Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

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  • Why should I do this business?
    • Legalization of business
    • How to equip a place for rabbits and what to feed them?
  • Additional income for breeding rabbits
    • Features of rabbit breeding
  • What breeds of rabbits buy for breeding?
  • Benefits of Breeding Rabbits?

Breeding rabbits as a business is not an innovative idea, but this trend is gaining in popularity. And it is not surprising if you take into account that this niche is not densely occupied, and the need for fresh, healthy and high-quality meat is great in humankind. But you need to understand that the creation of a farm for breeding rabbits requires certain costs, so to start this business, you need to have a seed capital. Beneficial to breed rabbits? Yes of course. The profitability of this business has 60-80% of the growth, which is advantageous for starting their own business.

Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

The profitability of rabbit breeding business has 60-80% growth, which is beneficial for the launch of its own business.

Why should I do this business?

In the modern world, most people prefer healthy eating. Although still the most common types of meat are beef, pork and mutton, while the rabbit is still a bit behind. But this is a temporary phenomenon, because it's rabbit:

Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

Rabbit is indispensable in many culinary recipes.

  • Has a high percentage of assimilation - 90%.
  • Non-fat and dietary.
  • is indispensable in many culinary recipes.
  • Therefore, rabbit breeding is a profitable investment of time and money.

    The main issue facing start-up businessmen is where to sell the product. The easiest option is to sell meat on the market. But this will not bring you big revenues. A good profit can be obtained if you enter into contracts with shops and restaurants, which will allow you to independently determine the price of the goods. Accordingly, the creation of a rabbit farm is a literate business that brings a serious and stable income.

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    Legalization of business

    For this type of business there are two forms of registration: SFG( peasant farming) or IP( individual entrepreneurship).As soon as you determine the registration form, a relevant land plot is required.

    The Russian legislation insists that the site should be located sufficiently far from the city and residential buildings. An important parameter is the area of ​​the land - about 15 hectare. Once a suitable place is found, it's worth buying or renting it. Rent will be cheaper than buying land.

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    How to equip a place for rabbits and what to feed them?

    Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

    In order for animals to grow healthy, they need to be fed well and have sufficient food supplies.

    The first thing is the premises for the accommodation of individuals. These rooms are called shells, usually they are narrow, long buildings with cells along the walls. Cells can be arranged in several tiers if necessary, the main thing is not to restrict too much space in the rabbits. Breeding of rabbits differs from their content at home. For example, for the best rabbit offspring you need a spacious and comfortable cage, so you should not save on the place of residence of animals. Shed is built of wood, making small windows in the location of each cell to provide enough air and light. But for the safety of animals and the exclusion of shoots, the window should be closed with a grid. For a long-term development of business, it is necessary to build several shields, because keeping rabbits in one housing is bad, since the stock may be quite large. You should not forget that all animal habitats should be equipped with a competent system of manure collection, feeding and water supply.

    Rabbits can not be grown without a forage shop. In order for animals to grow healthy, they need to be fed well and have sufficient supplies of food. Experienced rabbits fill the forage shops with hay, various grain crops and mixed fodder for several months. Particular attention should be paid to feed, without it it is impossible to do without it.

    It is important to understand that purchasing feed for rabbits will not be cheap. In order to save money, you can equip your grain crusher and granulator in the shop. With these gadgets you will be able to produce this type of food yourself.

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    Additional income when breeding rabbits

    Bulk food, which came out as a product of life, can be disposed of. Waste can be sold to farmers nearby to fertilizers or special biogas plants. Usually, after the collection of cells and before the implementation, the manure is placed in a pit, which is pre-prepared( depth 3 m, and width and length - 2 m).

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    Rabbit Features Rabbit business requires additional space and transport:

    Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

    Tractor will be an indispensable helper in hay gathering and transporting feeds to cranes.

  • Slaughter room. This room has a compulsory refrigeration chamber and a meat shop. It is better to buy a refrigerator at once, but in the meat shop, in addition to all the necessary tools for slaughter, there should be a blood vessel on the floor. Particular attention should be paid to ventilation. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the desired level of hygiene and sterility. For this purpose, the shop floor space should be equipped with materials that are easy to wash and not prone to corrosion and fungi: tiles, plastics, some types of metal. Cleaning should be carried out as often as possible, and after mass slaughter, disinfection should be carried out with greater diligence.
  • Cottage. During the course, the businessman must stay at the animal breeding area around the clock, so the room for rest and sleep will by the way. Even in the house it will be convenient to dry the skins of rabbits, which can be sold and receive additional income.
  • Building tool shed. It will be useful because you will always need tools. For example, to repair cells.
  • Tractor. Every beginner the farmer should know that it is impossible to breed rabbits in the conditions of dampness, so it is necessary to properly isolate the shield from excess water. In order to make it easier for you to work, you need to buy a tractor that will be an indispensable helper in gathering hay and transporting feeds to the cranes.
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    What breeds of rabbits buy for breeding?

    It's worth remembering that it's impossible to buy the right rabbits in the store. If you buy a normal rabbit, then it will go a lot of food, and meat will still grow up badly, so it is extremely unprofitable, and the farmer will go to the damage. In order for the rabbit breeding business to be successful, it is necessary to buy meatballs or fur breeds from experienced rabbits or fairs.

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    Benefits of Breeding Rabbits?

    Breeding rabbits as a profitable business

    Business can be based not only on the sale of rabbit meat, but also on the sale of skins.

    So, a good thing is to breed rabbits? The answer to this question will help to analyze the variants of sales of rabbit.

    You can buy carcasses in bulk. But this option for keeping rabbits and their sales has the most disadvantages:

    • low purchase prices;
    • will be purchased only in large volumes;An
    • start-up farmer will not be able to cover the required volumes, and the price will not cover costs;
    • does not have significant sales prospects, so you should pay attention to other options.

    Collaboration with a private outlet is the most common selection of rabbits. A beginner entrepreneur will be able to get decent returns, and the management of the meat shop will be able to expand the range of products to be sold, thereby attracting more buyers. Accordingly, both parties will remain in the plus and with a good revenues.

    Sale of rabbit meat in restaurants. This way of rabbit-making as a business is ambiguous, because it's difficult to find a meal that agrees to immediately buy meat from a new farm. But the good advertisement of the product can serve as a gift of a couple of carcasses to the cook so that he could evaluate the quality of meat. If the chef is satisfied, then the farm will have permanent orders that will help them grow and profit.

    Organization of own point of sale. One of the most profitable methods of sales. An entrepreneur can rent a place on the market, make advertising about freshness, product quality and start selling.


    Indirect income, which gives rabbit meat. Business can be based not only on the sale of rabbit meat, but also on sale:

    • skins;
    • pus;
    • waste from slaughter;
    • live rabbits;
    • feed.

    Cartilage is a profitable niche of business with low competition, which contributes to a high return on sales.


    Therefore, novice farmers can safely try their best to breed rabbits and start this business from scratch.