From what can diarrhea appear in rabbits and what to treat it?

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Preventive Measures Breeding of rabbits is a very hard time, especially when they are ill. One of the most serious diseases is diarrhea in rabbits than to treat and the reasons for its occurrence, it is desirable to know each owner of these animals. The owner must carefully treat his pet in order to detect any changes in his behavior in a timely manner and to recognize the malaise. Often, the disease is subjected to small rabies.

From what can diarrhea appear in rabbits and what to treat it?

Diarrhea is a serious disease of rabbits, so the host must promptly detect any changes and recognize the malaise.

What Causes the Disease of

One of the main causes of diarrhea in a rabbit is malnutrition. All food that feeds animals should be very fresh and high quality, you can not give them food with mold or rot. The surplus in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits also leads to such malaise. If a rabbit breaks down, it can lead to obesity, a pet can not afford to look after it, which may also end with diarrhea. New feeds should be given at first with small doses, so that the pupil gradually gets used to it.

From what can diarrhea appear in rabbits and what to treat it?

Viral or bacterial infection - the cause of diarrhea in rabbits.

The reason may be a stressful situation, for example, moving a rabbit to another place of residence and the emergence of a new owner. Sometimes poor conditions in which animals are kept, including drafts and high humidity, can cause colds in rabbits, one of the symptoms of which may be diarrhea.

Diarrhea in a rabbit can occur as a result of viral or bacterial infection. They often cause an imbalance in the animal's body. One of the most dangerous diseases caused by bacteria is coccidiosis. The rabbit in this case becomes inactive, eating poorly, and in the feces, it is possible to detect mucus or bloody secretions. If the condition deteriorates in the animal, there may be convulsions or paralysis, there is abdominal distension. If you find out the pupil of diarrhea and other signs of the disease, it should immediately show the veterinarian and take all measures so that it does not perish.

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How to treat

From what can diarrhea appear in rabbits and what to treat it?

rabbits Must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Once the host has discovered that the puppy has diarrhea, he must immediately remove all the food from him, leaving only clean water and hay. You must thoroughly wash the area of ​​the anal aperture in the rabbit and dry it, otherwise it will lick it and catch it again.

The cage must be thoroughly washed and disinfected, and a cloth cotton cloth can be placed on the bottom. It is periodically changed so that the pet's and cell's claws are kept clean all the time. To prevent the rabbit from freezing, it needs to be heated, you can place a warm water bottle or a plastic bottle with hot water in the cage.

It is necessary to feed a rabbit with a healing broth prepared from a handkerchief. For this 1 st.lgrass pour a glass of boiling water and wait until it cools.1 tspBroth is poured directly into the mouth, for this you can use a disposable syringe without a needle. In the same way, it is necessary to prepare a solution of chamomile medicinal, it should be given in 1 tbsp.l3 times a day, a syringe is also used for relief. Treatment with chamomile should last for 10 days, so that the intestine during this time is completely cured.

What should I do if diarrhea lasts more than 2 days? It is necessary to make sure that the rabbit drinks enough water during this period, otherwise it may be dehydrated. To prevent this, you can force it to force it, in the water you can add a decoction, cooked from the bark or oak bark. Enough to add 1 tsp to a glass of water.broth

From what can diarrhea appear in rabbits and what to treat it?

When you carry out rabbits, give Lineaks - half a capsule twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

It is good to treat diarrhea in rabbits with the drug "Linex".It needs half a capsule twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The animal's intestine is saturated with beneficial bacteria and will work normally. The exact course of treatment will be appointed by the veterinarian after the examination of the rabbit.

In particularly difficult cases it is necessary to show his pet of a veterinarian's doctor, he can appoint a rabbit of antibiotic injections, for example, "Baytris".Such procedures can be done independently, for this purpose it is necessary to dilute 0.2 ml of preparation in 1 ml of saline solution. This proportion is suitable for an animal weighing 2 kg. For the procedure, an assistant who will keep the rabbit will be needed. Drugs are typing a small insulin syringe, the skin in the area of ​​the fork is pulled, the needle is injected under the skin and slowly poured the medicine. The marks should be done 3 times a day.

When diarrhea occurs, the rabbit needs to strengthen the weakened gastrointestinal tract. For this you need to buy a drug "Baikoks" in a veterinary pharmacy, a teaspoon of it is diluted in a liter of pure water. Within 4 days, such a solution should be given to a rabbit instead of plain water, it can be poured into a drinking bowl.

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Preventive Measures

Any disease is better to prevent than to cure. The cage containing the rabbit should be kept clean, feeders and drinkers should also be cleaned periodically. At least once a month all items need to be disinfected, for this you can use a solution of linen. The bottom of the cage should be in the form of a grid, so that through it freely passed feces and urine, without lagging inside the cell. The straw bedding should be kept dry and clean all the time, the tray under the cell should also be cleaned regularly.


Animals should always feel comfortable, they can not be overheated or overcooled, it is undesirable to allow drafts. If one cell contains several rabbits, sick animals must be weaned so that they do not infect others. It is necessary to conduct a regular prevention of worms, they also often cause rabbits diarrhea.

Particular attention should be paid to the correct feeding of fluffy pets. The diet should have a sufficient amount of plant food, pure hay and grass. You can use ready made fodder mixtures that are sold at the pet store. We must ensure that there is no mold and rot in the stern. Vegetables and fruits should be given in small quantities, new feed is introduced into the diet gradually in small portions.


Every day, you need to inspect the rabbits and the cage to detect the disease in a timely manner and, if necessary, treat it in a timely manner.

It is necessary to monitor his mood and behavior, careful attitude towards these fluffy animals will only bring joy to communicate with them.