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Cat Ashera - the story of the breed and character of the home leopard

Until recently, many cats believed that the Ashera breed was just a fiction. But in 2006, American biotechnologists succeeded in bringing this beauty out by mixing the genes of an ordinary homemade, Asian leopard cat and African serval.

A little bit about the breed

Ashera is rightfully one of the most expensive cat breeds, about which we wrote here. The cost of one kitten varies within the limits of 22-127 thousand dollars. If you believe in numerous Lifestyle Pets statements, this pet will not cause allergies because it belongs to the category of hypoallergenic cats. These representatives of the breed can reach significant sizes - almost a meter long and 14 kg live weight. Such a small home-made leopard. ..

Cat Ashera is a breed and character of a home leopard

Breeders assure potential buyers that Ashera is an absolutely perfect animal for the home, despite its rather threatening dimensions, wild beasts and powerful paws. This beauty loves children, treats them very nicely, loves to sing songs, whirling, and it's always a pleasure to have a master.

Despite its creation as it is said in vitro, Asher is unpretentious in eating, eats any food, but prefers fish and meat. All the same breeders position Asher as the only breed of cats for today, which will calmly walk the streets on the leash.

Easy search on the World Wide Web will produce hundreds of articles that with absolute certainty deny the existence of such a wonderful breed. It is believed that all the breeders offering to buy Ashera actually sell savannah kittens( a hybrid of African serval and home-grooming) to get a good profit.

Cat Ashera is a breed and character of a home leopard

Asher Asher

Asher, despite its size, resembles the usual Felis silvestris catus. A balanced calm temperament is peculiar to all members of this breed. Distinctive feature - stunning intelligence. Ashera is a clever cat, loves the affection of his master.

Wonderful breeders will find a common language with each household, indicating that the pet is communicative. It is not important for a child to be in front of the Ashera or an adult - both cats will love equally strongly. Communicating with other animals in the house will not cause difficulties, because Asher finds something to rub around even with fish in an aquarium.

Ashera reminds children of something, because it likes games as much as any child. Run around the red dot of a laser, hunt for a bow or just play hide and seek - all this is the favorite beauty of Ashery.

Cat Ashera is a breed and character of a home leopard

Caring for a cat

Career and care for Asher's representatives is not easy. As mentioned above, the cats of this breed are not fussy. Short wool does not require frequent combing and removal of coils, since they are not formed. In the house, however, there must be a cigarette case, because in the genes of this cats' representative there is information immediately from two wild animals. An ideal gift for Ashera will be a large house, after which it will be pleased to climb, like a tree.

Differences in the breed

Ashera breeders are divided into several types: Normal, Snow, Hypoallergenic, Royal. Different kittens with each other are colored spots on fur, which give her even more resemblance to the leopard. But, if the Royal Ashera has spots of orange shade, Asher Snigov looks like a real white tiger.

The most expensive representative of the Ashera breed is Royal. In a year no more than 4 such kittens are born, and the price for one reaches 127 thousand dollars.