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Candles after the operation of hemorrhoids: reviews, application

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Candles after the operation of hemorrhoids: reviews, application

At initial stages of hemorrhoids it is effectively treated with the use of conservative goals. However, not always such treatment brings the result. At the stages of the running

and in the ineffectiveness of conservative hemorrhoids, surgical removal is performed. The decision on the need for surgery is taken by the attending physician.

As a rule, after most operations, especially the least invasive method, a person almost immediately returns to the normal way of life. Each patient undergoes a rehabilitation period in a different way, depending on the chosen method of surgical intervention. After surgery, the main goal of the patient is to rapidly heal the wounds, eliminate the pain and prevent the development of the inflammatory process.

Advantages of Candles

Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by painful sensations. Most patients prefer as an anesthetic just candles. This is explained quite simply:

  • The suppository is inserted directly into the affected location. Thus, the drug acts faster and more efficiently. The components included in the suppository, quickly get into the blood due to the rapid melting of the drug.
  • Local action drugs perform several functions at once. In addition to eliminating the pain, they remove inflammation and contribute to healing of wounds.

Candles treatment after the operation

After the operation, the time required for complete recovery, individually for each patient. Operative intervention does not immediately deprive of all symptoms of the disease. Often, the healing process itself may be accompanied by an inflammatory process. Therefore, it is important to continue the treatment of the disease and after the operation. If the complications after the operation did not occur, painful sensations in a couple of days cease to disturb the patient.

Cure hemorrhoids will help rectal candles, which are divided into several types:

  • Hemostaxis - usually they include propolis.
  • Homeopathic - Due to the natural ingredients, it quickly heals damaged areas of the skin.
  • Methyluracil - effective for the treatment of inflammation and its prevention.
  • Procto-Glucenol - restores and strengthens the walls of the vessels.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids positively proven candles Natalsid, Relief, Gepatrombin R. After the operation, candles accelerate the scarring of the wounds.

Candles "Relief" after operation

If hemorrhoids in the last stages, strongly increased nodes, for the treatment of hemorrhoidectomy. Almost all patients after the operation complain of pain, itching. Clinical studies have shown that the use of "Relief Advance" on a candlelight in the morning and at bedtime, as well as after each intestinal emptying for 5 days before and after surgery, and after 5 days using "Relief" in the same amount duringmonths contribute to the fact that pain, burning and puffiness decreased several times compared with patients who took analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs after an operation for hemorrhoids.

If a pregnant woman has hemorrhoids, "Relief" will help eliminate the symptoms of the disease without harming the baby. This is another advantage of the suppository.

"Natalsid" after an operation for hemorrhoids

"Natalsid" treats hemorrhoids and their manifestations and practically has no contraindications. The suppository is prohibited for children under 14 years of age and for the intolerance of certain components of the suppository. It can be used during pregnancy and during lactation.

The Natalsid suppository performs several functions at the end of the operation at once:

  • Eliminates inflammation
  • Performs regenerative function
  • Improves blood flow
  • Stops bleeding

Consult the lazy doctor before using the suppository. The candle is inserted into the rectum twice a day, pre-cleaning the intestine. The course of treatment varies from one week to two.

Gepatrombin R in the postoperative period

Gepatrombin G suppository is often prescribed in the postoperative period. Due to its components( heparin and alatonin) reduces pain, relieves inflammation, prevents the formation of blood clots.

Treatment in the postoperative period

After you have removed hemorrhoids, there is not enough single candles. Of course, suppositories effectively eliminate pain syndrome and other postoperative symptoms. However, if you do not want hemorrhoids again complicated your life, you need to change lifestyles.

Begin a new life on the move. Not for nothing there is a saying "Movement-life".Walk more, do yoga, visit the pool. About weightlifting will have to be forgotten. Lifting heavy objects is not desirable.

After removing hemorrhoids, it is very important to eat properly. In order for the seams to heal faster, it is important not to injure their mastic masses .Therefore, the chair should be soft. Your daily diet should include vegetables and fruits, dairy products.

Candles after the operation of hemorrhoids: reviews, application

But from some vegetables it is better to refuse because they can cause gases:

  • Sorrel
  • Cauliflower
  • Radish

From fruits for the same reason, you should exclude:

  • Apples
  • Raspberry
  • Date

Do not use acute, salty,spicy food. Alcohol should also be forgotten. Food should be saturated with nutrients.

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