What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors

What do pigeons eat - the issue that arose in most people. These birds are familiar to all - residents of cities and towns, adults and children. Modern business conditions allow you to get a good income by opening up businesses in the field of poultry farming, where breeding of pigeons holds high

positions, as demand exceeds the supply.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Properly selected feed - the basis of the business of breeding pigeons.

In order for business to be profitable, it is necessary to know not only the basis of negotiation and conclusion of transactions, but also the biological aspects relating directly to the maintenance of pigeons. This bird eats a bit, the favorite kind of food - seeds and grains.

Content of the article:

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  • 2 Street pigeon
  • 3 Chestnuts and winter food
  • 4 Correct feeding of pigeons
  • 5 Bird care rules at home
  • 6 Feeding during breeding
  • 7 Supplements for feed mix
  • 8 Prohibited batteries
  • 9 Power supply
  • 10 Other feeding features

Basic information

Birds living on urban streets are accepted to be fed. Pigeons are no exception. It is important to understand that under natural conditions the birds themselves find their own food, guided by the instincts laid down.

The diet of the wild pigeon and the home, contained in specially created houses - dwarfs, is fundamentally different. To keep pets healthy, you need to know what pigeons eat in nature. Getting answers to feed questions is necessary before you decide to hold a dwarf and settle birds in it.

If pigeons are kept in a poultry house, the feeding process is carried out:

  • 3 times a day during the warm season;
  • 2 times - in the autumn-winter period( 1 time feeding and 1 time feed + nutrition with vitamins).

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Choosing a feed for home pigeons that does not need to focus on their nutrition in nature.

In winter, the first food should be given to birds at 9 o'clock in the morning, then at 8 o'clock in the evening. Also, enhanced nourishment relies on chicks. In addition, the frequency of feeding depends on their condition. So, during the period of feeding the chicks they should "cover the table" three times - at four in the morning, in the hour of the day and in the evening.

Fresh greens can be bought and grown independently. Among plants useful for birds, there should be sorrel, alfalfa, nettles. In the period of molting the food should be strengthened( up to 3 times).The main emphasis in the diet is on protein foods, as well as seeds of rape and cabbage. The total amount of feed reaches 50 g. During the breeding and oviposition, the amount of feed increases to 60 g. The basis - protein foods, minerals.

Street Pigeons

More than 50% of people are convinced that bread is the best food for pigeons. That is why the remnants of the buns must be sent to the ground where the birds glue them. However, to ensure a full diet they need to eat balanced and necessarily diverse.

In addition, wheat bread is poorly digested in the feathers of the stomach. This is due to the peculiarities of the content of enzymes and the rate of processing of food particles. For pigeons kept at home and intended for breeding, bread as the main component of the feed or part of it is prohibited, as it adversely affects the body.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Street pigeons do not get a decent meal. Therefore, their lifespan is less.

It is important to remember: the biological age of these birds is an average of 13-15 years. However, street life is no more than 5-6 years. This is due to the fact that the wrong and disadvantageous diet, consisting of baking and other flour products, prevails. At the heart of the natural diet, which was formed under natural conditions, there are herbs, including grass, grains and seeds. However, in urban conditions, grass and flowers are constantly slipping, so often doves have to look for food for a long time. If there is a desire to give the birds food, it is better to offer them seeds( not fried) and groats.

Chicken and Winter

Most street pigeons can be found already adults, chicks are up to 1.5 months in the nest - they are fed to parents. This process is carried out with the help of a special biological composition - "Goose Milk", as well as softened grain. The amount of feed as the weight of the bird increases as well. Vitamins and essential nutrients of chicks are obtained along with food. Rice or millet pigeons are not used in natural conditions, choosing to feed oats or millet.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Pups up to 6 weeks of mother feed on "goose milk".

Winter for pigeons that live in nature - the period is complex. Even in the city, most sources of food are hidden under snow. That is why birds choose the places of crowds, as they feed them there. In addition, wild pigeons live in landfills near the garbage heap.

As a rule, in the cold season, pigeons need not just nutrition, but a complete source of nutrition. In order to provide them with all the necessary substances, a person must know what can be given to the pigeons. Optimum solution - feeders with grain, oats or millet. Forage for pigeons should not contain bread and garlic.

Correct feeding of pigeons

Feeding pigeons that are in special conditions has its own peculiarities. So, an adult and completely healthy blue per day requires about 35 grams of feed. For ease of feeding, the dry part, consisting of cereal crops and millet, which love birds, must be placed in the feeder. Also, pigeons living in the wild, and at home, are very fond of wheat. It can be added up to 30% of the total diet.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Like other home pigeons like wheat.

As we talked above, the composition of the food for pigeons should be complete, so before using food made in industrial conditions, it is necessary to carefully examine what is included in it. Minerals, vitamins and other useful ingredients are mandatory.

Rules for Bird Care at Home

Thinking about developing a bird breeding business, it's important to know what to feed a dober to get healthy bird. In order for breeding to be successful, proper care must be taken to ensure that the bird eats in different seasons. The poultry should be kept clean, special attention should be paid to nesting young animals.

Cleanliness should be not only in the poultry house, but also in the incubator. Eggs that stand naturally must be wiped off: if they are contaminated, air will be reduced and the embryo can die.

Correct feeding of pigeons consists of the following set of ingredients:

  • barley - 40%;
  • oats - 40%;
  • powdered fresh corn - 10%;
  • chopped lentils 10%.

This mixture is ideal for bird feeding in the winter.

If the birds are bred for meat, then feed includes:

  • corn - 35%;
  • millet - 20%;
  • peas( you can use chopped or peanut flour) - 20%;
  • wheat or its waste - 15%;
  • oatmeal boiled or flakes( cereal) - 5%;
  • Hemp Seed - 5%.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Maize must be added to the feed mixture when fattening for meat.

In addition, in winter, such birds need fresh greenery. It can be grown independently or purchased. If feeding and care are carried out according to all the rules, then you can avoid serious health problems, including spring anomalies and their treatment. Useful additives are fresh carrots, apples and boiled potatoes.

Feeding During Reproduction

Bird care during breeding should be special. The diet is different from everyday or winter. The main attention is paid to the presence of a mixture of vitamins and trace elements in the feed. If they are not enough, then the productivity of the bear and the viability of the chicks will significantly decrease, which will negatively affect the business.

The main ingredients of a specialized feed that eats a dove are legumes. They allow you to get all the necessary items and quickly get satisfied. Pea is the main component that birds love. Mix Recipe:

  • peas fresh or dried( depending on the season) - 20%;
  • age - 10%;
  • millet - 10%;
  • corn( grain) - also 10%;
  • wheat - 10%;
  • Barley - 20%;
  • oats - 20%.

Recipe № 2

  • Peasweed( dried in the winter) - 20%;
  • maize - 20%;
  • wheat( can be germinated) - 15%;
  • millet - 10%;
  • peas( fresh) - 15%;
  • barley - 10%;
  • OILS are not roasted crops( seeds) - 10%.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Add beans to the mix, for example, peas.

To make a perfect feed formula, it's important to know what pigeons can feed. In the first place, it is necessary to exclude bread, garlic is also prohibited.

Supplements for feed mix

Get the necessary trace elements and vitamins from the following feeds:

  • fish oil( especially in winter);
  • earth( fertile layer);
  • sulfur;
  • nettle crushed;
  • lime or chalk;
  • clay;
  • is a salt of the kitchen( not iodinated).

It is also necessary to purchase a ready-to-buy mineral complex and pour it into a feeder.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors In winter and in the period of reproduction in the feed it is necessary to add trace elements and vitamins.

Disabled Power Supplies

It is important to remember that feeding pigeons not only in the winter but also at any time of the year, so as not to harm your health. Willing to feed birds or professionally by breeding them, products such as:

  • bread( wheat and rye) should be excluded from the diet as it is poorly digestible and leads to serious health problems, bloating. Sometimes the death of birds is recorded;
  • meat and products from it - this component is not digested in the stomach, which leads to the death of pigeons;
  • milk and its products are the cause of dysbiosis.

Fish is also not digested and digested in the stomach. Avoid and overfeed. Seeds can be given in strictly limited quantities. Knowing what can be fed pigeons, the poultry farm will provide them with an optimal combination of useful components in the diet. Consequently, the business of their breeding will bring great profits, as the whole number will be healthy.


In addition to the main feed and food supplements, pigeons should be fed with the trace elements that are useful for them. Mineral fertilization is a must for nutrition. Particularly acute their effects are felt in the winter, when birds need to strengthen the body with useful substances, regardless of whether they live in nature or in a poultry house. The greatest demand for nutrition - in the winter, during the growing of chicks.

In addition, high quality and timely introduced nutritional mineral supplements have a beneficial effect on the digestion of birds and the strength of the shell, support the body in an ideal state during growth or molting. The obligatory substances to be added to the feed as fertilizing are:

  • calcium( the source may be crushed shell);
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • iodine( iodized salt can be used in minimal quantities);
  • copper;
  • manganese.

The following substances are also important:

  • cobalt;
  • potassium;
  • sodium;
  • chlorine;
  • zinc

All of them are involved in ensuring the stable work of the body both in chicks and adults. Get the mineral substances of pigeons from ground egg shells, chalk or non-carbonated mineral water. In "menu" it is good to include buckwheat - both in beans and boiled.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Calcium can be added to the feed using a milled egg shell.

There should be a whole range of substances in the diet that will allow you to lead a successful business throughout the year. But to feed a lot of additional substances should not be - excess is harmful to health.

Other peculiarities of feeding the

To eliminate breeding problems, one should know what to feed birds from mid-summer to mid-autumn( July-October).It is then that the pigeons need a high-powered food full of rich nutrients, as the nature laid the preparation of the body for a long winter. In the cold season, you can perlovku - a bird eating, with pleasure.

The main emphasis should be on the protein( for the formation of a new plumage) and the mineral substances that strengthen the body as a whole. However, it is very important to have a moderate amount of protein in order not to provoke sexual intercourse.

Pigeons, fed and cared for by all rules, have good health, are well reproduced, bring a large offspring that survives on 90-95%, which is very good for business, regardless of the chosen direction of activity. The bird eats not only plant foods, but also minerals, so feed, as already mentioned, should be balanced.

In addition, for working pigeons - birds that take part in various competitions - you need a high-powered meal as the flight takes a lot of energy. It is for this reason that the feeding of birds during preparation should be followed by products containing starch and sugar - corn and rice with sugar added. It is important to remember that feeding and sports doves are not recommended before workouts and competitions. Otherwise, you should not count on good performance. Upon completion of the competition, the forage will help feed their oilseeds.

What to eat and what to feed pigeons at home and outdoors Birds for the competition must be fed with sugar-added products.

Thus, a pigeon whose food is maintained in accordance with the rules and regulations will have good health. For birds that participate in breeding, this is especially important, since the number of chicks and the health of young animals depend on the state of their organism. As a rule, caring for pigeons is easy.

It is necessary to take into account the existing recommendations and prohibitions concerning the food of doves at different times of the year. Additives and nutrition are important for a full and high-quality diet, so they can not be saved if a person wants to get a good and stable income from the business of breeding pigeons. Thus, the dove and his diet are a science that needs to be studied in order for the birds to be healthy.

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