Histamina Headache Male: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

In this article we will tell you about a histamically headache. What are the symptoms of manifestations, the main causes of its occurrence, we will describe the most effective ways to treat this type of pain.

Histamina Headache Male: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Let's discuss with you what is a histamine headache syndrome. First of all, the

is one-sided severe pain, most often the pain catches up suddenly, the attacks are very strong, with a frequency of one to several times a day.


  • Symptoms of this disease
  • Causes of
  • headache in the head
  • treatment methods An effective way of treating this headache

Symptoms of this disease

Most often, the head hurts every day for a certain period, the periodicity can range from a week to several months. If you are talking about headache in general, take a look at the video.

For example, when a migraine suffers, it is trying not to move, but with a histamine syndrome, a person not only does not move, but also moves and does everyday deeds, and yet they are characterized by swing, like pendulums with strong attacks.

Sometimes the pain can wake the person at night at about the same time. Often, such an illness applies to men, women are rare.

This syndrome occurs very rarely, in about 1% of all people, of which 85% are in men. The diagnosis of such patients is reluctant, since the signs of this disease are very specific.

Histamine headache is primarily diagnosed with certain signs characteristic of this whitening. Initially, the patient talks for a long time and carefully ascertains the nature of the pain, its localization, the frequency of attacks and their development.

Helps to correctly diagnose the vision of a patient's diary, in which he accurately records all attacks and their duration, to keep such a diary for at least several weeks.

If there is a suspicion of such a serious illness as sinusitis, then an additional computer diagnostics is performed, as well as a nuclear magnetic topography of the brain.

The main symptoms are:

  • headache in the eye area, lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours;
  • nasal congestion, followed by abundant discharge from it;
  • redness of the eye with lacrimation;
  • swelling of the cheek;
  • has a strong blood flow to the face.

This disease occurs in children, it is more typical for more adults. It begins to manifest after puberty of about 20 years, but it is not excluded that in 50 years it will appear.

The disease period most often begins at the age of 30 years. Absolutely nothing foreshadows the troubles and advance in preparation for the attack is impossible, the pain begins suddenly.

Paranotically painful, but rather short-term attacks, have periodicity, go for one another, duration of up to 3 minutes. There are such attacks from several days to several months.

Approximately one to three attacks per day, but sometimes, as an exception, up to 10 attacks per day may appear. In almost all patients, their attacks catch up almost at the same time, with a rare exception.

Any attacks end sooner or later, and a period of calm comes for about three years. It is safe to say that this is a male disease, since the ratio is about 6: 1.

This disease is not inherited, most of them suffer from only one family member. It is also not contagious for people around. The localization of pain occurs on one side of the head, more often than one eye, pain can be given on the forehead, cheek or beat in the temple.

As a rule, only one side is always sore during an attack, but there were patients who claimed that the pain was moving from one side to the next, but only 15% of patients.

During the entire period, pain attacks were visited by all patients during sleep, usually at the same time. The nose is strongly laid, and the eyes are tearing. The lobe is sweating, and the face is red, from the strong flow of blood. Vico, a little swells and falls, on the affected side of the head.

The eyeball poured blood and blushes. Sometimes even scattering of sight occurs because of a small narrowing of the pupil. Tachycardia attacks start, heart rate increases. The probability of seasonal exacerbations is high, most often in the spring or autumn. Drinking alcohol only intensifies attacks.

Causes of

Histamina Headache Male: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment headache in the headache Doctors suggest that histamine headache is associated with a serotonin-neurotransmitter that transmits pain signals.

As a result of disturbances of the balance, there is a great stimulation of the trigeminal nerve, which transmits motor and sensory information from person to brain.

As a result, there is a reduction in blood vessels and worsening of symptoms. But here, the factors created by these pains are very different. Histamine headache can not be without reason, it is often the result of another disease, such as a banal illness such as an influenza.

Sometimes the cause is much more serious, such as brain damage, diseases such as aneurysm, tumor, or meningitis. A sudden, sudden and severe pain may indicate a stroke. A stroke is a hemorrhage in the brain, a real threat to human life.

Unfortunately, such headache is a cyclical disease. Modern physicians are almost completely sure that the syndrome of this disease lies in human biological clock. Such a theory of disease, above all, is associated with the cyclicality of attacks.

The biologic clock of each of us regulates the enzyme activity, hormonal background, body temperature and human physiology. It is assumed that people who have this syndrome can not manage their natural rhythms, resulting in and appeared histamine pain.

Perhaps the answer to the puzzle lies in the hypothalamus, which controls sleep and wakefulness. He sends signals to the central nervous system and makes the vessels expand. But nevertheless, this extension, most likely, is a consequence of the disease, and not a cause. Another factor is the level of serotonin. It regulates the biological clock, and histamine is a varicose substance. Clearly nobody can say what is the cause of this pain.

Treatment Methods

Treatment should begin with the elimination of causative factors. Diet, you must exclude all products containing phenylamine and tyramine: bananas, chocolate and cheese.

Such patients prescribe psychotherapy, limiting the loads of both physical and emotional ones. The regulation of vascular tone is shown.

Glucocorticoid drugs are used for immunological vascular lesions. Due to the fact that suffering from this ailment take a lot of drugs, then in some there is an allergic reaction. But if a person for a long time takes medications that contain ergotamine, then there may be a disease of Rayno.

There are many medicines in our day, but they do not all bring good results, and sometimes they do harm. Each medicinal product has its pharmacological action.

In order to achieve the result in treatment, you must choose the correct medicine. This is the key to success. It is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, you should contact the ward for advice, and should not be neglected reading the instructions before taking the tablets.

If a person does not take medication, it is worth knowing what result gives a combination of one or another medication. When you are pregnant, you can not take medication.

An effective way of treating this headache

  • 15 minutes A 100% oxygen mask, by inhalation, usually helps very well;
  • to attach ice to the temples;
  • is a permanent reception of sedative and hypnotics, it is also recommended to take vitamins;
  • should be given with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or hormones during very long-term treatment;
  • drugs such as Verapamil, Topiramat, and Lithium Carbon are prophylactic.

You can recommend biological supplements that contain:

  • Calcium and magnesium, these components reduce muscle tension;
  • "Glucosamine sulfate" is a good substitute for Aspirin and other remedies for headache;
  • potassium, helps maintain a balance of water in the body, with its delay in the body can increase intracranial pressure;
  • "Omed-3" improves blood circulation and reduces pain threshold;
  • vitamin B3 helps in the work of the nervous system.

Medicinal plants can also relieve headaches. Herbs such as burdock root, mint, altai, rosemary, and others. You can prepare an ointment of ginger, mint and winter oil, it is necessary to rub the whiskey and the neck. Never engage in self-treatment, consult a doctor and choose the right treatment that suits you. Bless you!