How to raise a girl

Most women want and dream of giving birth to a baby girl at the time of conception. Some moms see in their time a future assistant, others dream of buying her dress and lush bows, but everyone wants to devote her to her upbringing all their personal time. But sometimes there are situations when

from a child grows not exactly what the parents wanted, but the way back is gone. This implies the truth - how parents will treat the education and cultivation of their flower of life, and he, in turn, will look at them in the future: with love or disdain. That is why about the correct education of girls, daughters, it is necessary to think long before it starts to speak or go to school. We will try to figure out how to move along the right path of educating your daughter, not turning aside, so that in the future, to be proud of their adult child.

Table of contents

1. How does the gender difference in children
2. Parental role in
's daughter's upbringing 3. The mother's role in
daughter upbringing 4. Parents advice on bringing up their daughters

5. Parental mistakes or what should not be done
6. Insteadconclusion

As the difference in sex in children

It so happened from the beginning of the times that the human race is divided into two halves: female and male. And the differences between them begin to manifest from the very early age. If you pay attention to two infants of one age, but of different sex, then after birth, they become noticeable differences in the psyche and behavior. Boys even at this age are more impatient, mobile and restless, and girls, on the contrary, since childhood are able to flirt, trick, they are more shy and patient.

In the first years, boys more actively interact with the outside world, knowing it. For full development, they need much more space to play and move freely. They can more aggressively show their emotions in the attitude of parents, repeatedly bite and beat them with their tiny cams. And to destroy a large toy building or to grab any thing - a great joy for such a shaman.

Contrary to them, girls gently show their feelings without allowing themselves to harm the mother or father. They are more friendly, contact, they are easy to call up a dialogue. And in most cases, they themselves come into contact with a new person, quickly gaining sympathy on his part.

How to raise a girl

Since childhood, parents, especially mothers, pay more attention to girls, caress and nurture their children, sometimes without measure. Boys also receive their portion of love to a lesser extent, which is explained by long-standing traditions - because the real man should not be spoiled by the attention of his relatives.

Although psychologists have long proven that all children, regardless of sex, should receive the same amount of parenting love, care and attention, the fact remains: the daughters indulge more and more often.

The role of the father in bringing up the daughter of

It has long been known that any girl at the subconscious level reflects the image of the father. Statistics noted that this factor plays an important role in its consciousness, acts as the main motive in choosing the second half in adulthood, and sometimes pushing a girl on the most reckless acts. For example, if the childhood of a child was filled with violence from father to mother, while already being a woman, in her private life may be accompanied by no less aggressive men.

From here it is seen how important the role of a parent is for the girl's education and how it can affect her future. Dad's daughter is a certain light in the dark, which I want to get closer to. This is partly because the mother's love is a constant and inviolable amount of feelings, you can get used to it. Father is more soberly looking at his child, knows when to praise, and another time to drop from heaven to earth with a strict word, sometimes even punish for mischief and guilt.

All this suggests that the dad influences the education of a daughter not less important than mum, and in the later period of maturation of a girl has even a prerogative place. The choice of a loved one, the development of a career and the girl's future life is quite dependent on the upbringing of the pope, so this circumstance should be taken into account when the child of the female occurs in the family.

How to raise a girl

The image of the father can persecute his child throughout his life and influence even her choice in relation to the future companion of life.

Mother's role in bringing up the daughter of

It is not by no means said that mother in the eyes of the child is God, and this phrase speaks of a lot. The most obvious proof of this is the fact that the mother image of the baby sees the first and calmed down in a new world for himself only after feeding the lips of a loving person. In the future, maternal love will follow all his conscious life in his infancy, and every difficult moment of being, he will meet support and understanding from the mother.

When nursing a girl, native( we talk about mother) is a real example for imitation, a standard of taste, style and other. As an adult, the girl begins to understand how to behave in society, learn to manage in the kitchen and in the house as a whole, and also gets the first lessons of self-care.

How to raise a girl

Based on the relationship between mother and father, the girl gets a useful experience, how to build a relationship with her future husband, how to become feminine, desirable, acquires experience of motherhood, playing with mom in dolls.

All these vital guidelines are impossible without the mother's participation in the upbringing of the child, because she will be the best friend for her child, a person who can entrust all the most intimate and secret secrets.

Parents Tips for bringing up their daughters

Parenting is a difficult lesson. Even in ancient times, they said that the education of the baby should be still from the diaper, otherwise, then, the time will be lost. But it is important to understand how to approach this process at different periods of growing a girl, what to demand from her at one age or another, why to teach and how to explain simple truths. Psychologists share several age groups of girls who have a number of features in their upbringing.

Girls under 3 years of age

This is the earliest period during which the child's personality develops, her character and psychological development. Here it is important to influence the education of a daughter on the part of each parent. Even at this age, the girl begins to show the first instincts of maternal instinct, playing in dolls and modeling certain vital moments of adults.

During this period, maturation of a child can not be shouted and, moreover, apply force in relation to him, because a strong psychological trauma in childhood can accompany the girl all his life. It is necessary to understand with understanding the little leeches of the nonsense and surround it with a halo of love and care.

Girls of Preschool age

This age is characterized by the perception of the daughter of the world around him, understanding and acquiring basic skills that will help her to develop in the future.

Girls of this age group are most susceptible to educational processes and absorb new information for them like a sponge. Parents in this period need to take an active part in the life and improvement of their daughters. Have fun with them, play different educational and cognitive games, learn together to distinguish geometric shapes, recognize colors, read fairy tales, and more.

Many parents are keen to give the child to a kindergarten in the nursery group, where she will begin to communicate with their peers and play with them with the care of the educator. But this process has the opposite side of the medal - the little girls in separation with their mother can squeak and cry much, which adversely affects their further education. Therefore, it is recommended not too early to give a little man to such groups, let it be better for him to spend extra time in the vicinity of his mother psychologically and physically strengthened.

Girls of junior school age

This is probably the most important life stage in the development of any child, especially girls. After all, the school is the first serious test through which every little bit should pass. Parents are obliged to prepare their children in advance in order to attend school, explain what changes, lessons and other subtleties.

It is important to tell a young daughter that communication with boys of their age varies greatly from his treatment of an adult - a teacher. Explain what significance for her future life can be a conscientious attitude to the implementation of home-schooling, attentive and focused state of his at school activities. Explain to the child that attending an educational institution is primarily necessary to him, not to others.

How to raise a girl

Teenage Girls

This is the most challenging period of a child's development. Each parent is concerned with the advent of adolescence, as a sweet girl in one instant can turn into an unmanaged teenager. To avoid this effect, the father or mother need to communicate more often with her daughter, give her advice, but do not impose her opinion. It is important to become her best friend to whom she can come up with any problem without fear and fear.

Mom should explain to the girl about the features of the anatomical structure of the body, about sexual maturation and the onset of the first centurisations. In addition, it's important to explain the adolescent girl's rules of personal hygiene so that changes in her body are not caught unawares.

Show that your child's point of view is very important to you. Try to get involved with physical training, which in most cases relates to parents and brings very productive results. In general, become an example for him to follow.

Parent Typical Mistakes or What Not to Do

A daughter's upbringing is a complex process, the outcome of which will depend on all the participants involved in it. The development of a child may be accompanied by a bunch of problems that parents may face. In order to avoid these negative consequences, it is necessary to highlight some of the main mistakes that people often admit.

  • Unlike boys, the girl should not be kept rigorously, controlling each of her movements. It can bring a negative effect and remove it from the parents of your child.
  • It is also not recommended to surround the girl with excessive care and wish her the best. This may result in the inability of her to overcome the difficulties and even to contribute to complete loneliness in the future.
  • Parents can unknowingly put a girl in a narrow framework of education without knowing that she has developed leadership skills. Perhaps a child wants to master a certain non-genital profession, but the pressure from the mother or father can suppress these aspirations, and the girl will feel a not complete personality.
  • Instead of concluding

    A girl's education is like placing a gemstone - the actions of the wizard must be very cautious and capable, so that the final result is satisfied with it. But in order for the upbringing process to be complete and correct, parents should act in the same way with each other to give their daughters an example of their own behavior. It's important not just to download a girl in circles, sections, school, and so on, but also to gain full confidence on her part.