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Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas

The development of nails, a complex and expensive procedure, has become an affordable and convenient service, as before, does not lose its relevance. Nothing makes hands so beautiful and well-groomed - professional build-up allows you to always keep nails in perfect order,

despite the fact that it is a strict French manicure or a beautifully designed nail extension.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas

Make-up beautifully and versatile: it allows your hands to look perfect, of course, provided that before the build-up was made manicure! The beautiful design of nail extensions, made by the wizard, looks great both for short and long nails. However, it should be remembered that the requirements of employers do not always coincide with our aesthetic concepts, and for some specialties in general, there is a ban on long nails enlarged.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas

How to prepare nail polish for manicure?

Before building nails it is necessary to prepare them properly for the procedure. To do this, you will have to go through the following steps:

  • 1. Give the nails the desired shape. To do this, you need to use a high quality saw. At the same time it is not necessarily strongly to peel the edge of the nail.
  • 2. Lower your hands for a few minutes in a warm bath. Then thoroughly dry the skin with a towel or napkin.
  • 3. Apply a special tool to remove the cuticle and leave it for a few minutes to influence. After that you can remove the cuticle with a wooden stick.
  • 4. Treat nails with cuticle oil. This will make the skin nail more soft and elastic.
  • 5. Before direct coating, nails should be degreased.

Ideas for manicure

If you decide to make a build with a beautiful design, it is best to familiarize yourself in advance with all the options for the design of artificial nails and choose for yourself what is acceptable and to your liking.

There are several types of beautiful nail extensions, many of which can be performed at home, when the chosen design is bored and wants something new.

A simple design that is performed on a dry or fresh lacquer coating with a needle and other, contrasting varnishes is very popular. The needle lacquer extends from a drawn droplet - so you can render a droplet of varnish any shapes and mix them with each other. When mixing, they create fantastic drawings!

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
One of the simplest is floral design. To perform it is quite simple to draw neat nicks on the surface of the niche. It is best to use varnishes of different colors for this purpose.

If the build is done "under the varnish", that is, without the internal design, a very beautiful pattern can be achieved, applying a layer of dried varnish ornament with a gel pen. There is also such a method: on a fresh varnish in several places, put on sequins and after drying circle the gel pen in a contrasting color. After applying the design you must apply a layer of fixing.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
The use of different stickers makes it easy to design both your own and enlarged nails. There are a lot of different stickers available for wedding design, festive or casual. Armed with several sets of stickers, you can change the design at least every day. Stickers are also fixed on top with a transparent varnish.

A variety of Chinese or Japanese hieroglyphics look pretty nicely. You can depict a catcher of dreams, feathers, or Indian characters. This manicure will add to your image the Eastern mystery and charm. Choose a simple picture. Which can easily be copied to each nail.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
A rainbow design suitable for festive manicure. It's very simple to do it. For this you will need a foam rubber sponge and some bright varnishes. First of all, apply a layer of transparent varnish on the nail. Apply a varnish onto the sponge and press it for a few seconds to the nail. After that, apply the next varnish onto another sponge and repeat the operation. Thus, you can create a gradient color effect. If you use varnishes of different colors, you can achieve the similarities of the rainbow.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
Lately, it has become increasingly popular with the use of newspapers to design nails. To do this, you will need to apply a layer of transparent or white varnish on the nail. Then, moisten a small piece of newsprint in acetone and attach it to the nail. After a couple of seconds, gently remove the paper. It remains only to cover the nail with a layer of transparent varnish and a spectacular manicure ready.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
Despite the fact that all of these design types are considered very beautiful, the most interesting is the aquarium design that is applied to the first layer of gel or acrylic. As design in this case use organza, mica, foil, glitter, painting with acrylic paints, dry flowers, stickers and much more. Combining design elements, one can make very beautiful compositions, which are fixed directly in the layer of a gel, or glue on a layer of acrylic glue - from above put another layer of simulating polymer and a layer of fixing.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
Variants of volume design

Various volumetric decorations such as brooches, crystals, lace, turtles are widely used for external design - with their help create nails of astonishing beauty. On the finished nail stick a bulky design element and from above all cover with a transparent varnish.

Beautiful design of nail extensions: new ideas and ideas
There is also another kind of beautiful design of enlarged nails, which today became less popular due to some bulkiness - we are talking about a bulky design made with acrylic powder. From the powder, diluted monomer, the master forms bizarre flowers and petals, decorating them with crystals and broths, causing acrylic touches and paints or varnishes, and covering the top with a transparent lacquer fixer. This is a very impressive design, however, it's always hard to wear - the bulky elements cling to the clothes, easily break, but this design looks very special in special cases: at graduation, at a wedding or on a gala party.