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Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

Not everyone knows how to do if the eyelids are scalded and itchy. Eyelids can be itchy in both eyes at the same time, and this problem also occurs in the upper or lower eyelids. In most cases, persistent itching in both eyes indicates low-quality ophthalmic preparations and cosmetics.

These symptoms can be present in many diseases, so you should not be addicted to self-medication without identifying the cause of the disease.


  • 1 Major causes of itching of the eyelids
  • 2 Allergic reactions
  • 3 Demodecosis( mucous membrane)
  • 4 Disease blepharitis
  • 5 Conjunctivitis or barley
  • 6 Other diseases
  • 7 Useful tips

1 Main causes of itching of the eyelids

Iodization and peeling of the century, their inflammation can arise for many reasons. The most common ones include:

  • eye irritation with low-quality cosmetic or hygiene products;
  • allergic reactions to pollen, dust, medicines;
  • age-related changes in the development of dry eye syndrome;
  • respiratory infections;
  • incorrectly selected contact lenses or liquid in which they are stored;
  • dry air indoors;
  • is over fatigue, long seat behind the computer.

The presence of an alien body also causes a cut, an unpleasant sensation, itching of the century, may result in severe reddening.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

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Usually, the skin on the eyelashes will come to an end in a few days if you get rid of new cosmetics( washingsfor eyes, shadows, ink, pencil).That they can lead to unpleasant feelings for centuries. This may not always be an allergic reaction to a new product, it simply contains substances that are irritating in nature.

2 Allergic Reactions

Allergy is a common cause of peeling and itchy eyelids. There are many factors that can cause such reactions, so it's difficult to determine the cause.

Causes of an allergic reaction:

  • use of low-quality or delayed cosmetic products;
  • water( the appearance of peeling occurs during the transition to winter heating);
  • drugs( if you find an allergic reaction to medicines, you need to go to a doctor and he will issue an analogue of the required medication).

It should be remembered that if the cause of the appearance of unpleasant symptoms is allergy, it causes redness and peeling both eyes at once.

To confirm the diagnosis, an allergist should be examined. He will study the problem, help identify the allergen and prescribe the use of antihistamines, relieving symptoms.

If this method turns out to be ineffective and peeling and pruritus continue forever, you should contact a specialist. The doctor, having made certain tests, will help to establish the cause and prescribe treatment that is appropriate in a particular case.

There are several other reasons for not only peeling, redness of the eyelids, but also severe itching and swelling. These include inflammatory and infectious diseases. Let's consider them below.

3 Demodecosis( mucous membrane defect)

Demodex lives in hair follicles, sebaceous glands of the century in 95% of people. Many do not even suspect that these parasites live in their bodies.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

Why does skin peel on the eyelids only in a small number of people? The fact is that the disease develops only when the number of parasites on the gland is more than three individuals. Otherwise, they do not cause harm to human health and show no symptoms.

Hairbrushes in themselves are not in danger. Great harm to the body carry the products of their life and the harmful bacteria that they carry with them. Where do dangerous microorganisms come from? Everything is simple. Every night the parasite leaves the haircuts on the surface, and when you return to the hair bag with it, a huge amount of microorganisms, including harmful, penetrates into it.

Detect demodex will not work. It manifests itself by the following symptoms:

  • skin peeling in the eye area;
  • redness of the corners of the eyes;
  • presence of foamy discharge from the eyes;
  • is a constant itch that grows in the evening;
  • sensation of a third party body in the eye;
  • eyelashes, the appearance of white particles on them;
  • in the abandoned state there is a constant lacrimation and redness of the eyes.

Demodecomasis is a contagious disease, therefore it is necessary to treat it under the supervision of a specialist. In order to get rid of the problem doctors in most cases prescribe ointments containing insecticidal components in their composition. Also, the patient must carefully monitor his hygiene, have individual bedding and utensils.

4 Disease blepharitis

The disease develops against the backdrop of weakened immunity in chronic conjunctivitis, gastric pathologies, lack of vitamins.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

The symptoms of the disease include:

  • itching in the eyes and severity;
  • sensitivity to light;
  • puffiness;
  • redness of the eyelids.

Then there is a process of peeling and loss of eyelashes, causing in the future the wrong growth of hairs.

Blepharitis can act as an independent disease, and in a pair, for example, with diabetes mellitus. Development of purulent-inflammatory process can occur both in the upper and lower centuries.

Only a doctor who will prescribe proper treatment can diagnose the disease.

It should be understood that blepharitis is considered a disease that is difficult to treat, so you need to be patient and follow all the recommendations of a specialist. In case of non-application of the disease, the disease becomes chronic.

5 Conjunctivitis or Barley

Conjunctivitis begins with itching in the corners of the eyes, then there is redness of the proteins, swelling of the eyes, there are selections. In the absence of treatment, the eyelid begins to peel off. The disease does not affect all eyes, but manifests itself in redness, peeling, itching only in the upper or lower century. Fungal conjunctivitis can be infected in various ways. This may be a long-term use of antibacterial agents, in addition, carriers of the infection can be animals, plants, other people, contaminated water.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

If the eyelids swollen, reddened and itchy, peeling appeared, then it is worth taking a closer look to the top of the upper eyelid. Most likely, barley appeared. How exactly these symptoms are the main signs of its appearance.

A disease can provoke a bacterial infection in a period when the immune system fails. It can occur in colds, tonsillitis, tooth problems, inflammation of the sinuses.

It is easy to cure, most importantly, to contact a doctor in a timely manner. It is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, since there is a possibility of infection spreading to another eye.

6 Other Diseases

Causes of peeling the century can be a disease that causes severe dryness in all places where hair grows. It begins with focal inflammation, which is caused by a yeast fungus, as an allergic reaction to it. It is not necessary to ignore the first signs of the disease( peeling, redness, inflammation, dry skin of the century), as it will lead to the spread of inflammation to other areas of the face and body.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

Constant peeling of the skin of the eye indicates a hormonal failure that occurs after a long period of stress. Common symptoms can also be attributed to dry skin of the eyelids, peeling, loss of thin hairs from eyebrows. To get rid of the problem, you need to drink a course of sedative.

Herpes at the onset of the disease is manifested by symptoms such as severe itching and peeling. Over time, small bubbles and papules form in the damaged century. You can cure it with special ointments. They will relieve symptoms and improve the health of the patient.

In rare cases, redness, peeling of the century occurs due to diabetes mellitus, liver failure, or intestinal disease.

7 Useful Tips

For eye eyelids to look healthy, no peeling and itching, the following rules must be followed:

  • do not use low-quality cosmetics;
  • not to buy lenses and liquid for storage in less-known, dubious firms;
  • closely monitor hygiene;
  • does not overdo your eyes, do not sit long for a computer;
  • to get rid of allergens;
  • do not postpone a visit to a doctor.

Roughness and itchy eyelids: causes of itching of the skin of the upper eyelid

Ease the condition of the eyelids, remove inflammation, itch, peeling, can be washed by decoction of chamomile, calendula, wood. A good effect is the wiping of cucumber water.

A wet ruby ​​soap is well suited for various irritations.

Important! Before applying funds to the eyes, it is necessary to exclude the presence of allergic reactions.

Do not ignore symptoms such as peeling and itchy eyelids.

If the condition does not improve with the elimination of irritating factors, you should contact the ophthalmologist and find out why the eyes are peeling. And only then will proceed to adequate treatment.