Hemorrhoid Treatment

What is the symptom of hemorrhoids and how to treat it at home

Hemorrhoids - a pathology that has a widespread prevalence in the modern world, which only contributes to the rhythm and specificity of the life of modern humans. Many are asking about what pathology is there and you can do it at home


In addition to knowing what treatment at home, you must also know what prevention of this unpleasant disease, since only if you follow all the rules you can get rid of hemorrhoids.


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prevention The causes of

Hemorrhoids are a pathological increase in veins that provide bleeding from the rectum.

It is worth noting that the main cause of this disease is a variety of circulatory disorders, in which the blood in large volumes stagnates in a small pelvis, which leads to an extension of the venous walls.

To date, there are a number of factors that increase the stagnation of blood in the region of venous plexus of the rectum, and in the fight against which the timely treatment and prophylaxis plays an important role.

What is the symptom of hemorrhoids and how to treat it at home These factors include the following:

  • is an excessively hypodynamic way of life, a large amount of sitting or standing work that is not related to movements;
  • pathological changes in the chair, whether frequent constipation or, conversely, constant attacks of diarrhea, both both equally injure the intestine, but these pathologies can be treated at home, if time to take up the cause;
  • is poor nutrition that results in chest damage or damage to the intestinal mucosa, which is especially relevant in the case of excessive eating, too hot food, fast food;
  • for women is often a decisive factor in pregnancy and childbirth, during which the female body undergoes enormous overload, and especially very much gets to the small pelvis;
  • are prone to the development of pathology and those who are forced to lift weight, so men suffer from hemorrhoids not less often than women - this is often the specifics of their work;

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Hemorrhoids are difficult to recognize at home, even when its symptoms seem quite obvious.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids and other pathologies of the rectum are similar, and therefore it is not possible to distinguish them from the unprofessional.

If there are symptoms of hemorrhoids, you first need to contact a doctor for clarification of the diagnosis, and only then start treatment in a hospital or at home.

What is the symptom of hemorrhoids and how to treat it at home

Severity, pain, itching, heartburn after bowel movement signal the development of

hemorrhoids Symptoms that usually make a person alert may be as follows:

  • feeling that there is something alien in the rectum, discomfort, and the inability to get rid of the feeling of incomplete emptying - these symptoms are inherent in the firststages of pathology and are ignored by many patients;
  • As the disease progresses, the symptoms are aggravated, patients begin to complain about itchy and burning sensation in the anus, which significantly reduces the quality of life;
  • pain symptoms often accompany the disease, becoming particularly intolerable in later stages;The
  • focuses on the appearance of fecal masses, underwear or red bloody toilet paper.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids may vary in severity depending on the stage of the disease and the patient's personal characteristics.

Home treatment techniques

Do you have hemorrhoids?

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At home, treatment for hemorrhoids can only be done when a diagnosis is well known.

Different approaches apply. Folk medicine, for example, can offer countless recipes. True, if doctors recommend using these techniques, then only as ancillary measures, but not as a primary treatment.


The most popular treatment at home, which has been successfully used for many years. All that is needed is to make a candle from a potato, which is inserted into the anus and left for a while.

If you want to improve the efficiency of this method, then the potato suppository can be greased with honey.


Cold hemorrhoids treatment has become particularly popular in cases where exacerbation of hemorrhoids is associated with severe hemorrhage. Cold causes vasospasm, which helps to stop the blood. Also, the effect of cold relieves painful symptoms.

Use this treatment as a cold shower or as a rectal ice cream suppository.


Treatment for hemorrhoids, ash and also suitable for home use. It is cooked with juice, which consumes 100 grams three times a day. It is only necessary to remember that fresh fruit of the mountain ash should be used for cooking.

If the juice seems very sour, then it can be used to add honey or sugar before use.


Treatment of the disease at home can be done with medication. With hemorrhoids in general, they are rarely put in hospital, and this happens only with severe bleeding, if the knot is clamped or there is a pronounced infectious process.

Treatment of homeopathic hemorrhoids is mainly based on the use of candles when it comes to cones that are inside the rectum. If it is necessary to carry out treatment of external hemorrhoids, then ointments will be suitable for home use.

What is the symptom of hemorrhoids and how to treat it at home

Drug treatment for hemorrhoids is prescribed by the proctologist after the

examination. The medical treatment for hemorrhoids should be selected under the supervision of a specialist, as some drugs can cause allergic reactions, and some have a number of specific contraindications that need to be taken into account.

Particular attention to the choice of drug therapy should be given to pregnant women, as they are generally contraindicated in many drugs due to their toxic effects on the fetus.

When choosing medicines, the doctor not only takes into account the peculiarities of the course of the disease, but also asks the patient for allergic reactions, takes into account his general condition that can play a crucial role in therapy.

Approaches to Prevention of

Prevention of an illness is an important stage in its therapy. If the patient does not adhere to a number of simple life rules, treatment is found to be much less effective than it could be.

Patient, when he arrives at a doctor for the onset of hemorrhoids, usually encounters the following recommendations:

  • compliance with a diet that excludes harmful fatty foods, hot, hot, salty, and fast food - an important preventive measure without which therapy will not befull-fledged;
  • combats stomach upsets, which should be conducted not only through the selection of a diet, but also by the selection of medicines that remove constipation or diarrhea;What is the symptom of hemorrhoids and how to treat it at home

    Constipation is simply necessary for the successful treatment of

  • hemorrhoids following the motor activity regimen - for the patient, the physician usually recommends walking for at least half an hour a day to disperse blood stagnation;The
  • can also offer a range of physical exercises, which can often be quietly performed even in the workplace;
  • , if necessary, normalizes the mental sphere, prescribing mild soothing medications;
  • recommends that the patient get rid of bad habits, and in particular minimize alcohol consumption, which improves blood flow to a small pelvis and hemorrhoid symptoms.

Correct prophylaxis of hemorrhoids and careful observance of the doctor's recommendations are often a guarantee of successful treatment of the disease in the early stages.

Often, if the disease can be detected at an early stage, it is enough to just follow the prevention measures, and even do not have to resort to the use of drugs to get rid of the disease.

Preventing the development of hemorrhoids, careful attention to your health and paying attention to minor symptoms is much easier than later to treat the disease.