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First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

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First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

Acute hemorrhoids is an extremely unpleasant form of this disease. Severe pains, itching, burning, problems during each walk to the toilet and the inability to work while sitting

make the life of the patient unbearable. It is therefore extremely important that first aid in the fight against acute hemorrhoids is provided quickly, allowing the patient to return to the usual way of life. Already after the attack is canceled, you can start the main treatment.

Candles with Buckthorn Oil

First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

Candles with Buckthorn Oil - One of the most inexpensive and safe means to help relieve pain and inflammation in acute hemorrhoids. Ointment oil with hemorrhoids also has a hemostatic effect.

The use of candles with buckthorn oil can be combined with basic treatment. Also, sea buckthorn candles from hemorrhoids are an ambulance for exacerbation of hemorrhoids, when there is no possibility of using more powerful means( 1 trimester of pregnancy, lactation, contraindications to other drugs).The best candles from hemorrhoids based on natural ingredients may be less effective than other traditional medicine products, but they are safe for the mother and baby. Candles from hemorrhoids are inexpensive and effective.

The cost of one package of candles - from 90 rubles. For the treatment of acute hemorrhoids, candles are administered twice a day, after an attack on hemorrhoid has been removed - once a day for the night. Before inserting a candle, you should empty the intestine and carry out hygienic procedures. Without emptying the intestine, the drug will be much worse soaked into the mucous membrane of the rectum. In addition, increasing the efficacy of any formulation of rectal candles can be an enema made immediately before the introduction of the candle.

Put the candle in its simplest position, lying on its side, pushing its knees to the chest. The suppository should be administered cautiously, at a depth of 1.5 cm. The candle quickly melts under the influence of body temperature and instantly begins to dress up in the rectum.

For oily hemorrhoids treatment, sea oil is effective. They should 2-4 times a day lubricate hemorrhoids. Oil, like candles, is safe for health and can be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Antibiotics in the Asthma Attack

First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

Antibiotics are an effective and very powerful remedy that is often used to treat acute hemorrhoids complicated by infection. In this case, in order to quickly cope with pain and inflammation, antibiotics are needed, otherwise the infection can spread throughout the body, causing a lot of complications. Antibiotics are also used to prevent infectious infection in late stages of hemorrhoids, when inflamed nodules are greatly increased, especially if they are outside of the rectum.

One of the most popular drugs in this group is Levomekol. It is an antibiotic of local action, which is prescribed before the removal of hemorrhoids or for the treatment of infectious lesion of the rectum. In addition to decontaminant action, Levomecol quickly relieves inflammation in acute hemorrhoids.

Another drug containing antibiotics( framacetin) - Proctosedil. This is an effective remedy for the withdrawal of symptoms of acute hemorrhoids complicated by infectious contamination. The drug is available in the form of ointment and rectal candles.

Antibiotics may only be prescribed by a specialist, otherwise it is difficult to predict which side effects will result in improper or too long treatment. Take drugs of this class with a limited course, the duration of which should not exceed a week. After having succeeded in removing the acute attack, the doctor adjusts the treatment and prescribes milder drugs. Unequivocal contraindications to antibiotics, pregnancy and lactation.


First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

DetraLes tablets are the most effective medications that strengthen the circulatory system. Also, the drug has an analgesic effect, reduces vascular permeability and reduces inflammation. Disturbed venous blood circulation is a direct cause of hemorrhoids formation, first aid for acute attack must necessarily include the administration of strengthening veins of drugs. As soon as the circulation in the affected area is normal, the nodes decrease and gradually disappear. The drug helps to alleviate all the symptoms of hemorrhoids, although for a rapid effect in exacerbation, large doses of the drug are required.

The drug is available in the form of tablets( 30 per each package), the cost is from 500 rubles. The main active ingredients in the composition are flavonoids diosmin and hesperedin, they provide a powerful venotonizing effect.

For acute hemorrhoids, the drug is prescribed for 7 days, the first 4 days the drug should be taken on 6 tablets per day, then 4 tablets. In chronic hemorrhoids, the drug is taken on 2 tablets per day. The undoubted plus of Detralex is practically unlimited course duration. If taking Detraplex tablets for a long time, the frequency of exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids decreases in most patients twice.

Accept Pills The drug can also be used during pregnancy, but lactation is contraindicated.

There is also a cheaper analogue of the Detraplex drug - Veneras tablets. Their cost is almost twice less, the composition is similar. This is a pill for hemorrhoids( list) of Russian production( Detralex - French drug), many experts say that the quality of medicines made in Russia is an order of magnitude lower than foreign analogues. But there are supporters of the opposite opinion among the doctors, actively appoint Veneras.

Гепатромбин Р

Гепатромбин Р - a universal remedy, which will help both in exacerbation of hemorrhoids, and in the treatment of chronic forms of the disease. It is often used as emergency care for exacerbation of hemorrhoids. Hepatrombin contains three main active components:

  • prednisone has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It quickly relieves itching and burning, so hepatrombin G is well suited as a means to reduce symptoms even in 3 stages of hemorrhoids;
  • heparin interferes with the formation of blood clots, it also has anti-inflammatory action and reduces swelling of hemorrhoids;
  • Polydocanol( Lauromacrogol 400) is an anesthetic of local action. He primarily struggles with pain syndrome, which gives the patient the greatest concern in the onset of hemorrhoids.

Gepatrombin is available in two forms: an ointment for external use and candles, hepatrombin for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids. The cost of one package of ointment or candles Гепатромбин - from 150 rubles.

What dosage of the drug will be effective depends on the severity of the disease. First aid for acute hemorrhoids - maximum doses, it is possible to apply ointment up to 4 times a day, candles are used up to 2 times per day .After the exacerbation is removed, the dosage is reduced twice. The course of treatment with the drug Gepatrombin P - 10-14 days.

Ointment Gepatrombin R should be applied with a thin layer, without rubbing, on hemorrhoids. The drug is rapidly absorbed and starts to work. Candles Gepatrombin G are usually put after evening hygiene procedures at night or during the day. Before inserting a candle, you need to empty the intestine( many experts recommend cleaning enemas).

Gepatrombin is not prescribed in the first trimester of pregnancy, and this medicine can be used without fear.

Climes for hemorrhoids

First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

To prevent constipation and relieve symptoms, especially in cases of exacerbation of the disease, experts advise to make enemas. Cleansing enema on the basis of decoctions of medicinal herbs and other medicinal preparations promotes regeneration of tissues in the rectum, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and generally accelerates recovery. In addition, making enemas very useful before putting rectal candles - in this case, the drugs more actively penetrate the mucous membrane of the rectum.

Clematis based on decoction of camomile quickly removes inflammation and has a powerful decontamination effect. In order to cook a decoction, it is enough to fill an hour with a tablespoon of chamomile a glass of boiling water. To make enemas from camomile can be a maximum of 10 days - this plant can destroy the natural intestinal microflora with prolonged use.

Another simple enema - based on manganese. For the enema in the water you need to add a little manganese to obtain a light pink color( a glass of water does not need more than two beams of powder).Mangantsevka has a potent decontamination effect, so it is very effective even in the late stages of hemorrhoids. The course of treatment - 7-9 days, the procedure should be followed before bedtime.

Laxative with

First aid for acute hemorrhoids: pills and baths

Hemorrhoids Frequent constipation greatly enhances all the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are traumatized when they pass through the intestinal tract of the stool, increasing pain and causing bleeding, turning each act of defecation into torture. This problem can partially solve the right picked laxative. And during the exacerbation of the use of laxatives is mandatory, if the patient, if problems with the chair.

In chronic hemorrhoids, laxative should be selected based on long treatment, but in order to cope with the onset of acute hemorrhoids, laxative should be quite powerful. Therefore, when exacerbation is most often prescribed laxatives irritant action. They can not be used for a long time, as to such laxative organism quickly becomes accustomed. This causes the development of an unpleasant syndrome "lazy gut".If exacerbation lasts longer, you should use milder drugs - osmotic action, prebiotics and fillers.

Guttalaks is often used when attacking hemorrhoids. This drug affects the receptors of the intestinal walls, after taking the effect comes very quickly. The drug is available in the form of drops, to eliminate constipation during exacerbation, a dose of up to 15 drops at a time can be used.

Laxative Bisacodyl is also commonly used in acute hemorrhoids. It is available in tablet form, tablets and candles. This is one of the most affordable( the package costs from 10 rubles) and time-tested means. The maximum daily dose is 15 mg.

During pregnancy( with the exception of 1 trimester), laxative Regulax is often prescribed. It is irritating to laxative, but - very mild action. It is effective in exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids.

Also, practically unlimited, laxative Prelax can be used - a safe drug based on lactulose. It is not addictive and can be used for a long time. It is not a drug, but dietary supplements, so its effectiveness will be an order of magnitude lower than that of traditional laxatives.

The optimal course of treatment for acute hemorrhoids should be chosen by the doctor. With a sharp increase in the symptoms of the illness, it's not necessary to expose yourself to torture and postpone a visit to the hospital: intensive complex therapy can soften even a severe attack of hemorrhoids, allowing the patient to lead a habitual way of life. But after the acute phase of the disease has disappeared, you need to go back to normal therapy and adjust your lifestyle, otherwise a new attack is inevitable.

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