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Choosing a dryer for a bath - wall, ceiling or floor?

A long time passed when our yards were covered with saws of washed linen, and the gentleman, with a certain periodicity, peered out of the window to check if the cheaters had stolen the family's goodness. Today, even if the dryer in the bathroom is not provided by the apartment project, it can be installed

independently. Due to the availability of this device you will solve a huge number of domestic problems and, in particular, save valuable space.

Every day we start and end in the bathroom, so it should be as comfortable as possible, because comfort is a guarantee of good mood. What is needed for this? First of all, proper use of space. If you have a country house, then, perhaps, problems with the placement of furniture in the bathroom does not arise, provided a large bathroom. And what do the owners of standard city apartments, in which it is difficult not to find a place where the dryer will hang, but even put a basket for linen? And the higher aerobatics will contain a bunch of useful utensils, while doing everything beautifully, with designer craftsmanship.

It is believed that a linen dryer is an integral attribute of the balconies. We will destroy this stereotype! Modern design trends give the balcony a completely different function. With its help it is accepted to increase the useful space of apartments, placing there offices, workshops, game rooms, and more.

Choosing a dryer for a bath - wall, ceiling or floor?

Many are used as a place to dry clothes one of the living rooms. Huge design usually takes half the area, and wet things refuse to dry for a long time.

Thus, the first thing is to determine the location where the dryer will be located, and then go to the selection of a particular model.

The advantage of locating this design on the balcony is the possibility of ventilation of the linen. However, during the winter, the drying process can be delayed for several weeks. If the loggia is not heated or even not glazed, then you run the risk of seeing petrified sheets in the spring. Another disadvantage of this location is the unpredictable weather. In the best case, the linen is covered with a layer of street dust, in the worst case - it can simply wind up. Nevertheless, if the benefits were still on the side of the balcony, then the least problems will be delivered ceiling and floor hangers.

The location of wet linen in the room will ensure its safety, but in small rooms it is not always convenient. If you have pets, then they may well decide that hanging clothes are a new toy.

Optimum, in our opinion, the option will be drying the linen in the bathroom.

This way it ensures the storage of your clothes, as fast as possible drying out.

Manufacturers are constantly supplying new and new models to the market. Thanks to such a large selection, we have the opportunity to pick up a model that will optimally fit in the bathroom and will not only not interfere with your household, but also decorate the room. In order not to be confused with the diversity of offers, you need to get acquainted with the basic models presented on the market.

Selection Criteria for

First of all, all models are characterized by a mass of wet linen that they can hold. As a rule, this characteristic depends on the material of the dryer and usually fluctuates within 2.5 kg per cross member. Do not exceed the limit specified by the manufacturer, otherwise the design may bend or fall, especially if it is wall or ceiling.

The next criterion is the quality of the model. It is known to all the rule that a low price is not always a good indicator. Pay attention to the country of production. The advantage should be given to the benefit of European brands. If you liked the thing, made in China, you should not refuse it at once. Perhaps the material from which it is made is quite qualitative.

Whether it is wall-mounted or, for example, a floor structure, always carefully check where it's made from. It should also pay attention to the coverage of component parts. From moisture, metal can be covered with rust, which will contaminate the laundry, and not high-quality plastic will become a nursery fungus. In addition, badly wound ropes will eventually lose strength, and the dryer will have to throw away.

Ceiling Tumble Dryer for the bathroom

This is the very first kind of child familiar to us. Back in Soviet times, all the balconies of the country were equipped with this invention. Today, this design continues to be very popular. The advantage of its placement in the bathroom is saving space. Underwear suspended under the ceiling does not occupy a useful area, so your households can take shoe without shower.

Choosing a dryer for a bath - wall, ceiling or floor?

A plus of all modern models has the option of lifting the bar. If in the past you had to climb a chair to hang a sheet, now with the help of a special hook, you cling the crossbar, put it on the level of eyes, and then pull for the end, and it flies up under the ceiling. It is very convenient for people of any height.

Ceiling models differ in the type of cross-section. They are rope or tubes. It is believed that the latter contribute to faster drying and the clothes will not be visible bending.

Wall hangar for the bathroom

Perhaps the most comfortable option for the bathroom will be just such a fixture. A particular advantage in this case is seen in the diversity of models. Everyone can choose the one that will appear to him in the heart and in the pocket.

Less convenient, in our opinion, the option - the one in which the linen is hanging on the ropes. The downside of this model is the small strength of the product. The texture is sagging, leaving the cloths on the fabric, and then it can be broken at all. The

Aluminum Wall Hanger is a fairly economical option. However, tubes made of this material can easily bend and eventually prone to oxidation. As a result, you will find spots on your clothes.

Choosing a dryer for a bath - wall, ceiling or floor?

Plastic wall design has an excellent safety margin that virtually brings it to the leaders. In addition to all, such products are represented by manufacturers in a different color range, will allow them to pick up depending on the interior of the bathroom.

However, the first place should be given in a chrome-plated form. Such a wall hanger is the most reliable, able to withstand the maximum weight and thus not afraid of moisture.

Constructions of dryers

Folding mechanism is mounted on a wall in such a way that its second part stretches to the opposite wall, where it is fixed by hooks. As a result, the ropes, on which the clothes are hung, through the bath drag out. Such a wall model is very convenient in terms of space saving, but it can not withstand the heavy weight of wet linen.

The "accordion" mechanism is more durable, made of metal, and its name fully describes the method of assembly. Even regular use will not prevent such a dryer to serve you for many years.

Telescopic specimens are good with their compactness. Their principle of action is that all components are assembled into one handset, which is very convenient in small rooms. Like the previous one, they are famous for their excellent carrying capacity.

Rope designs are less convenient than previous models. However, if you have stopped choosing just for them, then the advantage should be given to synthetic fibers.

Electric Wall Mounted Model

Perhaps the best option in any bathroom is to install an electric dryer. Such a design is quite functional and possesses the maximum number of advantages.

Firstly, for its installation only the sockets are required. It does not require any supercomputing equipment or connection to central heating.

Secondly, the principle of this sample is reduced to the fact that electricity is heated by the fluid inside the design, as a rule, it is an oil, which results in the heat remaining. But do not be afraid to fry a sheet or touch the metal with your hand. He is not hot at all, as many could think. The temperature is maintained at a certain level, not dangerous to your health and the integrity of things.

Third, due to the warming up of the air, moisture is removed in the bathroom, which is why the fungus dies - a frequent resident of the bathroom.

Floor constructions

The range of such dryers is quite diverse. And sometimes, coming to the store, the mistress is lost in search of the perfect. But you should not look for the perfect one, you need to look for the one that suits you in terms of size, material and purpose of use.

Classic patterns are well suited for hanging bed linen, towels and other bulky fabrics. But manufacturers also offer multi-level models that are used to place small clothing so that things do not interfere with each other. Of particular interest is a hanger with shoulders, which you will forget about problems with the placement of wet shirts.

Portable Model

Having described that the wall, floor and ceiling construction is on its own, one can not but mention the popularity of the portable model. The mechanism of these gadgets allows you to mark wet things in places where they can not prevent you. Such a pattern is suspended to the battery, on the closet, in the doorway - in general, where only the soul desires. After use it is easy to fold and takes up little space on the shelf.

Choosing a dryer for a bath - wall, ceiling or floor?

The times when the problem of drying the clothes tortured every gentleman, have long passed. Manufacturers every day pamper customers with a variety of new improved models of dryers.

To avoid getting confused in all of this variety, follow our tips and then you will be able to make the right choice.