Sanitary Engineering

Tile laying plans for a small bathroom?

A tile for a small bathroom is not issued specially, in this room the whole range is used, which is present on the shelves - from mosaic to large-sized ceramic granite, tile. When is laying tile , professional designers deny

the benefits of light ceramics on the walls of small rooms. Their creative look at the familiar interiors of a small bathroom allows you to use a tile of any color in combinations. Just one statement is true: expensive attributes are irrelevant here, they look outrageously, do not combine with another interior of a small bathroom.

Features of tile works in closed spaces

For tile in a small bath requires the exact color calculation:

  • black floor of the bathroom of glossy ceramic granite medium format imitating a natural stone, with the same bottom of the walls( to the level of the side) visually increases the lower level is not worsemirrors
  • beige, light blue, green tile on the walls visually extends the walls of the bathroom
  • on a white tile without patterns, veins are lost faience plumbing, spill its graceful shapes, so the riversmenduyutsya original model, copper, wood or acrylic bowl sinks, font, colorful showers

After gluing small white tiles in the bathroom, it becomes the perfect backdrop for composite, stainless rushnykosushok. A narrow vertically placed tile in a small bathroom visually increases the height of the room. Practiced as a continuous filling of its walls, as well as periodic vertical stripes.

It is better to refuse from fences in bathrooms because they emphasize small dimensions.

Using different tile layout schemes

A 3-5 m2 tile looks more impressive when using two technologies:

  • without shrinkage of joints: light stitching of stitches on a dark background emphasizes the texture of the bathroom facing, the dark on the light background clearly distinguishes each item( the samecolor with tile) creates a general background for placing 1-2 central design elements, emphasizing their dignity;
  • with displacement of vertical joints: allows to mask small defects of the room, overflow corners.

Diagonal layout is unacceptable for a small bathroom, as it complicates the interior. The same effect is observed on very colorful walls. One of the most successful design solutions is the design of a small bathroom in the style of malachite cave. In this case, the walls, floors are lined with medium-format elements simulating coil or malachite. The acrylic bowl of sanitary technicians is fitted with a similar texture, furniture is selected with light green facades.

The tile, enclosed by horizontal stripes of different colors on the walls of a small bathroom, has the features:

  • when selecting the dark bottom, the top, the luminous middle of the visual perception is strongly influenced by the format, the smaller the number of seams is better;
  • in the presence of 2 colors without a curtain the format of the tile should be the same, regardless of its size

Tile for a small square bathroom has some laws of color solutions:

  • in the format of 10x10 cm - light shades extend the walls of the bathroom, darker narrowing, adding lightin the dark increases the interior, dark in the light - reduces;
  • in the format 20x20 cm - the choice between two colors, close to brightness, not principle, with 2 distant shades for a small bathroom is better to choose bright;
  • in the format of 20x50 cm - mostly light floor, horizontal stripes in the middle of the wall of a small contrast with the main background of the coverage of a small bathroom.

Tile laying plans for a small bathroom?

Even in a small bathroom, the sink is always wider than the toilet, so when decorating the walls with vertical strips tile in the bathroom is laid out in different ways:

  • over the tank of the toilet goes 1 wide strip of tile in the bathroom;
  • near the sink are two narrow stripes on both sides of it.

The bathroom tile can mask door access to accounting devices, shut-off valves for water supply. He firmly holds on drywall, which is lined with a metal frame. In small rooms, actual shaving of walls, partitions for hidden wiring of engineering systems is actual. This frees up precious millimeters in the most convenient places for locating cabinets.

Tile in the bathroom is a traditional finish, there are many ready-made solutions for all series of multi-storey buildings. Moreover, interiors can be taken as a basis, having adapted to the operating conditions of a particular housing. To work with tile in the bathroom requires a tile or angle grinder with a disk of stone / concrete. Another tool is present in the arsenal of most home-made masters. It's a temple, a bubble level, a spatula, a mixer drill, a bucket or a pelvis for a solution that is found on any farm. Small size of the room reduces the amount of fitting, the work can be done independently.