Pulsating headache: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease

In this article, we will dwell in detail on such a variety of ailment as a pulsating headache. Let's talk about what a glaucoma is, touch the topic of migraine, consider the diagnosis and treatment of headache, as well as medicines that help to cope with it.

Pulsating headache: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease

According to medical statistics, complaints of headache are the most common reason for citizens to seek medical advice.


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  • Several words about migraines
  • Diagnosis of causes and treatment of headache
  • Use of medicines in the treatment of headache

Causes of

pulsation may be known. As you know, headaches can be of the most varied nature: someone is suffering from aching pain in the temples who are observedsevere pain in the forehead, who can complain about neck pain that occurs simultaneously with headaches.

First of all, note that throbbing pain in the head area can mainly be a sign of certain disorders in the work of the vascular system of the body. In particular, this refers to failures in the functioning of vessels, as well as the shells of the brain.

In general, the feeling of pulsation, regardless of which part of the head it appeared in the neck or in the temples, from the left or right brain of the brain, is a signal that any "malfunction" occurs with the vessels.

And the more often a person began to suffer from pulsating headache, the more serious he should treat his health, trying as soon as possible to seek medical advice and assistance.

This symptom of mild pulsation, which may first disappear quickly after taking an analgesic, may over time turn into dullness and suppresses headaches.

In addition, the true sign of vascular tone will be that pulsating pain can often be accompanied by the appearance of black dots before the eyes, nausea, vomiting.

A throbbing pain in the neck, as well as in the neck, may be a harbinger of arterial hypertension. Is this true, in fact, can help you establish a physician by measuring your blood pressure during paroxysmal headaches.

Among the descriptions of various types of pain that occur in the head, there is such a symptom as pulsed pains in the temporal region. It should not be considered such a pain as one of the causes of problems with the vascular system. Most likely, pain in the temple can be caused by pulpitis, that is, inflammation of the tissues of the tooth, the processes in which spread to the temporal area of ​​the head and declare themselves a sharp pain.

There are frequent cases of pain that is associated with pulsation in the neck or in any other area of ​​the head, which is a sign of any colds.

It can also be a harbinger of sinusitis, sinusitis or other complications that are caused by a seemingly simple, but too prolonged, non-viable or acute or respiratory viral disease.

However, pulsed pain that occurs in the head may be much more a threat to human health than a common cold. Sometimes such a pain occurs in such a pathological case, as the destruction of the carotid artery.

This list of causes of pulsating pain does not end there. Strangely enough, pain accompanied by pulsation may also be caused by the discontinuation of drinking caffeinated drinks.

In this case pulsating pains arise on the basis of vasodilatation, which, in turn, often appears after a long time after a large portion of strong coffee. With such symptoms, the best treatment will be the rejection of excessive intake of caffeine.

A throbbing headache can accompany the emergence of various types of tumors. There are many types of tumors, and the method of treating this or that form of education will depend on the diagnosis that a doctor will take.

In addition, pulsating headache may indicate eye problems. If you have not picked up the diopter or goggle glasses properly, then after wearing such an optical device you may have a headache.

In this case pulsating pain can be explained by the fact that the eyes are forced to stay in a tense state that causes an eyelid disorder that is directly in the head. The root cause of an unpleasant pulsating pain may also be such an insidious and unpredictable disease as glaucoma.

What is glaucoma?

Pulsating headache: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease Glaucoma is an eye disease characterized by increased pressure inside the eye. Such intraocular pressure drops may occur occasionally, and may start to disturb the person on a regular basis.

Glaucoma in running forms can lead to sad consequences up to loss of vision. In this case, a person may for a long time not notice the symptoms of glaucoma, which sometimes can go unnoticed to the human body and in the absence of pronounced symptoms.

A patient often asks for medical assistance even when the process of destruction of the optic nerve fibers has become irreversible. As a result of a sharp increase in eye pressure, a phenomenon such as acute glaucoma attack may occur.

In the event of an attack, there is a risk of complete blindness, so in this case, urgent hospitalization of the patient with glaucoma is urgently needed and his treatment in an ophthalmologist. As a rule, an attack begins with the onset of pain in the eye affected by glaucoma, as well as the adjacent portion of the head and neck. In addition, the patient is overcome by severe weakness, nausea and vomiting.

Amazed eye glaucoma blushes, the eye swells, the shape of the pupil changes, vision worsens. Such an attack can be confused with migraine and even poisoning, if you do not suspect the presence of a history of a disease such as glaucoma.

Therefore, in this disease, early diagnosis is so important that it allows you to take all the necessary measures for partial recovery and relief of symptoms, even at the easy stages.

The development of glaucoma can be slowed down and stopped even with the help of modern microsurgery, as well as through a variety of drugs that normalize intraocular pressure and help, if not overcome this illness, at least to be able to live a healthy life.

Among the following drugs:

  • "Fotil";
  • "ProxoFelin";
  • "Normoglucon";
  • "Azarga";
  • "Kosopt";
  • "Dorsopt Plus" and other medications suggested by a specialist.

For people suffering from congenital glaucoma, the best way to stop the progression of this illness is to be a laser surgery.

Unfortunately, the cure for full cure for glaucoma is still not developed yet. In this regard, and the administration of drugs, and microsurgery operations are temporary means of combating this disease.

A few words about migraines

A pulsating pain is unchanged by the accompanying symptom of a complex disease like migraine. It can be called complicated by the fact that until now, medicine has not been able to decide definitively on what the reliable reasons for its occurrence.

It is believed that the factors of migraine development may be:

  • ; various sleep disorders, in particular insomnia;
  • difference heights;
  • weather changes;
  • The reaction of the organism to certain products;
  • effects of stress;
  • malnutrition;
  • consuming sharp food and a large amount of all kinds of preservatives;
  • too loud sounds;
  • side effects of hormonal treatment of any illness;
  • changes in the hormonal state of the body that occurs in women during pregnancy, childbirth or menstruation;
  • super bright light;
  • cold;
  • abuse of nicotine.

In addition, migraine, as a rule, is an inherited disease. It has been noticed that women are more likely to complain of migraine than men.

A true sign of migraine can be called swollen pain that occurs on one side of the head or in the temples, as well as trembling hands, nausea, sharp limb cooling, dizziness.

An attack usually occurs in the morning shortly after awakening and can last for several hours, and in some cases, up to three days. After the attack, the migraine of the patient involves weakness, drowsiness, and a general exhausted condition.

The best way to treat this severe and debilitating malaise is for those suffering from migraines to remain in a quiet place where it will be quiet, dark and safe.

For the most effective treatment of migraines, compresses with ice, vasoconstrictors, painkillers, which allow to remove intense pulsating pain, are most often recommended. With severe migraine, steroids may be prescribed.

In severe migraine attacks, physicians also recommend taking calming remedies - such as, for example:

  • "Zolmitriptan";
  • "Risatriptan";
  • "Pratriptan";
  • "Sumatriptan".

Doctors are urging their patients suffering from migraine attacks to minimize the intensity of physical activity, rest as much as possible and, if possible, follow bed rest. Very often, recurring migraine attacks can lead to depression several times a month.

Therefore, it is extremely important both in the treatment and for the prevention of migraines to lead a healthy lifestyle, often in the fresh air, thus saturating the body and the brain with oxygen together with it, as well as trying to reduce the stress level in life as much as possible.and if possible, feel positive emotions.

Diagnosis of causes and treatment of headache

Pulsating headache: causes, symptoms and treatment of the disease Determine the exact causes of pulsating pain in the head is only possible by a specialist. As you know, taking independent steps in the treatment is extremely dangerous, and may be threatened with serious health problems.

Therefore, in the event of a headache, as well as various accompanying this pain of symptoms, the only correct decision will be a visit to a doctor.

The doctor will conduct a diagnostic study, appoint necessary procedures and, if necessary, recommend applying for an additional diagnosis of the causes of pulsating pain in any part of the head to the narrow specialists.

For example, an ophthalmologist may need an overview if the headache could have been caused by some kind of visual impairment.

Only an ophthalmologist can check the condition of the fundus, determine the visual acuity, refractive status, etc., in order to draw a conclusion about the possible cause of pulsating headaches by using his special equipment.

In addition to the ophthalmologist, you may also need a highly specialized review of a neuropathologist, otolaryngologist or dentist. Sometimes it may be necessary to study a psychiatrist. In some cases, an infectionist or neurosurgeon may also need help.

Any headache, regardless of its nature, will most likely require surveys with the help of such modern tools as precise medical diagnostics, such as:

  • X-ray;
  • computer tomography of the brain;
  • Ultrasound of the vessels of the head and neck, as well as other methods.

In order to confirm or exclude among the possible causes of hypertension, the physician also measures the pressure of the patient, has complaints of headache. In some cases it will be necessary to study the vital activity of the heart.

Depending on the cause of headaches, physicians may prescribe the following treatment methods:

  • manual techniques, ie, massage;
  • Hypnosis;
  • Acupuncture;
  • treatment by means of cold compresses, allow narrowing of the vessels, resulting in ripening disappears;
  • complex of medical therapy with painkillers.

Use of medicines for the treatment of headache

Treatment of pulsed pain that occurs in the temples, the neck, or in any other part of the head can usually be done using such means as:

  • Paracetamol;
  • "Ibuprofen";
  • "Naproxen";
  • "Aspirin", etc.

Similar drugs are aimed at effectively removing the main symptom of a definite, explicit or implicit disease - headache.

It should be borne in mind that painkillers are only intended to relieve symptoms, while the causes of headaches remain the same as they were, and after a period during which a headache suffers, a person will only get rid of pain sensations with the help of pills, conditionhis health can seriously deteriorate.

Thus, painkillers are by no means a panacea for any type of headache. Despite the fact that many analgesics are sold in drugstores without prescriptions, thanks to which a person aspires to appoint himself and conduct a course of treatment, we will remind you again that self-treatment is not only unwise but also dangerous for your health and life.

In case of pain, including pulsating and "pulling" character, the best way out of the situation will be prompt medical treatment.

The doctor will establish the exact causes of headache, appoint an individual course of comprehensive treatment and, if necessary, give recommendations on the drugs that you may have to take in order to finally recover.