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What is the symptoms of rectal dyspnea?

Pelvic organs are also prone to various pathologies, like any other system in the body. One of the abnormalities that a person may face is the loss of the pelvic organs( the vagina, the rectum, the uterus can be lowered).


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Approaches to Therapy

Causes and Mechanisms

What is the symptoms of rectal dyspnea? Most often, omission of pelvic and rectal organs is common in women who have undergone long and hard labor, but also men from itnot insured

The mechanism by which the rectal development develops is directly attached to how the woman's vagina changes during childbirth. The fact is that the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis, holding the organs in one position, are significantly weakened, which leads to the fact that the rectum is no longer able to stay in the basin.

Among the reasons contributing to this process as rectal prolapse, call the following factors:

  • congenital pathology of nature that lead to pathological changes in muscle and communication structures( damaged collagen and elastin);
  • pathologies associated with changes in hormonal status, which often result in a disease such as pelvic thinning in postmenopausal women;
  • for women is a risk factor for heavy childbirth, frequent births( more than two times), birth of a large fetus or multiple pregnancy;
  • is another female risk factor - a breakthrough in the perineum( in this case the tissue that separates the vagina and the anus) is damaged;
  • excess weight;
  • is old age;The
  • work associated with the transfer of heavy objects is more common to men.

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What is the symptoms of rectal dyspnea? It is often difficult to self-determine the loss of the rectum, but it is still possible to suspect a pathology in a number of symptoms. If a person sees at such signs, he should think that he develops the omission of pelvic organs such as the rectum:

  • appearance in the anus of a protrusion that has a rounded shape, but does not meet the tenderness to the touch, it can be seen even in the photo;
  • pain relieves the person in the lumbar region or lower abdomen;
  • feeling like a crotch on the crotch( a woven gap that shares the vagina and anus) pushing something from the inside;
  • problems with bowel movements;
  • in women have problems with defecation and urination, which can only be eliminated by pressing on the front or back of the vagina;
  • may be observed for incontinence of feces or gases.

It is important to remember that the rectal distention is very similar to the symptoms of hemorrhoids, so self-diagnosis and the initiation of treatment without consultation are excluded.

Diagnosis of photos is also inadmissible, personal consultation is required by a specialist.

Approaches to diagnostics

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Rejection of the rectum should be subjected to careful diagnosis, since this pathology can be easily confused with other diseases of the rectum. To begin, the patient should most fully explain to the physician the history of the disease, so that the specialist could assess the presence of provocative diseases of the factors.

A compulsory diagnostic element is an overview of the anus, as well as a finger rectal study that allows the physician to assess the state of the rectum.

A good diagnostic move is the suggestion of a patient to sit tight and slightly tense. If the doctor has to deal with the prolapse, then the part of the intestine that is protruding from the anus in this position will increase in size.

What is the symptoms of rectal dyspnea?

Conducting Anorectal Anometry

In addition to the examination and digital rectal examination, a number of diagnostic measures are required, which include:

  • rectoromanoscopy;
  • defecochemistry( the intestine is investigated at a time when a person carries out an act of defecation);
  • colonoscopy;
  • Anorectal Gauge.

After evaluating the results, it will be possible to accurately diagnose and decide which treatment approaches should be used.

Approaches to therapy

Rejection of the rectum can not be treated with conservative methods, but only through a complete surgical intervention. Drugs for relieving this condition are not used, as they can not return muscle tone and, as a result, are ineffective.

What is the symptoms of rectal dyspnea?

Laparoscopic operation

Different types of surgical intervention are used depending on the abnormal pathology. In some cases, the intestine can only slightly stiffen, and sometimes it is necessary to conduct a complete laparoscopic operation.

If it's a sick woman, then she often has to sew her vagina.

If an abnormal person is to be deprived of pathology, then the surgery is used with great reluctance, but may offer the use of special lockers, which, however, are not always effective. Lack of rectum is a disease that requires timely treatment, as it can lead to serious complications.