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How is helikobacter pylorie transferred to man: where is it taken?

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How is Helikobakter Pylori transmitted? These bacteria inflict enormous harm on people. They can live only in the stomach, and get there with the help of an already infected person.


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  • 3 How to detect bacteria?

1 The main ways of infecting

Bacteria in the open space can not develop, and therefore seek to enter the new stomach through utensils, hygiene and air droplets. The bacteria have properties that help it penetrate and strengthen itself in the mucous membranes of the stomach, gradually destroying its tissues: Helicobacter pylori does not scare the acidic medium, it is quite stable to it. Therefore, the entry of bacteria into the body is threatened not only by inflammations, erosions and gastritis, but eventually, if the pathology does not pay attention, there will be ulcers and even stomach cancer.

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How is helikobacter pylorie transferred to man: where is it taken?

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The trouble is that bacteria are able to replenish and release enzymes and toxins, and in a huge amount that immediately collapse its negative effect on cells of the mucous membrane. This contributes to the onset of inflammatory processes in the stomach and duodenum.

These bacteria develop in the human body for a long time, but have discovered them not so long ago, for which scientists from Australia even received the Nobel Prize. R. Warren and B. Marshall were able to prove the existence of Helicobacter pylori, and when it turned out that due to this pathogen there is gastritis, ulcers and other diseases of the stomach, and the infection can be transmitted from a person to man, in medicine there was a small revolution, asthe problem of treatment arose completely in a new way.

How can I get Helicobacter Pylori infection? The most common reason is ignoring simple hygiene products. Doctors were able to calculate that the percentage of the development of diseases in the penetration of these bacteria in the stomach occurs in most of the people living in dormitories, boarding schools, often go on a business trip and eat in public dining.

In countries with lower living standards, the incidence of helicobacteriosis is higher than in developed countries. Still, statistics are very alarming, since more than half of the people on Earth are carriers and distributors of dangerous bacteria. True, if the infection gets inside, it does not mean that there is a peptic ulcer.

If someone is ill in a family, then the rest of households will eventually become infected with one strain Heliconbactor pilory, and antibiotic therapy will have to go through all. But treatment is not required if there is no inflammation in the stomach or intestines.

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2 The main symptoms of


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If there is a transmission of infection, then there will be symptoms of infection. Sometimes the disease for a long time does not make itself known, but most often begins to manifest on 6 or 8 days after the bacteria hit the body, become obese and began active activities.

Symptoms of bacterial life are manifested in:

  • frequent abdominal pain, especially before eating, and after eating, pain is reduced;
  • feeling heavy after eating, blistering often;
  • for fast paced vomiting.

How is helikobacter pylorie transferred to man: where is it taken?

All these symptoms are a sign of the body that is not in the order of the gastrointestinal tract. But if it is helicobacteriosis, they arise and disappear rapidly, therefore, people often do not attach importance to such manifestations.

A person has the chance not to provoke a bacterium, then they can stay in the body for years, but not to deliver problems. However, if they give them at least the slightest chance, they immediately begin to intensify and become too much health threat.

Such dangerous manifestations include:

  • malnutrition, lack of nutrients and vitamins;
  • Smoking and alcoholic beverages( in large quantities);
  • other infectious diseases;
  • weakened immunity;
  • constant nervous tension, stress;
  • heavy physical work;
  • some complicated drugs that weaken defenses;
  • is a constant violation of hygiene standards.

But when the discovery of bacteria became a feasible fact, it became possible to study their role in the development of diseases and it became clear how to treat them, markedly decreased relapse in those people who have a stomach ulcer or 12-digestive gut. Therefore, now doctors insist on passing the diagnosis to detect Helicobacter pylori.

How is helikobacter pylorie transferred to man: where is it taken?

3 How to detect bacteria?


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If there is an assumption that the infection has occurred, the study should be careful. There are a number of methods that allow:

  • to determine the microorganism;
  • detect signs of its life;
  • , by means of antibodies in the blood serum, receives an immunological response from the body in response to an infection.

How is helikobacter pylorie transferred to man: where is it taken?

Usually a patient is then examined when the inflammation is in the active phase.

Quick results give blood and exhaled air tests. But for the results to be more true, a breath test will require pre-training. To do this, within 2 weeks, you should discontinue some medications:

  • antibiotics;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antisecretory;
  • antacids.

You need to add alcoholic beverages and legume foods to this list, and you can not smoke and use masticatory gum for a few hours. To check the stomach and 12-duodenum, conduct a biopsy, which gives a more accurate result. But when endoscopic examination is more reliable to take samples from different parts of the tissue.

How To Dispose Of Bacteria? For treatment, there are certain schemes that are entitled to appoint a gastroenterologist. Therapy includes drugs:

  • antibacterial;
  • bismuth;
  • antisecretory.

Antibiotics are not always prescribed to harm the body, but if there is erosion, ulcers, atrophic gastritis, then such remedies will be needed for healing. Medicinal therapy is usually designed for 14 days, and interrupting this process is undesirable, otherwise the microorganisms will be able to adapt and the course will have to appoint a new one, with other medicines. A few months after the therapy may again have to undergo laboratory tests.

Of course, in order to avoid destiny to carry dangerous bacteria in itself, it is better not to get infected. To do this, you need to monitor your lifestyle, adhere to a healthy diet and adhere to the sanitary standards.

When it's known how the Helicobacter Pylori is transmitted, the danger of infection can be minimized to protect their loved ones and not waste time and time to fight against a microscopic enemy.