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The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

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Patients often complain to doctors that the stomach is ill above the navel. People usually cripple this pain either for malnutrition or for a prolonged hunger strike. However,

gastroenterologists do not confirm to patients the fact that this kind of pain relates exclusively to diseases of the stomach or intestines, until they carry out a series of studies. Practice shows that, despite the apparent localization of the pain, the cause of such pain may be the wrong work of several organs at once.

It is important to understand that if the pain is sharp, continuous, then with the help of a medical professional you should contact immediately. It is impossible to ignore and weak, which lasts for more than a week. Do not miss the opportunity to detect a disease at the beginning of development, otherwise you can permanently deprive the body of the right to be healthy.


  • 1 main causes of the phenomenon
  • 2 Symptoms of appendicitis, natural gastric reflux and heartburn
  • 3 pancreatitis and intestinal colic
  • 4 Psychogenic pain
  • 5 Gynecological etiology
  • 6 Signs gastroduodenitis
  • 7 Stomach cancer
  • 8 Fermentative failure( эnzymodefytsytnыe enteropathy)

1 Main causes of the phenomenon

The main causes behind the belly button

  • may be appendicitis;
  • heartburn or natural gastric reflux;
  • pancreatitis;
  • gastro-intestinal colic;
  • cholecystitis;
  • psychogenic pain;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • gastroduodenitis;
  • Stomach Cancer;
  • enzyme-deficient enteropathy with enzyme deficiency.

Abdominal pain above the navel is nonspecific. She talks about the problems of one organ or a group of organs located in the zone of localization. The intensity of pain varies from the weak painful to the acute colic or acute pull.

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The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

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  • Abdominal pain

A common cause of abdominal pain is the gastrointestinal tract. Intestinal walls are sensitive: they contain hundreds of thousands of nerve endings that aggressively react to external factors.

Such pain may also be with appendicitis. The appendix can develop in a person of any age and sex, but more often it is characteristic for boys and men. Older people and young children are at a lower risk.

Catalysts for the onset of appendicitis are infections, inflammation of the peptic ulcer, muscle tears. If there is a blockage of blood flow to the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the onset of appendicitis is inevitable.

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2 Symptoms with appendicitis, natural stomach reflux and heartburn


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There is a heavy pain above the navel, which increases over time. The pain is given to the right lower abdomen: thus, it is impossible to withstand such pain with analgesic drugs. Discomfort has the ability to exacerbate movement or coughing. A solid stomach indicates the onset of peritonitis. The patient thus becomes apathy, loses appetite, he begins a fever.

These symptoms are dangerous and without immediate medical attention lead to death. Treatment of appendicitis is possible only surgically.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

Under the gastric reflux is the process in the body, which occurs when the stomach returns to the esophagus. Passage of food remains due to the lower food sphincter. In 90% of cases reflux is accompanied by heartburn, which is the most striking symptom of the disease.

In heartburn, abdominal pain above the navel arises on the hungry stomach. The patient will be able to quell pain only if he receives medications prescribed by the doctor-gastroenterologist( antacids) or consumes a small amount of food. Discomfortable feelings take place in 20-30 minutes after the manipulations.

It can be rare for a patient to experience nausea or feeling full of stomach. Vomiting, which occurs on the background of nausea, does not bring relief. Sometimes a patient is watching weight loss.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

3 Pancreatitis and intestinal colic


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When a pancreatitis is sore above the navel, if the body of the pancreas is affected.

The main symptoms are the change of the chair( dilution).It becomes mushy-shaped and contains undigested particles of products. The volume increases, the smell becomes smelly. Sometimes the chair has a foamy consistency. Dependent masses with pancreatitis are sticky, difficult to rub off from the walls of the toilet.

In the intestinal colic the nature of the pain is sharp, reminiscent. Pain above the navel is strongly expressed, the condition of the patient accompanies chills. When intestinal colic is not shown ambulance, the patient is enough to take the position of lying and take a pill from spasms.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

A person suffering from intestinal colic is advised to restrict the use of spicy foods, coffee and sweets. Reception of food should be delimited and divided into small portions.

Pain in cholecystitis( inflammation of the gall bladder and bile ducts).

If a stomach is sick above the navel and at the same time it gives the pain to the right of the hypochondrium, then it is highly probable that the patient had a gall bladder inflamed.

Such a patient becomes irritable and sharp, he has an appetite disturbed. There is a blister, bitterness and an unpleasant smell in the mouth. The patient is constantly sick, sometimes there is a vomiting.

Pain in cholecystitis is unstable, manifests itself from time to time in the form of severe attacks and gives to the right shoulder. In a person suffering from this ailment, diarrhea is more frequent, less frequently - constipation.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

Cholecystitis requires cholagogue, mineral water in large quantities. Be sure to watch the gastroenterologist.

4 Psychogenic pain sensations

Such pains are typical for people who are nervous. Severe pains arise above the navel, the causes of pain are not related to the internal organs. For psychogenic pain is characterized by the spread throughout the abdominal cavity, they become permanent. On the background of constant excitement, which a person feels when a stomach is ill above the navel, nausea develops.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

Since the disease is exclusively psychological, the patient should contact the neurologist. In the run-up stage, a psychiatrist will help.

5 Gynecological etiology

A small percentage of cases when the pain above the navel speaks of a woman's reproductive system illness. This type of pain is unimaginable in diseases of the ovaries or fallopian tubes and does not appear to be the main symptom, but there is a place to be.

Ovarian cyst may cause abdominal pain above the pubic pain, with only 10% of women having pain in the navel area.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

If the pain is insignificant then a planned visit by a gynecologist is required. With acute bite pain, urgent medical attention is required.

6 Signs of gastroduodenitis

Gastroduodenitis in a calm condition practically does not bring discomfort. During the exacerbation, reumaid pain achieves above the navel, as well as in the epigastric region of the abdomen over the mosaic process. There is also a feeling of gravity and burial.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

The onset of pain provokes eating, the pain does not go away for several hours. Nausea begins. Increases secretion of the salivary glands. Take off symptoms only special medications( antacids).Appointment of drugs is not allowed on its own.

Gastroduodenitis requires treatment and continuous monitoring by a gastroenterologist.

7 Stomach Cancer

It is virtually impossible to identify gastric cancer in the initial stages without serious research. Cancer symptoms mask under the symptoms of gastritis, and only occasionally you can see the differences.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

A few months after the appearance of "symptoms of gastritis," the patient feels weak. It can not work long, any action causes him a lot of fatigue. Gradually lost appetite, and the food becomes uninteresting. Recipes of food through strength cause disgust and associated discomfort: severity in the stomach, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain over the navel.

Natural symptoms include fast weight loss. Within a few months, the patient may lose 10-15 kg

A person loses his confidence in himself and falls into depression, postpones a visit to a doctor because of the developing fear. The native cancer patient needs to help him understand how important it is to go to a specialized institution. Timely initiated treatment can bring positive results.

The stomach is slightly above the navel: what is it, causes

8 Enzyme Insufficiency( Enzyme-Deficient Enteropathy)

Pathologies that develop inadequate enzyme production are called enzyme-deficient enteropathy. This condition is characterized by inferior parietal intestinal digestion. Patients thus do not tolerate a certain type of product, which causes irritation of the duodenum. Patients after taking such products have a pain above the navel, the pain is constant and aching. Clinical symptoms include changing the chair. It is watery, straw colored. Possible diarrhea, in which there are fragments of undigested food.

Patients need to maintain a strict diet throughout their lives and exclude foods that cause enzyme deficiency. The list of these products is determined by sampling - if the feeling of well-being deteriorates after eating, it is not necessary to use the meal components.

The moment when the stomach is above the navel should not be considered insignificant. It is necessary to observe the state of health, to listen to the body and at the first signs of deviations to apply to the clinic.

Nevertheless, one should not panic immediately: in most cases localization of pain in the area of ​​the abdomen is caused by common causes. Among them, colds, an emotional-unstable situation caused by short-term or protracted problems in the patient's life. The cause of the pain may be overeating. A clear cause will be called only by the doctor, having conducted a series of studies and analyzes.