients develop lupus nephritis. From the side of the heart, the most common manifestation of lupus is endocarditis and myocarditis. Possible serious damage to the vessels and the development of ischemic disease or vasculitis.

Diagnostic Techniques for

Diagnosis of lupus erythematosus is a complication of a variety of symptoms, which may be due to other diseases. Therefore, a special diagnostic system was developed. Diagnosis of red lupus is established, if the patient has at least 4 of the following characteristics:

  • Symptom of a butterfly;
  • Echinacea erythema;
  • Increased sensitivity to ultraviolet( sunlight).
  • The appearance of ulcers in their mouths are often confused with herpes simplex;
  • Lesion of two or more joints;
  • Pleuritis or pericarditis;
  • Symptoms of central nervous system lesion;
  • Kidney damage( detected by urine analysis).
  • Changes in blood composition - decrease in the concentration of leukocytes, platelets and red blood cells.
  • The appearance of specific antibodies.

Treatment of

The treatment of red lupus erythematosus is selected for each patient individually.

Lupus red underlying causes, symptoms, treatment, photo In a subacute form of the disease, as a rule, outpatient treatment is carried out, however, in the event of complications, a room may be needed in the in-patient department.

Hormonal drugs and cytostatics are used today to treat red lupus erythematosus. To reduce inflammation, Diclofenac or other non-steroidal drugs are prescribed.

In order to treat kidney, heart, blood vessels and lungs it is necessary to apply to the specialists of the corresponding profile.

Treatment of folk remedies

Herbs and doses of red lupus can only be used as an add-on to the main therapy and only after the approval of the prescriber's choice.

Collection for treating lupus. It is necessary to take the root of the rodium, the grass of the celandine, the flowers of calendula, the burdock root, the grass of the tartar and the root of the pion. All grasses are taken in equal numbers. A broth for the treatment of lupus should be prepared daily with a liter of water and 4 tablespoons of the prepared mixture. Drink a cooked meal during the day.

For the treatment of lupus erythematosus it is possible to prepare healing oil. Unrefined oil needs to be heated on fire. In hot oil add on a spoon of finely chopped herbs quails and violets( in fresh form).Warm for 2 more minutes, then turn off the heat, pour into ceramic dishes and insert oil for 24 hours. Then strain and use to lubricate rashes with lupus thrice a day.

Prevention and prognosis of

Prevention of red lupus erythematosus has not been developed to date. In the presence of a disease in close relatives, it is recommended that tests be carried out on a regular basis to detect specific antibodies. With the timely detection of the first signs of the disease, the procedures of plasmonophore and hemosorption are carried out to reduce the concentration of antibodies and postpone the appearance of more serious symptoms of red lupus erythematosus.

The prediction of lupus erythematosus in a subacute form, provided that proper and timely initiated therapy is good.


Lupus red underlying causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Lupus red underlying causes, symptoms, treatment, photo