Features of breeding hermelin rabbit

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  • Important animal selection conditions
  • Rules for nursing and nursing rules
  • What to know about breeding

The breed of hermelin originates in the heyday of the Roman Empire, where these rabbits began to breed more than 2 thousand years ago. In

Poland, this breed began to be grown in small households. Soon the inhabitants of England were also fascinated by breeding this breed with the caveat that they wanted to reduce the size of rabbits. This was due to the inconvenience of walking animals, sometimes reaching significant size and have not a decorative appearance. The name of the breed "hermelin" has a Polish origin, therefore the second name of this breed is "Polish".The nineties and the Czech city of Brno presented this fun breed to the inhabitants of Russia. Rabbits resemble plush toys - so dense and soft to their coat, and the transition from head to body is very smooth.

Features of breeding hermelin rabbit

Hermelin breeds differ in activity and calm attitude towards humans.

This breed distinguishes activity and peace in relation to people. True, females can be agile and undisturbed, and males are calm and inactive.

Exterior of the standard:

  • pure white color of wool;
  • eyes are red or blue;
  • body weight - from 800 g to 1.5 kg;
  • ear length - from 4.5 to 7 cm;
  • body shape - compact;
  • short head and front legs;
  • tail small in size, twisted on the back.

Important Conditions for Selecting Animals

Features of breeding hermelin rabbit

Rabbit is better to buy at an early age and at a pet store.

Many mistakenly argue that hermelina rabbits are the same in appearance.

The greatest attention should be paid to the appearance of the ears - they should be small and rounded. If the ears of a rabbit are large, then you are not a thoroughbred hermelin. The beast should be active, the movement is alive, the eyes are groomed without ulcers and other secretions, the nose is wet, the "button", the breathing is calm and even. The hermeilen rabbit fur coat must shine and be clean. The paws are small, the claws are transparent. In order to prevent the purchase of a non-standard product, you must stop your choice at a good nursery or pet store with positive reviews. Buy rabbit better at an early age( one and a half to two months from birth).At such an age, they should strengthen and not be bored on the mother-rabbit.

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Rules for nourishing and nourishing

The native hermeilin will have the following data: a small, strong match with a dense white fur coat, red or blue eyes, the ears and the front paws are short, the tail is pressed against the spine.

Features of breeding hermelin rabbit

A broad cage is needed for rabbit hermelin - 40 x 30 x 40 cm, for an adult - twice as large.

First of all, you need to get a spacious cage for animal husbandry: for a rabbit - 40 x 30 x 40 cm, for an adult - twice as large. The cell should have iron rods and the pallet is easily removed. It is not possible to install a cage near a heating source or in ventilated areas. The optimum air temperature is 18-20 ° C, humidity is 50%.If the room is very hot, the animal can be cooled by wetting it with cold water or putting a closed plastic bottle with cold water into the cell for a short time.

The hermeilen rabbit pill needs to be cleaned, washed and disinfected every day. These measures are necessary in order to protect the animal from a dangerous disease of coccidiosis( destruction of the liver and digestive system).This disease is not treated and leads to the death of the animal. Rabbits are drowsy and active at night, so they need to provide calm and silence during the day. It is also necessary to provide hermelin with sufficient amount of sunlight necessary for vitamin D. This is especially true for rabbit mothers and small rabbits. The best solution to the problem can be the removal of animals for a couple of hours in the sun.

The rabbit's wool needs constant care: for this purpose, the comberator-fender will be suitable for scooping of the dumplings. If you start the fur coat of an animal, then the formed gutters will have to be cut with scissors or a special tool. In no case do you need to bat a rabbit germelin. But to trim the greasy claws should be periodically 1 time in 5-6 weeks. It is not necessary to take the rabbit's ear - it is better to raise it with two hands, supporting the body from below.

Features of breeding hermelin rabbit

The basis of hermeilina nutrition should be grass and grass, young shoots.

Small rabbits, which have not reached the age of 2.5 months, need to drink milk. Growing in winter, rabbits, need calcium, without which convulsive conditions may occur even to death, so they should be given vitamins. It is not necessary to exorcise these animals with some vegetables and fruits. Adults( over 6 months) can receive vegetables and fruits in small doses. The basis of food hermeilin should be cereals and grass, young shoots. It is necessary to be attentive at the independent collection of herbs, remembering about poisonous plants( celandine, yellowish, etc.).

In winter, the rabbit diet is modified and must contain hay and vegetables boiled in salted water. It is necessary to beware to give the animals meat, milk, white cabbage, berries with stones. T. k. Water rabbits receive mainly from food, then there is no need to keep an open drinking bowl in the cage, where water quickly becomes polluted and becomes harmful. It is best to use drinking water droplets, adding vitamins there. The same applies to feed: it is better not to pour them in a saucer( the beast can wake up), but use closed feeders. It is important to carefully read the feeding instructions and strictly adhere to it. Residues of feed balances should be thrown away immediately.


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What to know about breeding

Rabbits become capable of conception at the age of 6-8 months, sometimes later. Unlike their great brethren of other breeds, they bring only 5-6 small animals. For pairing it is best to use the most healthy, sturdy rabbits that meet all standards. Rabbit is better to choose the one that better cares about the offspring and was more fruitful. Before joining it is better not to extort the rabbits, because they can lose interest to each other. If the female is weak, however, it is still a few weeks before joining to improve the diet of its nutrition, give vitamins and minerals. Rabbits can be mowed during the period of molting, for example, at this time they are weak in health. Paring is best done at a party at a male - in this case, he will not be afraid and afraid. It is necessary to remove foreign objects from the cage, and from the surrounding space - sharp external noise. Effectiveness of the conjunctiva can be determined in 15 days: for this, the female is raised for the sacrum and the stomach is torn off - if there are "nuts", one should wait for replenishment.


Like all rabbits, a couple of bundles need to be thrown in a separate cage and look at their behavior. If the female agrees, the pairing takes place instantly. You need to be careful with the male, since during the joints, he is noticeably nervous and angry, can hurt a female and his owner. Sometime a month, rabbits are born.

About the rapid resolution of the burden the female "tells" her behavior-she prepares a place for posterity. From his body, to his front, he plucks fur to cover his children. Rarely, but it happens that the female does not feel the maternal instinct, does not care about the rabbits and forgets about their presence. In such a situation, you should take care of them: put them next to and cover the fur rabbit. It is strictly forbidden to touch a rabbit before, during and several days after childbirth. Only born hermelins are blind, bald and defenseless. It is necessary to wait two weeks - they will strengthen, there will be a fur, and they will be able to switch to full-fledged adult food. At the end of 2 months, young rabbits must be transplanted into a cage separately from the mother. You can not mate rabbits more than 2 times during the year.


It should be noted that the life and health of the hermelin rabbit completely and completely dependent on humans. If there is any doubt or anxiety about the appearance and I will become a beast, you should seek help from the vet. With proper care and nutrition, the rabbit breed hermelin is able to live up to 9 years.