Decorative cabbage - growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction)

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) Decorative cabbage is not so common in our gardens. But every year the popularity of this ornamental plant, under the usual name of our cabbage, grows at an unpredictable rate. Some are embarrassed when mentioning the decorative cabbage as a flower. However, those who take care of her growing from seeds, get a strange decoration for their beds before the onset of the first frosts.


  • General description
  • Existing grades and types
  • Preparation of seedlings
  • Seedlings
  • Plant seed directly into open soil
  • How to care for such a cabbage

General description

This wonderful plant, with proper cultivation and care, will become a true blossoming treasure of the autumn garden,when other flowers already have time to bloom.

While this year's summer takes up the riot of bright colors, decorative cabbage will be a great gift of autumn and unforgettable decorating of the flower bed.

The first mention of the decorative form of cabbage from Japan. Residents of the countries of the rising sun were able to consider decorative decorations for an adjoining plot in an ordinary garden plant. For those who have never heard of this kind of cabbage, we offer a small video review.

Existing varieties and species

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) Since this type of cabbage is considered to be fodder, it used to be just a pet food. But at that time, huge flowers intrigued the botanists and attracted the attention of breeders. It was this period that became "happy" for decorative cabbage, since from that moment it became the object of a thorough study and selection work.

In our time, the growing of decorative cabbage of two types - tall and outlet.

The first kind of cabbage is a plant that resembles a palm shape. Adult plants have a tall, slender stem with large leaves that are nicely hanging. They are both dark green and white with different shades. Thanks to the fruitful work of breeders, varieties with lace, curly and corrugated leaves are now derived:

  • Chervona tall;
  • Language of the lark;
  • Mosbakhskaya( in the photo).

The second type includes cabbage, more like ordinary gardens. The stem in such a decorative cabbage is short, and the leaves are folded into a huge socket, forming a flower. This type of cabbage is very popular, and its cultivation occurs much more often. The types of rosette species that are the fruits of breeding works include:

  • Tokyo;
  • Osaka;
  • Nagoya;
  • Lobe Frog.

Preparation of

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) Gardening Material Nowadays flower shops have a large selection of decorative cabbage seeds. Picking a variety for your garden area will not be a job. You can do this simply by photo on the package of seeds. Take care of the planting material in advance, as the cultivation of decorative cabbage begins with planting seedlings in the late winter and early spring.

Cauliflower grows faster than ordinary cabbage in the garden.

But all the same, so that all the seeds are sprouted, it is worth adhering to the advice of experienced flower growers and soak them in water with a small amount of organic fertilizer. Do it quite simply: take a usual bandage or a piece of gauze and moisten it in the nourishing fluid. After the matter is laid seedlings and transferred to a dark cool place for seven days. As soon as the seeds "break", they can be planted in the prepared soil.

Seeds for seedlings

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) It is best to grow decorative cabbage through seedlings. So the seedlings will evolve faster. In addition, exotic cabbage will not be ill and subjected to adverse effects, and also well then live under the open sky.

To get the perfect seedlings, you need to stock up with the appropriate containers. For a mini-greenhouse suitable and ordinary pots, and peat cups, and small plastic jars. Of course, cultivation in cups of peat will be most beneficial: no additional transplant is needed, in which it is possible to touch the roots. And the flower garden will be so comfortable. But, if there are no opportunities to stock up with such cups, you can use small jars, for example, from baby yogurt. In such capacities small holes for ventilation and getting rid of excess moisture are made in advance.

Soil, which is great for growing seedlings of seedlings, should contain peat, compost, as well as a part of the usual soil.

Whenever possible, the land can be prepared in advance by storing it in the garden or in the garden. After that it is necessary to disinfect the soil with the help of a weakly manganese solution based on water.

Seeds are laid in the prepared soil to a depth of about one Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) centimeter. If the container is a box, then one well can be put in two seeds. After all the seedlings are already planted in the holes, a small layer of earth is additionally poured from above. Then you need to apply the soil and cover it with a film or glass, as it was before.

The temperature in the mini greenhouse should not be lower than 20 degrees. Watering the ground with seeds is good and quite rare, and after the watering the top layer is lightly flush. As soon as the seedlings appear, the hearth is removed in a cooler place. A bright room with a constant temperature of 12 degrees will fit.

Seedlings can be planted on beds or on street flower pots, when the sprouts will be two leaves. How will decorative cabbage look in the pots, can be seen in the photo.

Plant the seeds directly into the open ground

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) Growing without seedlings occurs by seeding directly into the open ground. Of course, these are engaged in florists with "experience".But the beginners also have the opportunity to try themselves, using the material of this article.

So let's get started. Cultivation in the open air is more risky, because the temperature in the street is not subject to us, and its fluctuations we can not predict. Although miracle cabbage and loves coolness, yet freezing up to - 8 degrees it will not be tolerated. Therefore, seeding must be planted in the garden in springtime, when the temperature is adjusted.

Planting seeds in the same way as seedlings, not deeper than 1 centimeter, the holes crush the ground. If the landing takes place in the beginning or in the middle of May, it is possible to cover the area with seedlings with synthetic fiber. When planting seeds you must remember that the exotic cabbage can grow to 60 cm, or even up to 1 meter in diameter, the distance between the wells should be at least 50 cm.

Decorative cabbage growing from seed in its area( photo and video instruction) Soil suitable for growing decorative cabbage, maybe sandy loam and loamy. It is very good if the site for growing the plant is rich in nutrients on the ground.

Loves exotic cabbage natural light, so you should plant seeds in the sun beds. A half is not considered a contraindication, but it is not necessary to plant this ornamental flower there, if you do not want to be disappointed in the size and brightness of the color of the cabbage.

How to care for such a cabbage

Further care of decorative cabbage in the garden is simple and easy, despite the fact that it is quite an exotic plant. As with other flowers, a decorative miracle-flower needs to be constantly monitored in order to find out the disease in a timely manner or to detect pests.

Decorative cabbage is a biennial plant, which in the first year( vegetation period) only develops and leaves leaves, and the next year begins to bloom and bear fruit.

It is usually a cabbage blossom from about mid-summer to October. Some tricks for growing and using cabbage will reveal the following video.

Most importantly, when further cultivation of adult cabbage occurs, it is necessary to water and feed in a timely manner and abundantly. At the same time do not forget about weeding. Due to the fact that in this type of cabbage, as in the usual, formed a heavy socket, it is necessary to maintain the stem resistant.

Cabbage decorative is well suited for transplanting. Just before transplanting the plant, a new place should be made comfortable for the flower: podpushchim soil and fertilize.

If you spend a lot of time in your area until autumn, you will be able to fully enjoy the amazing beauty of the unusual cabbage.