Flaxseed oil and eyebrows: reviews and results

"Eyes - the mirror of the soul".Everyone definitely knows this old saying. But does a beautiful mirror not deserve a beautiful frame? The framing of the eyes is eyelashes, and if they are short and rare, then it is unlikely that the eyes will look beautiful in such an unpretentious framing. We care for

for hair, face and body, but very often we forget that eyelashes also need care. But after all, we exploit them simply mercilessly: we apply carcass in several layers, twist, and sometimes even slip away before bedtime to remove the mascara from the eyelids. Why wonder here if the eyelashes respond to such a disdainful attitude in their own way - they just weaken, crumble and fall out. And it's natural, because without good care, even the grass does not grow thick and strong, which is already talking about such sensitive things as eyelashes.

Flaxseed oil and eyebrows: reviews and results

However, not everything is lost. If you properly care for eyelashes, then you can restore their density and even make them longer. Listen to our recommendations, and you will learn recipes that help you not only restore and strengthen the eyelashes, but also increase their growth.

Linen oil for eyelashes. Recipes

Why is this butter? Because it is the most beneficial for hair, and accordingly, the eyelashes can gain a lot of healing power from its use.

An important condition - the oil should be cold pressing the first spin. Further processing of seeds gives low grade oil and low content of nutrients. Keep the oil in bottles of dark glass.

The composition of flaxseed oil

Bright and transparent sunflower oil has the following essential ingredients:

  • vitamins A, E, F, large group B;
  • minerals - potassium, magnesium, zinc;
  • protein;
  • lecithin;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.

There is no body or system in our body for which flaxseed oil will not be beneficial.

Hair, including eyelashes, can simply be miraculously restored when using flaxseed oil.

Flaxseed oil and eyebrows: reviews and results

Foliage Flaxseed Oil

  • If the eyelash falls badly then you can try the flaxseed oil you need to rub before bedtime. Flaxseed oil can be replaced with castor oil or oil solution of vitamin E. Treatments should be accompanied by the intake of vitamins A and B.
  • You can also make a mixture of the following oils: almond, castor pink, linseed oil from grape seed and from the germ of wheat. If you do not have a complete set of these oils, you can choose 2-3 oils. When composing a mixture of oils need to be taken in equal proportions. If you have pink oil in the form of an ethereal, then you need to take a few drops.
    It is recommended to use butter oil with a strong eyelash. Duration of course for several months in a row.
  • Slightly heat a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, add 5 drops of freshly squeezed juice of green parsley. In the resulting mixture, soak the cotton discs and attach them to the closed eyelids. Duration of compress for 20 minutes. Remove the remnants of the mixture with a paper cloth. To restore the strength of the eyelids, the procedure should be spent two weeks with frequency every other day.
    Prepare the composition of linen, castor oil and aloe juice. Take each ingredient a teaspoon. Cotton disks impregnated with medicine put on closed tight eyes. After 20 minutes, get wet with a napkin not soaked into the skin and eyelash oil.
  • Pharmacy vitamins A and E in ampoules will enhance the effect of flaxseed oil. For this mask you need to take a teaspoon of oil and combine with 2 drops of the vitamin complex. Apply a special brush to the eyelashes from the middle and to the tips. Leave for an hour. Get wet with paper napkin masks.
  • A great tool for strengthening and feeding follicles is the application of flaxen oil along the line of eyelash growth. Do it best at night.
  • Eyelash massage can be done to increase eyelash growth and strengthen it. For this, prepare a mixture of flaxseed, aloe juice and freshly ground chopped parsley. Take all the ingredients on a teaspoon. Once a day, use this oily green mixture to massage the skin of the eyelids. The result will be apparent after two months of application.
  • Half a teaspoon of linseed oil mixed with the same amount of carrot juice and two drops of liquid oily vitamin A.
  • Several common rules for oily therapy for restorative and eating eyelashes. First, avoid getting into your eyes. The mucous membrane is very sensitive and you will feel discomfort. Secondly, masks should be left on the eyelids for no more than 15 minutes. Prolonged stay of a large amount of oil on the skin forever can lead to edema. And, thirdly, the most suitable time for oil treatments is the evening. So, after a few months your eyelashes will look great.