Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black


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The breed of fowl chickens by breeders was brought to France in the middle of the XIX century. At the same time they gave the description of this breed for the first time. The basis was taken by the buzzer

and the Mantes, which people bred around the town of Faverol. From here this breed is called favelor. In the future, they performed additional work, and chickens and other breeds were taken for breeding. At the beginning of the last century, favelore began to grow local farmers.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Furarol Kuri - French breed, valued for the quality of meat

This was beneficial because meat was valued in French restaurants for the preparation of gourmet dishes. Furroll Kuri got a kind of victory over the plymutrock breed, which also bought cook restaurants. This French breed is valued for the quality of meat, which has a special taste. Gourmets prefer this bird.

Characteristic features of the breed

Chicken and cock are majestic with unusual bird feathers. They have a magnificent and harmonious posture. This is contributed by the abundant plump plumage, fluffy but short tail and large beard, which completely closes small earrings. The distinctive feature of this breed is that the legs in the bird are plump, low and five-fingered.

If you read the description, it must always be noted that the Favoroles have not three fingers, as in other breeds of chickens, and five! Therefore, not even experienced in this person on this basis immediately distinguishes the representatives of the Favelor. When looking for birds, look at the 4th and 5th fingers. They should be clearly separated, and the fifth finger should always look up. A magnificent beard and tanks have a cock and a chicken that distinguishes them from other breeds. Furrolles have:

  • leafy comb;
  • thick, short neck;
  • massive body;
  • white skin;
  • body shape elongated.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Cock has an unusual plumage and a lush beard

The breed of salmon color differs from chickens and cocks. Chicken on the back, on the wings, the neck has a plumage of reddish color or as salmon tone still says. They have a tummy and a breast of light, white. In the carrier, the upper part of the neck with a luxurious plumage, which is comparable to the elegant fluffy "hairstyle."The feather is lying horizontally here, and only some of them are raised on the back of the head.

A cock is rigorous and tight, with a stomach, tail and chest of black color with overflow, the flywheels are outwardly white. And in the white "mane" often there is a bright and spectacular black strip. The cock has eyes orange-red. The beak has a short but strong white or pink color. He has a beard covering earrings and muzzles, but the cock sees everything well. The

Salmon-colored shade is essential for adult individuals. French birds of this breed are purely white. The cock and hen have the same shade. And they look unique. There are also blue or pale colored feathers in this breed. Beautiful black cock looks like. And the chicken is also all spectacular and black. It is unacceptable that favors of light color have a gray hue instead of a black or bright yellow hue of feathers.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Chicken on the back, on the wings, the neck has a plumage of reddish color

If you need a purebred favelol, then the color and location of feathers should be considered first and foremost. The breed favelor is different from the others by the fact that they are tied to the owners, easily tamed, get used to the schedule of the day. These birds are close to the owner and give themselves a pat. Due to the complicated nature of the chickens of this breed communicate with another poultry, not arranged fights.

Not cells, but better free walking

Adult individuals are different from those of other breeds and still have a calm character. They are phlegmatic and little moves. It contributes to the fact that they gain weight and fats. Therefore, owners must feed the birds with restrictions, especially chickens, so that they fly. After all, eggs, which will remove the obese calves, are not suitable for the removal of chickens. It is imperative to monitor the balance of the feed so that the stock does not accumulate excess fat.

This breed of birds is recommended to give fodder rich in protein. French poultry, because of their predisposition to obesity, are not kept in close cages, as they eventually gain excess weight and become overwhelming and heavy and cease to carry eggs. The cock is gaining in weight up to 4 kg, and the chicken usually yields to him only 600-700 g.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Birds need free running

If it is not possible to regularly release them into the yard, then it is necessary to adapt to keep this French breed of space detachments or cages. And even the owners can safely release them on the beds, because the best "hunters" behind beetles and other insects is difficult to find. Plants in the beds these French women do not touch, satisfied with worms, snails and other pests.

The French favelor carries 160 eggs in the first year, and in the second and subsequent years it is 20-30 less, which gives grounds for counting the breed not on meat but on the mixed type. Eggs are large, the weight can reach 65 grams. In these favoroles the eggs differ in pinkish-yellow color. Even in the winter time, the carrier, with proper care, continues to carry eggs.

How to get chickens of this breed?

Daily fowreder chicken breeds are no different from chickens of other breeds, but they have five fingers on their foreheads. They are fluffy, smart, like all other chickens, with a yellowish-white fluff. In two months, according to the plumage, are distinguished where the cock, and where the chicken. In them grows "beard", then they are recruited in the form of "tanks".These "tanks" that decorate the head are an excellent feature of the breed. The breed favelor is meat, but the growth in chickens is slow. This fact is one of the few disadvantages of these birds.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Daily fowreder chicken breeds are no different from chickens of other breeds

French favelore with a weak maternal instinct, the carrier rarely sits on eggs. And if you decide on hatching chicks, then there are a lot of problems. Therefore, breeders and those who want to breed these beautiful birds, recommend taking eggs and using an incubator for this. It will be much easier to get strong and viable chickens. But we must strictly adhere to the temperature regime. Favelol eggs are incubated at 37.6 degrees. And even overheating by 0.1 degrees can damage the embryo.

And one more feature - the eggs are kept in the incubator for 22 days. More one day than other breeds. Difficulties in breeding are, but they pay off too much if you breed this breed.

Favererol in Russia

In Russia, the French breed of favelor is rare, it is often breeding poultry-lovers. Therefore, comparing this bird with something difficult, and a detailed description of this breed is in special reference books. They brought it to our country at the end of the last century. These beauties were taken out in warm France, but they adapted to the harsh Russian climate.

Description of the French breed of chicken Faverole salmon, black

Curried favelol in Russia

They are not afraid of severe frosts because they have such a foolish and fluffy feathers, and their paws also have feathers, so they just walk in the snow for a long time. But we must ensure that the feathers on the paws are not long wet. It causes a cold and even leads to death. Therefore, the owners should be especially careful to monitor the purity and level of humidity in the premises, which contain Favoroles. In a smoker, it is necessary to change the bedding regularly so that it does not have time to leave.

It's interesting to see how these birds bathe in the snow, cleansing their luxurious plumage from dust and dirt. Yes, and these French women look beautiful. Lovers make them decorative poultry.