Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

Hydrangea - a beautiful flower that can be found on garden plots and in the homes of many florists. Though earlier it was encountered quite rarely, but every year it is increasingly planted on private plots. This article will tell you what types of hydrangeas

exist today in 2016.


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Description of the hydrangea garden

Hortensia Garden is a beautiful plant that will look great on the farmyard. To date, this plant is represented by a variety of representatives. At the same time in 2016 there were new varieties possessing some properties, which were not earlier.

Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

Hortensia garden or, as it is sometimes called, large-leafed, is a plant that belongs to the most popular in the flower garden decorative shrubs. The most optimal place to grow is subtropics. That's why there are representatives in height up to 4 meters in height. But closer to the northern regions of the size of the plants are reduced to 1-2 meters.

Due to the fact that all hydrangeas are very moist-loving, this plant received another name - Hydrangea. In Greek, this translates into "a vessel with water."Such a name can not better reflect the moisture-lovingness of the flower. Types of garden and room hydrangea differ from other flowers bright green large leaves, which have an egg-shaped shape.

Their sheet plate has pointed edges. Hortense garden or room blossoms with very beautiful inflorescences, which look like lush and large clusters. Inflorescences, depending on the species( repair and not), are white, lilac, pink or blue. The most common color is white and pink. In the bushes, they are similar to shield-shaped bulky "hats".Outwardly, the flowering is remotely reminiscent of lilac. In the diameter of the inflorescence, depending on the species( old and new in 2016), can be from 10 to 25 sm.

Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

The indigenous species of these plants differ from the garden way of forming inflorescences. Garden plant types form flowers at the tip of the escape. Most often they have a spherical shape. Inflorescences are volatile or thyroid-type. At the same time, the prevailing majority of species in them form two types of flowers:

  • fertile( fruit-bearing) flowers. They are small in size and are fruitful. Placed in the middle;
  • sterile( infertile).It has large dimensions and is located closer to its edges.

But there are species in which there is only one type of color in the inflorescence. If the waste was correct, the hydrangea garden will bloom in the period from July to the beginning of autumn. It is also worth noting that with the advent of autumn, the first chill turns leaves of flowers, giving them a reddish-bronze shade. It should be remembered that frost resistance is not the strongest side of hydrangea. Therefore, in the territory of our country should use special devices for plant protection, as well as good frost-resistant properties in species is difficult to deduce.

Even new varieties in 2016 do not have sufficient resistance to frost for safe wintering at our latitudes. This situation is due to the fact that this plant - a subtropical inhabitant. As a result, many types( repair and not) can not carry the air temperature lower than 18 ° C.The only thing that can be done in this situation is to cover the bush for the winter. It is also worth noting that this plant is a light-colored flower, but not tolerant of direct exposure to sunlight. Therefore, the optimum place of planting for this flower will be pink.

Species and grades

Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

This species includes several dozen species. At the same time, there is no consensus on their exact quantity to this day. New varieties of 2016 significantly expand the existing list. Many representatives of this genus and family are shrubbery, but there is a small number of representatives belonging to vines. Most often the kind of room or garden hydrangea - a shrub of different heights.

The appearance of plants may vary slightly depending on the species. At the same time for different types of these colors is characterized by a different length of flowering. For example, early varieties will begin to bloom already in June, but late( not suitable for our country) the first inflorescences will form only in October. Consider the species that are considered the best and new in 2016 in more detail.

Video «Varieties and types of flowers of hydrangea»


For our country, the image is very important - Hydrangea Volotytis. Such a plant is the best solution for any garden. In recent years, this species was the main object of selection. This led to the fact that almost every year we can observe the emergence of new types of this flower on sale, and 2016 was no exception to this rule.

Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

It is worth noting that Volotysta's appearance is very similar to Wood-like. They differ only in the form of inflorescences. Therefore, these two species are often grown in the territory of our country. The Volothetian Hydrangea forms broad pyramidal inflorescences, which in length can reach 20-25 cm. It consists of two types of flowers: sterile and fetal. At first its color is white, and then begins the pink roses. At the same time until the end of flowering in the color gamut will begin to slip green tones.

It is worth noting that the change in the color of inflorescences is not the property of an exclusive plant of this type. This is to a greater or lesser extent characteristic of all members of this family.

Large ovoid or elliptical leaves are formed on the stems of the bush, with a slight omission on top. To the bottom they have a stronger omission. Today, the following varieties of the plant( best) are available on sale:

  • "Grandfloras".This is a relatively old species, which has thick and large inflorescences consisting of two types of flowers;
  • "LimeLight".It is the first variety that has a dense inflorescence, which has a noticeable greenish tinge. By the end of the season they are sweaty. At a height it can reach 1.6-2 m. But the kind of "Little Lyme" does not exceed 1 m height;
  • "Wound Wrap".Representatives of this variety have very beautiful openwork conic inflorescences of purple-pink color. This plant can grow up to 1.5-1.8 m in height;
  • "Phantom".Large shrub, whose height can reach 2.5 m. Typical rosy crown and rather large pyramidal inflorescences of cream and white.

Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

As well as Volotatis, it is as popular as Dubolistnaya. It differs little from Volotytsia, therefore it is often grown in the gardens of our country. Representatives of the Dubulistnaya variety are characterized by felted reddish stems.

In 2016, new, better varieties Dubolistnaya also appeared. For example, a new variety Dubolistnaya, showed in 2016 - "Snow Queen."For all representatives of the Dubolistnaya variety is characterized by interesting leaves that look like a sheet of oak.

All these plants, some of which appeared on sale in 2016, will fit perfectly into the garden and will be a good addition. Which varieties are better to choose for planting depends on your preferences.


Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

Another representative of this family is the representatives of the tree-tree species. She, as already mentioned above, has much in common with Volotytsia. The plant, like representatives of the Volotyst varieties, is capable of sustaining all the hardships of our country's climate. Outside, it is a shrub with a maximum height of 1.5 m. It has a neat crown with slightly lowered shoots. On the stalks, large leaves are formed of elliptic or ovoid shapes. The leaf plate has a core excretory near its foundation.

For this flower is characterized by glandular inflorescences, which include two types of flowers( fertile and infertile).Usually begins to bloom in early July. In our country it is better to engage in the cultivation of Hydrangea Wood Anabell. Has rather large inflorescences, which in diameter can reach 25 sm. It consists of sterile white flowers.

Another frequent guest of gardens is the representatives of Sterilys. Possesses hemispheric thick inflorescences, collected from infertile flowers. The Khayes Starberst variety is the first representative of the genus, which has double flowers up to 25 cm in diameter. In the beginning inflorescence has a greenish tinge, which by the end of the season turns into white. The bushes of this variety are low and thin. Therefore, they can be flexed due to the severity of the flowers. In 2016, there were such types of tree-tree as Anabela and Bounty.


Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

The hydrangea Kropuznistnaya is most desirable in the gardens of our country. Unlike representatives of other varieties, these flowers have the most extensive color scheme. Here inflorescence may be pink, white, purple, red, purple, blue, and also combine several shades in it.

A large variety of flower forms is described for this plant. In recent years, due to breeding, representatives of this variety have some winter resistance. In addition, such plants have repair blooms. These varieties include( Forveau Eve) and( Endless Samme).In 2016 there were new varieties such as Red Hot, Gemini, etc.


Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

As for the room or home grooming of this flower, the hydrangea shrub is especially popular. They have oblong leaves with a dark green tint. Blossoms present exhibit from early spring to deep autumn. Beautiful inflorescence may have a volatile or umbrella shape, and its diameter sometimes reaches 30 centimeters.

The plant may have the most no different colors: from bright pink or white to bright yellow or purple shades. Hydrangea room in the summer feels great on the balcony or on the street. As for the cold period, the flower is not capricious in this matter and there will be quite enough natural light.

Choose the right flower arrangement in the house - the key to its successful flowering. The flower gardeners do not hesitate to think that the best place is a shaded place in the south. The burning of the sun will only be possible if there is abundant and permanent watering.


Types of hydrangeas and varieties with photo and description

Hortensia chereshkova, which is today actively grown in the Baltic, is not very suitable for our country because of severe winters. Representatives of this species have large puffy shield inflorescences consisting of two types of flowers. On shoots the formation of suckers and air roots is possible. Thanks to them the plant is able to climb high enough.

It is also worth noting that due to the heart-shaped large dark green leaves, this plant is able to form a green dense curtain on the ground. In 2016 new varieties of this plant "Iza" and "Winter Surprises" appeared.

So, the hydrangea garden and its new varieties, which appeared in 2016, are great for cultivating in your garden. Just need to take care of their wintering so that the bushes do not freeze and pleased you with a long period of flowering.

Video «How to pick a hydrangea variety»

This video guide will help you choose a suitable and beautiful flower variety. You will find out what features of this or that type of hydrangea, and also get a lot of other useful information for yourself.