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Acne - Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

Comedones are called non-inflammatory acne form. Comedones come in two types - open and closed. The first is black acne, and the second is white.

As a rule, the presence of white comedones( in the absence of inflammation) does not bring physical suffering, however, their large amount of

can provoke serious psychological problems. Since comedones spoil the appearance, and contribute to the development of inflammation. Especially in that case, if the rash is located on the face.

White Comedones can be formed in people of all ages. Sometimes they appear even in infants. But especially comedon teenagers and young people are suffering. Often there are closed comedones and adults.


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Causes of

Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

Formation Stress is one of the possible causes of the disease.

This kind of education on the skin, like closed comedones, is familiar to almost every person. The appearance of white comedones is virtually inevitable in adolescence, in addition, acne may appear during periods of illness or after severe stress.

The main causes of closed comedones:

  • Hormonal changes that lead to more intense functioning of the sebaceous glands.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Stress.
  • Dysfunction of the digestive system.
  • Acceptance of some medications, in particular, before the appearance of white comedones, can lead to the treatment of hormonal medications.
  • Irritation of the skin caused by physical( for example, rubbing) or chemical( for example, use of inappropriate cosmetics) influences.
  • There is insufficient level of cleansing of the skin, due to which the pores are cured.
  • Clinical picture of

    Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Externally, closed comedones look like small subcutaneous nodes covered with unchanged skin. Appearance of rash on places of a large number of sebaceous glands - on the forehead, skin of the chin, nose, back.

    In principle, white comedones are not too noticeable. As a rule, their size does not exceed the size of grain millet( so in the people white comedones are called spandes).But if you pat your skin, covered with closed comedones with your fingers, then it will feel inequality.

    Comedones are formed as a result of blockage of sebaceous gland secretion. As a result of such a blockage, the produced sebum does not have the ability to be removed from the outside and accumulates under the skin, forming a white knot. Since there is no contact with air and the environment, the sebum does not darken, as is the case with the formation of open comedones.

    Thus, the content of uninflamed comedone is a condensed, cutaneous fat. In the event of exposure to bacteria from outside in this environment, the inflammatory process begins with the formation of a pustule.


    White comedones are common enough, so problems with diagnosis usually do not occur. Diagnostic features are:

    • is characterized by the appearance of rashes;
    • no signs of inflammation.


    It is imperative to fight the formation of white acne on the skin, but you should not squeeze acne yourself. However, not everyone knows how to do this, since with such a problem to the dermatologist, as a rule, do not turn. However, it is the physician who can recommend the most effective skin treatment complex, which will make comedones much less.

    Important! It is categorically not recommended to attempt to remove mechanically( squeeze out) white eels. Unlike open comedones, it's impossible to remove the whistles with a simple push.

    In order to significantly reduce the amount of comedones on the skin, you will need:

    • to consult with the narrow specialists;
    • learn to cleanse the skin properly;
    • pass a number of beauty treatments.

    To which doctor to contact?

    Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

    Before treatment, you should consult a dermatologist.

    As a rule, most patients prefer to solve the problem of comedones themselves. In the extreme case, turn to the cosmetologist. However, not always symptomatic treatment, which is prescribed by a beautician, gives the expected effect. Before commencing treatment for comedones, one should consult: a dermatologist, an endocrinologist, a gastroenterologist.

    If in the course of the survey any violations in the functioning of the digestive or endocrine systems will be detected, then you will need to undergo a course of corrective treatment. It is possible that after treatment of the underlying disease, comedones will disappear by themselves, without additional procedures.


    It is very important to learn how to clean your skin properly. Do it every day, whether or not you use decorative cosmetics.

    It is important to regularly clean the skin from external contaminants and dead cells, since their presence helps to seal the pores and form comedones. For cleansing of skin it is necessary to use soft means - special foam, cosmetic soap with moisturizing components. They help remove lotion skin contamination, but you need to choose a means that does not include alcohol, so as not to dry the skin. If the skin is inclined not only to the appearance of comedones, but also to the formation of inflammation, it is necessary to use means containing salicylic acid.


    Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

    For face removal, it is recommended to peel.

    Different methods are used to remove whiteheads. Patients are advised to use scrubs, light peels, and use agents that contain exfoliating agents. These measures are aimed at removing the upper layer of the skin, consisting mainly of dead cells. This will ensure that the contents of comedones are spontaneously released to the surface. However, these remedies have a rather weak effect, they are prescribed if the amount of comedones is small and the size of acne is small.

    If acne is quite large, a doctor or cosmetologist can do their removal.

    Mechanical Removal of Comedones. For this procedure, the skin is cleansed, then a hot compress or a steam bath can be made. Then, using a sterile needle, a specialist will puncture and, gently pressing the fingertips wrapped with sterile napkins, will remove the sebaceous plug, which is the content of the comedone. After removing acne, the skin is rubbed with antiseptic solution.

    Removal of comedones by electrocoagulation. This method of acne treatment is based on the burning of content by high-frequency current. Electrocoagulation has a serious advantage over mechanical removal, since the risk of inflammation during its use is minimized. In addition, this method allows you to completely remove the contents of the closed comedone, which can not be guaranteed by the mechanical method. After removing comedones by electrocoagulation, the patient will be advised to treat the skin with antiseptic solutions, until the crust formed on the site of the acne removed will not disappear on their own.

    Laser Removal is a modern and safe method for removing various elements on the skin, including white acne. The laser beam not only removes the comedone content, but also decontaminates the tissue, which completely eliminates the risk of inflammation.

    Food Recommendations

    To normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, it is recommended to change the diet and diet. The amount of fatty foods and sweets needed will be minimized. But the share of vegetables, non-fatty protein products of sour milk drinks and low-fat cheese increased.

    Treatment using folk methods

    If there are a lot of white acne on the skin, it is recommended to remove masks from time to time to remove them. The procedure is as follows:

  • It is necessary to remove the hair from the face and clean the skin with milk or lotion.
  • Run a steam bath, soak the skin.
  • Rinse your face with warm water.
  • In a porcelain or plastic cup, pour powder of botox( the amount of substance is determined depending on the area affected by skin comedones).Mix the body with hydrogen peroxide( 3%) to the creamy condition.
  • Apply the resulting green mass to the skin in the area of ​​the comedones.
  • Wait until the green mass dries, gently moisten with hydrogen peroxide.
  • The total length of the procedure is 20 minutes. Under the mask there will be a feeling of burning and tingling, that's normal, you should not be afraid.
  • Before removing the mask, it is necessary to moisten it again abundantly with peroxide and rinse with water.
  • The skin in the area of ​​effect of the mask will be red, but it is absolutely normal, after a few hours the skin will acquire a natural color. After the mask can not be in the sun, so it is better to do it at night.
  • Will help in the treatment of white comedones mask from vegetables. For a course of masks you can use cucumbers or zucchini. The mask must necessarily include lemon juice, and if the skin is dry, then the vegetable oil. Apply masks to the skin in the area of ​​the location of white comedones, hold for 15 minutes.

    Forecast and prevention of

    Forecast for complete disposal of closed comedones is undetermined. If the cause of acne is hormonal imbalance or disease of the gastrointestinal tract, then the prediction will depend on how successful the treatment of the underlying disease. In that case, if the main reason for the formation of acne is the wrong care and nutrition, then the problem can be solved quite simply.

    Prophylaxis of whiteheads involves the implementation of skin care rules, as well as timely correction of endocrine and digestive system disorders. Prevention of the formation of white comedones is a balanced diet with a minimum of sugar and animal fats.


    Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos Acne Closed Comedones: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos