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Candidiasis of the interdigital - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Candidiasis is commonly referred to as a disease caused by fungi belonging to the Candida genus. There are about 170 varieties of these fungi, they can be found practically everywhere - in the soil, on vegetables and fruits, and also in the human body. Moreover, the presence of Candida

fungi is by no means a sign of disease, fungi are part of the normal microflora. And only under certain conditions begins an uncontrolled increase in the number of fungi, which leads to the development of the disease - candidiasis.

In the event that the fungus affects the folds of the skin, including the interdigital folds, it is a question of the candidal intertrigue. This disease is not so often amazed by the folds between the fingers and toes, but nevertheless, it occurs.


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Causes of the disease

Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo As already mentioned, the presence of Candida fungi in a limited number of fungi is nota sign of the disease. That is, these microorganisms refer to conditionally pathogenic flora. In order to begin a rapid growth of colonies of fungi, which leads to the development of candidiasis, the body must be influenced by any factors that lead to a sharp decrease in the protective forces. Among these factors can be attributed:

  • Severe infections;
  • Immunodeficiency states;
  • Violation of exchange processes;
  • Development of malignant tumors;
  • Treatment with antibiotics or corticosteroids.
  • Pregnancy;
  • Children's or, conversely, elderly.

In addition, interdigital candidiasis develops more often in people who, by the nature of their activities, often come in contact with water. This is due to the decrease in local skin immunity.

How does infection happen? In most cases, the source of a fungal infection is the own flora of a person, however, there are no cases of infection from the outside in contact with a sick person. More details about how a candidiasis is transmitted is presented in this article.

Clinical picture of

When candidiasis of the interdigital folds of erosion arise, most often, on the hands of the hands between the III and IV fingers. In some patients, only one arm is affected, in other candidiasis not only can both hands be affected, but also the interdigital folds on the legs. Although such a total lesion is relatively rare.

It is often the case that for a long time only one of the interdigital folds is struck by candidiasis, and then the process begins to spread.

In most cases, candidiasis affects only the phalanx of the finger, which is closer to the palm. Extremely rarely, the candidiasis intertrigo affects the middle and distal phalanges of the fingers. In this case, nails can be involved in the process.

The main symptoms of candidiasis of the skin of the interdigital folds:

  • On the skin of the interdigital folds, there are isolated bubbles, as with dysgidrosis. They are not long and do not cause particular objective sensations, therefore this stage of skin candidiasis often passes imperceptibly to the patient.
  • The affected area of ​​the skin at the intraluminal candidiasis has clear limits.
  • Over time, swelling, skin maceration, and whitish plaque appear on the affected skin fungus.
  • At the next stage, the skin affected by candidiasis is covered with ulcers. In this case, the surface of erosion remains smooth and shiny. From the rest of the skin, the interior of the interior is separated by a rim, with a pearl shade. The rim consists of a swollen surface layer of the skin, which separates the area of ​​defeat from healthy skin.
  • Over time, shallow cracks are formed in place of erosion.
  • In case of candidiasis, erosion does not extend beyond the interdigital folds, so if the fingers of the fingers of the focus of the lesion is not visible.
  • In the interdigital folds on the legs, candidiasis erosions are formed less frequently, but the zone of damage is quite large. As a rule, several folds or even all at once are affected.

    Moreover, candidiasis affects the skin on the inner surface of the fingers throughout their length. In the interdigital folds on the legs with candidiasis, deep cracks can be formed, covered with a bleached film. These cracks can be very painful.

    Candidiasis of the interdigital folds on the legs is often complicated by attached infections that cause suppuration and inflammation. In severe cases, lymphadenitis can develop - a disease in which lymph nodes are inflamed, as well as in some cases, and lymphosarcoma.

    Diagnostic Methods

    Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo

    For the diagnosis of the disease, bacteriological studies are carried out.

    Diagnosis of candidiasis is based on the study of clinical picture. In addition, in order to determine the type of agent it is necessary to conduct bacteriological studies. To do this, the patient takes a scissor of the skin, and then the material is sown on certain nutritional media.

    In addition, blood tests may be prescribed to detect the amount of antibodies to fungi. High concentration of antibodies testifies to the disease.

    It is recommended to refer a patient with a patient's candidosis to a survey to find out the causes that could lead to a decrease in immunity and increased fungal activity.

    Treatment of

    Treatment of candidiasis, which struck the interdigital folds, is performed by the dermatovenereologist ambulatory.

    Patients are advised to adhere to a diet that limits the amount of sugar and carbohydrates, in more detail what can be eaten during candidiasis is indicated here. In addition, you need to focus on the treatment of the underlying disease that provoked candidiasis.

    In most cases, the treatment of candidiasis with lesions in the interdigital folds is performed using external medicines. But with the persistent course of the disease or the presence of other centers of fungal infection, it may be necessary to receive anti-fungal drugs of systemic action. It is also very important hygiene in candidiasis.

    Drugs for the treatment of candidiasis can be divided into several groups:

    • Imidazoles - Clotrimazole, Econazole, etc.
    • Triazolum - preparations containing fluconazole. It is very important for the fast effect to take fluconazole correctly.
    • Polieni - Devorin, Nistatin and others.
    • Alliamine - Lamizil, Terbinafine and others.
    • Echinocandins - Caspofungin et al.

    For external treatment, prescribe the aforementioned preparations in the form of ointments or solutions. In addition, the lubrication of foci may be recommended by iodine, fucorcinol, and others. For example, iodine is also effective in treating lichen.

    In addition to antifungal agents, vitamin therapy and the use of curing agents, as well as immunostimulants, can be prescribed for the treatment of candidiasis.

    Treatment of folk methods

    Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo

    For treatment, it is possible to use infusion of calendula.

    In case of candidiasis of folds of the skin between the fingers you can additionally use herbs. It is recommended to use infusions of calendula, St. John's wort, celandine, herons, tea mushroom. These infusions are used to carry out local baths and lotions.

    A good tool for candidiasis is carrot juice, it can be used and used to lubricate foci.

    Forecast and prevention of

    With adequate treatment, the prediction of candidiasis is favorable for fingernails. In the absence of treatment, the process may progress, possibly the development of serious complications.

    Prevention of Candida Intertriga is a measure aimed at strengthening immunity. Measures to increase immunity for herpes and candidiasis are almost the same. If it is necessary to work with water, it is advisable to use protective gloves, but be careful with them, because some people have allergies to latex. When undergoing treatment with steroid hormones or antibiotics, antifungal agents should be used prophylactically.


    Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo Candidiasis, interdigital causes, symptoms, treatment, photo