Why do you have a headache when you are angry?


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Headache is the most common

complaint, fromwhat patients are referring to the doctor. In some situations, the cause of pathological sensation is simple, and sometimes very practically impossible. As you know, all types of headache can be divided into primary when there is no apparent cause( migraine, headache and some other pain), and secondary, when headache is just one of the symptoms of the underlying disease.

The second group of causes of headache is very high. Virtually no diseases that could be accompanied by headache. In such cases, cephalalgia tends to fall into the background, and the disease is recognized by other characteristic features. But there are situations in which the signs of the underlying disease are absent, and headache - it is precisely that that disturbs a person, and makes to appeal to a specialist.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Headache may be a sign of

sinusitis In this article we will consider a very common cause of secondary headache associated with frequent ENT disease, sinusitis.

What is perioral cortex and why it occurs

Hyaluronic acid, or maxillo-sinusitis, is an inflammatory defeat of the sinus sinus, which is one of the periarticular sinuses( sinuses).In total there are 4 pairs of pericarp sinuses:

  • 2 of the maxillary or gaymorous, the inflammation is called sinusitis or maxillary sinusitis;
  • 2 frontal or frontal, the inflammation is called frontitis or frontal sinusitis;
  • 2 lattice or ectopic, the inflammation is called ethmoiditis;
  • 2 wedge-shaped or sphenoidal, the inflammation is called sphenoid.

In practice, most often have to deal with inflammation of the frontal and maxillary sinus, because these two localizations often combine under the same term genyantritis.

All the anterolateral sinuses are not closed, and through openings and narrow channels they are connected to the nasal cavity.

Function of sinuses is very important :

  • are part of the respiratory tract, perform warming and air purification due to its slow movement in the axils;
  • are involved in the smell;
  • protective role due to antibacterial abilities of the mucous membrane, neutralizes pathogenic microorganisms in inhaled air;
  • are involved in shaping the voice of a person;
  • acts as a kind of buffer for injuries.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Adrenal sinuses normal and during inflammation of

. The direct cause of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the adnexal nasal sinuses is pathogenic microorganisms( viruses, bacteria) that can enter into their cavity in various ways. For example, sinusitis is a complication of dental procedures on large root teeth( as their roots reach the depths of the sinus sinus).But most often the genitourinary system develops against the background of acute respiratory infection( viral or bacterial).Especially often the genitourinary system develops as a complication of rhinitis( common cold).

However, not all people with non-erythema appear acute or chronic sinusitis. In order to develop this disease, special conditions or provoking factors are required:

  • anatomical structural anomalies of the structure of the paranasal sinuses, for example, very narrow coumulence or its posttraumatic deformation, which aggravates the outflow of inflammatory fluid from the sinus and contributes to its suppuration;
  • focuses the chronic infection( carious teeth, polyps in the nose, adenoids, chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, rhinitis, etc.);
  • presence of allergic rhinitis;
  • work in poor conditions( too dry, warm or cold air, dusty space, etc.);
  • inadequate treatment of colds;
  • banal inability to properly fill up.

All this leads to the fact that the mucous membranes are ignited, producing a large amount of fluid, which should flow out into the nasal cavity through a special constipation. However, often these channels overlap with swollen mucous membrane, thick secretion, anatomical structures, then the contents can not go out and bend. Develops purulent sinusitis, which can go into chronic form or become more complicated.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Hyaluronitis often complicates the course of the cold

Why does headache develop in

sinusitis? Headache with sinusitis occurs almost in all cases of acute and chronic sinusitis. It is caused by 2 mechanisms:

  • intoxication of the organism, which accompanies all cases of acute respiratory disease, and is due to falling into the blood of products of exchange of pathogenic microorganisms, their penetration into the brain through the blood-brain barrier;
  • is an increase in pressure in the nasal sinuses, due to the accumulation of mucus or pus in sinus.

In the first case, the headache has a diffuse nature, its intensity is usually average. Often accompanied by a general weakness, lack of appetite, increased with any physical and mental stress. Often the pain is given to eyeballs. Such pain is most often observed during acute sinusitis.

In the second case, the headache is very intense, has a pulsating character, is felt in the face, the forehead and puts it inside the head, increases with the inclination of the head. Such a type of headache accompanied by acute sinusitis accompanies both acute and chronic process.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Manure in the maxillary sinus increases the pressure that causes the characteristic intense throbbing headache

The headache in acne is poorly eliminated by analgesics and anesthetics, intensifies in the second half of the day and becomes less intense after the correct smocking and in the horizontal position( it improves the outflow of pus from pusand decreasing pressure).

Other symptoms of sinusitis

Among other symptoms of sinusitis it is worth noting:

  • nasal congestion;
  • complicated nasal breathing;
  • mucosal and purulent discharge from the nose;
  • decrease sense of smell;
  • voice control;
  • pain when finger is pressed to the projection points on the perineum sinuses;
  • is a violation of the general condition - fever, pain in the muscles and joints, lack of appetite, general weakness.

Please note! The above signs are more characteristic of acute sinusitis, and the chronic process often manifests itself only in one persistent chronic enough intense headache. For years, a person does not treat existing migraine or other types of primary cephalalgia, instead of once treating sinusitis and get rid of painful symptoms.

How to distinguish migraine from

sinusitis Migraine and cephalalgia with sinusitis are very similar, especially when sinusitis is unilateral and headache is felt only in one half of the head. And here there are probably 2 erroneous options: when a patient with sinusitis treats migraine and vice versa.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Major types of headaches and their characteristics

Headache in migraine, which is aggravated by any movement, even the most minimal, and with gyromagitis - only when the head is tilted downward. With migraine pain is pulsating and one-sided, begins at the depth of the head and irradiates into the eye of the hole, while at the eyelids, painful sensations are born in the area of ​​sinus inflammation and cast into the head. Also, migraine pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and hypersensitivity to external stimuli, which is practically not observed when trembling. With a migraine, you can trace the connection with the use of products-provocateurs, alcoholic beverages, menstruation in women, it lasts from several to 72 hours, and when it breaks the headache does not depend on food, appears in the second half of the day.

Thus, you need to be as careful as possible to your body and all describe the doctor in detail, since this will depend on the correct treatment and the effect of it or its complete absence.

How to diagnose

In the case of a typical clinical picture, it is not difficult to diagnose giomoritis, difficulties arise in the event of a chronic course, when the symptoms are only headache.

It is imperative to clarify whether the patient has frequent colds, pay attention to the presence of chronic foci of ENT infection. For this necessarily appoint consultation and review by an otolaryngologist.

Assign X-rays to the paranasal sinuses of the nose, where you can often find fluid accumulation in the cavity of one of the sinuses or in several of them. In some cases, they resort to computer tomography or MRI.

Why do you have a headache when you are angry?

Roentgenography is the main method of diagnosis of sinusitis

. If necessary, a diagnostic puncture is performed, which is also a therapeutic. The content is sown on the nutrient medium to isolate the pathogen and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics.

Also carry out all spectrum of necessary laboratory tests of blood, urine. In the case of allergic rhinitis, they perform allergy tests, examine the immunogram of the patient.

As a rule, this spectrum of research is more than sufficient for the diagnosis of gyMoritis. If the results do not confirm the presence of sinusitis, then you need to look for another cause of headache.

Treatment methods for headache associated with sinusitis

The first thing to keep in mind is that special treatment for headache caused by inflammation of the perineal sinus is not required. If you deprive the patient of sinulitis, then cephalagy will forever disappear.

Therefore, such treatment is involved in an ENT doctor. Depending on the type, degree, and stage of the sinusitis, the treatment program may vary. Typically, vasoconstrictive nasal drops are prescribed, glucocorticoid sprays, which eliminate the swelling of the mucous membrane and promote the removal of secretions and pus from the sinuses. The obligatory course of purulent process is the course of antibiotics. Also, correction of the immune status of a person, sanation of chronic foci of infection is carried out.

Video about causes of headache at sinusitis

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Why do you have a headache when you are angry?
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If conservative methods do not help, punctate puncture( seldom used today), to endoscopic sanationlawn sinus. The course of physiotherapeutic procedures is assigned.