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Rashes on the hands and feet of the child: causes of appearance

A rash on the hands, on the child's feet often frightens parents and becomes a reason for seeking a doctor. Rash - an unexpected reaction of the body that manifests itself on the skin. It can appear on any part of the body.

Skin is the largest human body. It performs a privileged function. All

changes in the vital functions of the body immediately manifest on the skin. Therefore, the condition of the skin can be assessed health status. The skin of the baby should be elastic, smooth, tender, homogeneous pink, silky to the touch. Any rash is a result of a malfunction of the internal organs or reaction to the environment.


  • 1 Elements and types of different rashes
  • 2 Infectious diseases
  • 3 Allergic etiology
  • 4 Appearance of
  • chinitis 5 Fungal lesions
  • 6 Traces of bites
  • 7 What can not be done and help before the arrival of a doctor

1 Elements and types of different rashes

Rashcan be manifestation of more than 100 diseases. But the main elements are common to all of them. Among the types of rashes are the following:

  • spot - a fragment of skin with a changed color;
  • papule - protruding above the skin of the tubercle with a cavity inside;
  • plaque - a rather large, flattened education that stands out above the surface;
  • erosion - arises as a result of a violation of the integrity of the bubble;
  • ulcer - deep damage, affects the lower layers of the epidermis;
  • scar is a healing tissue that is torn with a clogged cloth.

Rashes on the hands and feet of the child: causes of appearance

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. Rash may be limited to a small area of ​​the body and be present, for example, only on baby patches. And it can spread evenly throughout the skin.

2 Infectious Diseases

Most commonly, the causes of rash in the baby's arms and legs are infectious diseases( chicken pox, rubella, measles, and others).In this case, in addition to the rashes in the child, other symptoms will also manifest: decreased appetite, unpleasant sensations in the throat, runny nose, severe fever, headaches.

Rashes on the hands and feet of the child: causes of appearance

Particular attention should be paid if a child has a rough rash on the legs. This may be one of the symptoms of scarlet fever. The difference between this infection is that the rash on the legs is rough, dense and red.

If on the feet, knees, palms of the child there were bubbles with red rims, it may be vesicular stomatitis. With this infection, such rashes appear in the mouth. Passes this disease without treatment in seven days. The rash, localized in the "socks" and "gloves", is a sign of pseudotuberculosis. The skin, where there is a rash in the hands of the child, with the disease to screw up. You can get infected using raw vegetables. Additional symptoms - painful stomach, diarrhea, high fever.

The most dangerous of infectious diseases is meningococcal disease. The rash can be found on the buttocks, in the thighs and legs, they resemble the shape of the star. Under the epidermis there are small, star-like, hemorrhages. In such a picture, contact a specialist should be immediately. Often adequate help can be provided only in the first hours after the appearance of a rash.

3 Allergic etiology

If there are no other signs of infection in addition to the rash, then an allergic reaction is possible. On the palms you can often see small red pimples. Such a rash in the hands of a child is likely to be a consequence of allergy. First of all you need to check out the hygiene products. There was no new in the house, because even the most expensive and high-quality products can provoke such a reaction. Perhaps this is the cause of a rash in a baby. If you do not remove the source of allergy in time, eczema may develop. Small watery pimples on the elbows and knees are accompanied by a strong itching. It is not possible to cope with this problem, we need a competent scheme of treatment.

Rashes on the hands and feet of the child: causes of appearance

A dry rash in the baby's arms and legs, which periodically or intensifies or fades, most likely, atopic dermatitis. It is a chronic disease. The child raises problem areas to the blood. Cracks often appear. The disease affects not only very young children. It damages elbows and knees, and in older children - the entire area of ​​the arms and legs. Only the doctor should treat the disease. The role of parents - do not allow the combing of damaged sites.

4 Appearance of

Pitnitsa When adapting a baby to the outside world, organs and systems are not fully functional. Particularly difficult to adapt excretory system and sweat glands. If something prevents proper sweating( too warm clothes, tight swaddling, excess cream), the skin becomes red, there is a rash. Almost all of this happens in poorly ventilated areas - the folds of the skin, there is a rash on the child's legs. Get rid of peanuts as soon as possible, because it is a direct path to fungi and infections. To begin with, you must eliminate the cause of the disease. In place of the cream use powder or talcum, it will help to absorb excess moisture. In the water for bathing add decoctions of herbs. The best helpers are chamomile and herd. After bathing babies, it's good to arrange air procedures, treat damaged areas with powder or cream containing zinc.

5 Fungal lesions

Often, fungal skin lesions occur in children. The specifics of infant skin, the immature immune system contribute to the penetration of the pathogen and contribute to the rapid development of the disease. Fungal diseases are common in the outer world, diverse, resistant to environmental factors. Most children are infected in public places, through personal hygiene items, in contact with infected animals. There is a similar rash in the hands of the baby, sometimes nails are damaged.

To fungal diseases include mycoses stop. The rash is localized between the fingers and the fingers itself. The skin on the feet thickens, forming many small bubbles, cracks, inflammations. Mycosis brushes are less common and are characterized by palmar lesion. Cracks, bubbles, rash are formed. For successful treatment it is necessary to correctly determine the type of fungus and pick up antifungal drugs, which is impossible without visiting a doctor. The recovery process is very long.

6 Traces of

bites Sometimes parents are confused with biting rashes of insects. If the child rested in nature, on unprotected areas of the skin you can notice traces of bites in the form of rashes on the arms and legs.

The bugs of the bugs are very unpleasant. These small insects( usually no more than 3-5 ml), which eat rarely, bring a lot of inconvenience. As a rule, their bites are located on the same line, they strongly itch. There is a rash in the child's hands, in the center of the rash a noticeable red dot. On the bedding you can see droplets of blood.

Rashes on the hands and feet of the child: causes of appearance

Blacks can feed both the blood of animals and human blood. They bite even legged footwear. The bites of these insects appear to be foci with a strong redness, which are disorderly on the body, but their concentration is high on the legs.

Bees, axes and other membranous hives painfully sting. If you notice a sting at the bite spot, it should be carefully removed. After the bite, a very bright local reaction is observed. It is pain, severe swelling, itching. If your child has an allergy, then an anaphylactic shock is possible.

Mosquitoes and flies are particularly annoying in the summer. They bite open parts of the body - hands and feet. Immediately after the bite, a bubble that itch is formed. These damages do not affect the general well-being of children.

7 What can not be done and help before the doctor arrives

If you find a rash in a child, you can not sit idly by hand, as this may be a sign of a serious illness. But for the same reason you can not engage in self-medication. It is unacceptable to open the abscesses. Mannan squeezing can lead to the spread of infection. It is necessary to try to keep the child from combing rashes. It is not possible to treat damage with preparations containing bright dyes. Such manipulations can prevent a physician from establishing a true diagnosis. In addition, rash is only an external manifestation of the problem. Treatment of rash will not bring the desired result. It should be remembered that it is impossible to establish the disease in absentia. This requires a visual inspection. Therefore, a visit to a specialist is mandatory.

Most of the diseases that occur rash occur quickly, imperceptibly and do not require treatment. But there are situations when emergency intervention is needed. If the baby rashes on the hands and feet with a fever, accompanied by an unbearable itching, vomiting, loss of consciousness, difficulty in breathing, a rash in the form of stars, the doctor should be called immediately.

If you suspect an infectious disease, you need to call the district pediatrician home to avoid spreading the infection. When allergic rashes should try to find and eliminate the source of allergy as soon as possible. To remove itching and relieve suffering will help rubbing with cool clean water and baths with a decoction of herbs. You can not use alcohol-containing products with greasy ointments. With a feeling of dryness of the skin on your arms and legs, you can use a light baby cream. The main thing is to observe all appointments of a doctor, to regularly consult with the slightest changes in the intensity and nature of the rash.