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Choose a towel bag in the bathroom

In order to choose a towel bag in the bathroom it is necessary to evaluate not only the attractive appearance of the device, but also its characteristics such as:

  • type of unit from the used coolant;
  • is the strength of the material from which the device is made;
  • The ability of parts of the device to transfer pressure differences in the networks of multi-apartment buildings;
  • precise technical data of the sample.

In order to learn how to choose a towel rack, you need to get acquainted with the types of such devices. They are divided into the following models:

  • water - the most common;
  • electric;
  • are united.

All these devices have their own peculiarities that are better taken into account when buying a sample of your choice. How to choose a towel rail correct? To answer this question it is necessary to consider in more detail all the main types of devices of this type with all their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose the right model, then the bathroom repair will not be needed for a long time.

Choose a towel bag in the bathroom

Bath towel: water models

They are a steel coil, which can also be made of other materials. On the inside of this pipe flows hot water, which heats it, and heat is transferred to a dry towel. There are 2 types of connection of such models to the liquid source:

  • to heating systems;
  • to hot water supply pipes.

How to choose a water towel warmer? In the first case, the period of operation of the unit is equal to the heating season, ie it is idle for several months in a year. In the second case, the unit works almost always, except in cases of hot water shutdown or system repair. When choosing any model, be sure to read its technical data. The device must comply with the GOST according to the following parameters:

  • the working pressure of the regulating armature of the unit must be not less than 7-8 atmospheres;The
  • towel dryer body in the bathroom should be corrosion resistant and withstand pressure drop in the water supply network of the multi-apartment building not less than 12 atmospheres.

On the market there are not only domestic models, but also imported samples. Unlike Russian devices, they have a different diameter of the inlet branch. The wide and color range of these towels, which makes it possible to diversify the interior of the bathroom.

In addition, they have a large variety of shapes:

  • towel warmer M-shaped;
  • models in the form of letters P;
  • mixed type( MP);
  • heaters made in the form of ladders;
  • various other configurations.

Choose a towel bag in the bathroom

M-shaped towel rail is designed for both direct and side connection to hot water supply networks. In addition to the above types, there may be other modifications that create amenities for the consumer, such as a towel bag with a shelf. Everything depends on the taste and on what we choose.

When installing such structures, it is necessary to provide shut-off valves or valves for overcoming excess pressure and getting rid of air congestion.

In addition to stationary variants, foreign manufacturers also offer other types of towel dryers. For example, many western companies import a so-called mobile or turntable towel rail into the Russian market. Various samples of these models can rotate around their axis at 90-180 °, which contributes to more rational use of the area of ​​the bathroom.

The color palette of towel dryers ranges from matt to golden colors, which allows you to choose a device in color from a refurbished bathroom.

The material from which the housings and fittings are made are:

  • stainless steel;
  • copper, aluminum or brass.

Which towel warmer is better? How to choose the material you need on the body? According to the corrosion resistance and durability, all coils of non-ferrous metals are better, but they are more expensive than steel 2-3 times. There are samples of painted iron - they are the cheapest, but also the term of their work is relatively small. If you need to put a towel warmer in a multi-apartment building at a limited budget, then this option is better - the most economical.

General information on the installation of

water towel rails

Work as follows:

  • Take off the old unit. If it is connected to a heating riser by a threaded connection, it is unscrewed and the same place is screwed in first by a shut-off valve, and then by a ruthener in the bath itself. Perform sealing of joints and check the operation of the device.
  • If a replacement sample is welded to a riser, then the Bulgarian cut it off, leaving on the riser pipes that are screwed on by a new thread. Then the installation is done according to the above scheme.
  • How to choose a towel warmer?

    Another type of aggregates of this type - electric models. They have the following advantages:

    • they can be mounted in any room - they are not connected with the water supply system;
    • can connect any device with its own hands, familiar with the methods of wiring;
    • in such models have electronic blocks for choosing the temperature modes of drying.

    The disadvantage of these samples is the high consumption of electricity.

    The appearance of this bath towel is not distinguished among others. They can only "issue" only a cord with a fork. For installation of such an aggregate, the following operations are performed:

    • choose the location of the purchased model;
    • using the supplied connectors, attach the unit to the wall;
    • include the appliance in the network and set the desired drying temperature;
    • , unlike water, the case, which has a towel warmer, is cold( it does not pass hot water).

    Choose a towel bag in the bathroom

    Combined models have both water and electrical components in their structure, so the price is higher. Installation of them to power supply systems and hot water supply is carried out in the same way as for uncombined variants. How to determine which towel rail is the best of all of the above? There is no direct answer to this question - each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even more about the choice of electric towel rails look here. Any kind of towels sold in the market, perform their functions quite satisfactorily. Instruments and materials used for mounting:

    • towel warmer;
    • Bulgarian;
    • fasteners;
    • thread-cutting device;
    • Drill Drill;
    • shut-off valve.

    To properly choose a towel rack, you must contact a specialist if you have doubts about your strength. You do not need to listen to the tips of friends - something that is good for them may not suit you. For the right choice of model, first read its technical data, then find out what material it is made, and only after that you are interested in its appearance and price. Then the bath towel in your bathroom will last for many years. Major repairs will no longer be needed, only cosmetic( from time to time).And the question of choosing a towel warmer will not be more worrying. More about the choice and manufacturers see here.