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Hair conditioner. How to use air conditioner for hair? Why do I need hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner. How to use air conditioner for hair? Why do I need hair conditioner? And for dear gentle people, a policeman.🙂

As you have already understood, this is going to be about. .. No, not about the militiamen, but about the conditioners for hair. And although almost every woman( and men, too) knows that it is, it is still superfluous to tell you again about some of the details of the

using this beauty product.

Why do I need an air conditioner?

Determine what a hair conditioner is. This is a special hair care product designed to moisturize the hair and soften the cleansing, but sometimes not the most beneficial effect of the shampoo. In addition, the air conditioner protects against the effects of aggressive environments, protects as it can, but there is still a lot of hope to put it on.

So, the question why hair conditioner is needed is partially removed. As already mentioned, it is moisture and protection.

This tool should become the "resident" of the shelves in the bathroom for women whose hair is damaged or subtle by nature.

How to use air conditioner for hair?

The use procedure is simple.

  • On the freshly washed hair, the air conditioner is applied. The hair should be dried with a towel beforehand, so that water from streams does not flow out of them, which will flush the hair conditioner along with it, it has not yet time to wear.
  • Apply a remedy as follows: apply a small amount of air conditioning between your fingers and combing movements to evenly distribute it throughout the length without affecting the roots. Why not touch the roots, when you wash your shampoo exactly to rub in the scalp? The air-conditioned roots of hair successfully and obediently fall down. If you do not like magnificent hairstyles, then this, of course, you only on hand. And if you want to create a light volume, it looks natural, you do not have to bother your hair at the roots. By the way, and owners of greasy hair is contraindicated.

Hair conditioner. How to use air conditioner for hair? Why do I need hair conditioner?

What kind of hair problems can you solve?

Sometimes there is a problem: how to use an air conditioner for hair, if the tips are cut? It is possible to apply air conditioner and at the ends of hair along the entire length, this is not fundamentally. The only thing to keep in mind is the "shutdown" of funds. That is, it's not how long it was made, but the time it takes to penetrate the moisture into the structure of the hair. As a rule, it takes 2 - 3 minutes. Exception is the conditioner of intense action, which hold on hair twice as long.

Some people ask why do you need a hair conditioner that you do not need to wash off? Conventional air conditioners provide a temporary effect, the effect of which lasts one day, sometimes a little longer. Non-enduring hair conditioners have a long lasting effect and serve as an ambulance for hair that needs improvement. They are suitable for special solemn occasions, allowing you to give the hair a well-groomed and healthy look, shine and, accordingly, beauty.

The choice of an air conditioner depends on the type of hair.

  • Moisturizers are simply needed for weak, inanimate hair, and curly hair helps to straighten easily.
  • For dyed hair, there is also a kind of air conditioner. It allows longer hair color preservation, moisturizing them and provides the necessary nutrients.
  • For thin hair you can buy a special air conditioner, which will give them strength and volume.
  • It is not necessary to think that hair of a fat or a combined type does not require moisturizing. Just such a hair requires a little less money, which is distributed, mainly, on the tips of the hair.

Hair conditioner. How to use air conditioner for hair? Why do I need hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner with your own hands

Once using the hair conditioner, it becomes difficult to do without it in the future. But, unfortunately, such means have a synthetic origin, which does not affect the condition of hair in the best way. But folk methods will always come to the rescue. Means based on natural ingredients are not only safe, but also very useful for the beauty and health of your hair, but in their effectiveness they are not inferior to the store.

  • Herbal Air Conditioner

Medicinal herbs have long been used by women for hair care. In order to cook a home air conditioner, it is necessary to insist in a boil( about half a liter) a collection of calendula and chamomile( for half a tablespoon), as well as dining spoons livestock. Here you can add your favorite essential oils to give the remedy an extra effect and a strong flavor.

  • Aloe

Conditioner In order to revitalize the curls and to prevent damage, it is useful to use a combination of half a glass of aloe juice, a quarter glass of lemon juice and essential oils at your discretion. Rub the mixture well into the skin well and distribute it along the tips. Rinse after 5 minutes.

  • Hair dyeing

A woman's head is exposed daily to a lot of harmful factors that cause dryness and damage. To solve this problem, you can use the following tools:

  • To the infusion of nettle( 3 tablespoons of herbs per liter of boiling water), add a little vinegar( literally one spoon).The mixture needs to be boiled and strained. This conditioner strengthens the hair, gives them shine and volume.
  • For half an hour, insist a chamomile spoon in a glass of boiling water. When the mixture is cooled, strain it and dissolve in a liquid a teaspoon of honey. Rinse clean hair from the conditioner, after which they will need to be rinsed again with water.
  • Eats and moisturizes a hair blend based on 100 milliliters of olive oil, egg yolk and a small tube of mayonnaise. The mask needs to last for a quarter of an hour, after which the hair will have to be washed again with a shampoo.
  • To prepare a light conditioner, add a spoon of fast-dissolving gelatin and a little vinegar in a glass of water. Also essential are essential oils( for example, rosemary, lavender or jasmine).

Hair conditioner. How to use air conditioner for hair? Why do I need hair conditioner?

Rules for using

home air conditioners In order for the conditioner to have a proper effect on the condition of hair, you must adhere to a number of rules:

  • - before you apply, always wash your hair( it's best to keep them wet);
  • - if the conditioner has a dense texture, then warm it up in the hands before applying to the hair;
  • - Try not to touch the roots of hair and scalp if you suffer from excessive hair dullness;
  • - the greatest attention when applying the air conditioner should be given to the ends of the hair;
  • - since home air conditioners consist of natural components, it will be useful to hold them on their hair for a while;
  • - Do not rinse the tool with hot water( it's best to use cold or slightly warm).

In order for the effect of home air conditioners to be noticeable and stable, do not forget that they should be used after each washing.

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Air Conditioner will no doubt help your hair look better, but no miracle remedy will help the hair damaged from inside. Therefore, first and foremost, take care of a healthy diet and a good rest.