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A few tips for starting to grow your beard


  • How to choose the right beard shape?
  • Beard Growth Stages
  • Beard Care Features 3 to 6 Months
  • Beard Growth Methods

A few tips for starting to grow your beard As you grow older, every person wants to grow a beard. Vegetation on the face changes the image, gives rudeness, the

adjusts the shape of the skull, hides flaws or emphasizes the benefits of the person.
If you decide to grow a beard, advice on how to quickly and correctly do it will help you. Starting to grow vegetation on the face, it's worth remembering that the process is not easy and takes a lot of time. Therefore, in order not to empty it, it is necessary to know some general recommendations for choosing a beard.

How to choose the right beard shape?

First of all, you need to start with the choice of size and shape of the beard. They should meet the composition and growth of men:

  • If he is thin and has a low height, it is better to refuse from magnificent mustaches, sideburns or padding bruises. Otherwise, the head will look huge. Such men will come up with a miniature figured beard. It will help make the face proportionate and give the appearance of solidity. At the same time, the visually man will seem higher.
  • A voluminous beard and dark-skinned will not fit. She will look cumbersome. A few tips for starting to grow your beard
  • For men with light hair, a lush beard will fit perfectly.
  • Chicken or trapezoidal beards fit into the chronological range of the roundworm. They are perfectly combined with the mustache. This form will help visually extend the face oval and give it an aristocratic look. With this form of face it is better not to use sideburns. They will make it even more round.
  • For men with an oblong face oval visually enlarging it will help a beard in the form of a horseshoe coupled with whiskers. But the thorn or the beard will be inappropriate.
  • Triangular faces require severe lower faces. In this case, beads of square, round or horseshoe shapes will help.
  • The ideal face shape is oval. It will fit any type of beard. Therefore, men of this type can experiment and eventually choose the most successful option.
  • Having chosen the shape of a beard, it is necessary to determine the lowest point of its growth. The most attractive option - the line is slightly higher than the price tag. In this case, the vegetation will look groomed, and not to give the appearance of which the orphan grows.

    Growth stage of the beard

    In order to grow a beautiful beard it takes a lot of time. The process is in several stages. Each of them has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account.

    Moon Beard

    A few weeks after you stop shaving, the skin starts to fall. This is due to the fact that the hair ends after the last shave of the branch, bent over and began to shave. This is especially felt in the neck region, which is constantly moving. Therefore, it is better to grow a beard at a warm time, so that high collars and scarves do not worsen the situation. At the same time, the beard will appear to be sloppy. This is due to the fact that the hair grows unevenly.

    Reduce itching in the beard area will help:

    • Tolerance. A few weeks later, the symptoms will disappear by themselves.
    • Get rid of itching by using moisturizers or special oils for the beard. Do not use A few tips for starting to grow your beard with alcoholic ingredients to avoid skin drying.
    • Do not use shampoos or conditioners in this period. It is better to wash your beard with ordinary soap.
    • To help give the beard a tidy look, the following tips can be as follows:
    • If your chosen style does not require mustache and sideburns, excess hair can be shaved and lightly trim the shape;
    • Use natural beard growth hair;
    • If this is not possible then just wait. Soon the hair will grow and will be able to close all emptiness.
    • It's not worth the boost of lonely protruding hairs. This can result in accidentally shaded areas. And then the perfect shape will have to wait even longer.

    Beard in the second month of growth

    If you managed to withstand the period of itching and mischief, in a month you can already give the beard a more accurate form:

  • If you do not have the experience of growing beard, then using a razor is a chance to shave a lot of hair. Therefore, small scissors will help keep a certain length. To cut off you need a little hair and not very short.
  • You can use a small straight comb. Massage is not suitable for these purposes.
  • Three-month Beard

    Three months later comes the most interesting period. At this moment, the hair begins to twist and stick out in different directions. Beard becomes curly. It gives the appearance of brush and bristle. A few tips for starting to grow your beard

    Do not forget that at this stage beard needs care:

    • every day it needs to be rinsed;
    • wash once a week in warm water with soap or a special shampoo;
    • rubbed with beard oil hair.

    Beard care features from 3 to 6 months

    During this time, you can grow a beard, you give it the necessary shape, and it will only sometimes be necessary to correct it.

    But leaving at this stage has some peculiarities:

    • refers to drying beard. For these purposes, you can use a hair dryer. In order for the beard to look more lush and tidy, it must be remembered that the hot air should go from the bottom up. The temperature during drying should not be high.
    • must necessarily use beard balms. This will help to avoid hair drying.
    • to put a beard in a comb with iron or wood.

    Methods for accelerating beard growth

    Six months - the term is not small. During this time the hair grows so much that you can add the beard to the finished look. But there are ways to accelerate hair growth.

  • Proper nutrition quickly revives hair, including being in the beard. The bulk of the A few tips for starting to grow your beard hair is a natural protein. By using products that contain this component, you can quickly achieve the effect you need. Protein contained in such products as fish of fat varieties, beef, chicken.
  • In order to prevent hair from becoming more brittle and less prone to frequent loss, it is better to exclude products containing sugar at the time of growth of the beard.
  • Own lush beard needs saturated fats. They increase the level of testosterone - the male hormone responsible for the growth of vegetation. Fats are part of fish, nuts, and eggs. When using such products, hair will start to grow faster.
  • Enhance hair growth will help and polyvitamin complexes, dietary and vitamin supplements. Their composition should include beta-carotene, vitamins of group B. Hair grows rapidly and from fish oil, phosphorus, zeal and zinc.
  • When buying hair growth tools, pay attention to the presence of vitamins A and E.
  • To increase the production of testosterone, physical activity is required. In the process of training improves blood circulation, hair gets more nutrients and vitamins.
  • Hair will grow better with regular rest and full sleep. Then they drop less and the beard looks magnificent.
  • When regenerating the beard, the body's water balance should be maintained. It contributes to the moisture of the skin, and the hair begins to grow faster.
  • Special shampoos contain vitamin supplements that activate hair follicles and hair begins to grow faster. Such aids will help you quickly grow your beard.
  • Strengthen the roots of the hair and improve their growth, help nourishing masks:
    • for this you can add a bit of mustard powder to the usual shampoo. The mixture is applied to the beard and remains for about half an hour. After that the hair should be rinsed in warm water.
    • If the skin is sensitive, you can use a mustard oil mask. To do this, mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a tablespoon of mustard powder. Apply for hair for 20 minutes.
    • can be used as a mask of rapeseed oil. You can add a few drops of vitamin A or E. The composition is applied to the hair and left for 40 minutes. After this beard carefully washed several times with a small amount of shampoo.

    These simple tips will help you quickly grow a beautiful and well-groomed beard.