How effective is an antifungal nail polish?

How effective is an antifungal nail polish?

Fungal training on nail plates is a common disease. Very often fungal seedlings promote visiting public places of residence, in particular saunas, swimming pools, gyms and even beaches.

Symptoms of such a disease may not immediately occur

itself the presence of unpleasant bacteria. The most effective means of combating fungal problems are the use of antifungal varnishes.

Do not use antifoaming lacquer to treat nail plasters as a remedy for various leg and hand diseases. Currently, many species of fungi are known and not all of them are treated simply by using lacquer. Some forms simply can not be subjected to any way to deal with deprivation from them. Sometimes patients are assigned a repeated procedure of clearing and even removal of infected nail plates and the introduction of pharmaceutical formulations inside the body.

It is exactly the treatment that should be prescribed by a qualified specialist, since self-medication or the advice of good grandmothers can simply trigger the newly born infection, and it can spread to a much larger radius. Sometimes even experienced physicians are not in a position to determine what kind of fungus in front of him, require mandatory tests to establish an accurate diagnosis. It is only after passing such a long way that you can unequivocally conclude about the disease.

How effective is an antifungal nail polish?

If, nevertheless, the doctor decided to appoint an antifungal nail polish, then necessarily need to clarify the peculiarities of the patient's body, there should be sensitivity to the components of medicinal varnish. Otherwise there can be a reverse effect and eventually with great discomfort from the fungus and from an allergic reaction will have to apply more powerful drugs. And apart from the personal inconvenience in the empty, will be spent time and money.

Antifungal agents used to treat fungal lesions of nail plates are drugs such as antifungal varnish for plates - it is a local antiseptic, effectively fighting the pathogen of onychomycosis. Varnish when applied to the affected area is very quickly absorbed into the surface almost on the basis of nails.

films formed after the use of lacquer coating, protect nails against infectious bacteria and does not quickly evaporate anti-inflammatory properties of varnish. A very important nuance is that the varnish is applied to the nail, without resorting to its removal. Usually these drugs are used for a couple of weeks.

Patients using antifungal varnish leave feedback only positive. Those who suffer from nail fungus are very pleased with the fact that very unpredictable ailments can be cured very quickly and without pain. Most of the use of other less effective means is delayed for about three months.

How effective is an antifungal nail polish?

People who buy antifungal nail varnish leave feedback right in the pharmacies of what good and effective products are in use. Particularly impressive is the quality of the drug. It has neither color nor odor, but only applied a thin layer on the affected area, quickly penetrates inside the surface and strengthens it both from the outside and from the inside. With all these procedures, the natural process of nail growth does not stop, but continues to go.

Before using the pharmaceutical lacquer to fight the fungus you need to properly prepare the surface for treatment. Such a procedure is quite simple, it is necessary to dissolve the commercial soap, a small slice in warm water. Then lower your feet there and sit for about fifteen minutes, removing dead particles from the skin and nails. Getting rid of an infection in an organism takes at least three calendar months. The main part of everything depends on how much the infection stage has been started and any other measures that could complicate the nail emergence was not used.

Another very much depends on the drug used, since they come in different formulations and spheres of action, some are used as varnishes, other than ointments, and with the addition of antiviral tablets, as it is a virus, and it is transmitted quite simply. You can only walk along the same coating on which the infected has passed and pick up the infection instantly, but it can only manifest itself after a while, being alone in the upper skin particle. That is why you need to carefully go through all the hygienic procedures when you come home to avoid such unpleasant delicate situations.

Antifungal varnish is used in several steps. It is used no more than three times a week, during the course of treatment in the second month twice a week, and then, depending on whether the amendment is or not, can be reduced to one application per week period. The drug is necessarily washed away after using banal remedies for removing varnishes. Usually doctors appoint applications several times a week with acute lesions, there is nothing terrible in this, simply healing and recovery will be much faster.

How effective is an antifungal nail polish?

Occasionally, side effects may occur, for example, the nail plate will begin to peel, peeling and drying the skin reddened on the fingers. That is why these drugs are not intended for young children and allergic people.