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What is the treatment of the bathroom with its own hands

Despite the fact that the bathrooms in the average apartment are small in size, they can be an important component of comfort. Adoption of hygienic procedures is also aimed at giving people a relaxing effect, so you should make it as much as possible

practical and convenient, and also do not forget about the aesthetic side of the issue - a big difference between the wall panels in the bathroom and the whitewashing of the walls.

What is the treatment of the bathroom with its own hands

Whatever the reason, which prompted to repair the bathroom, for its successful execution with its own hands, you need to have at least a little skill in the construction and decoration. This is necessary in order to assume the order of operations and evaluate the degree of their complexity, without which the bathroom decoration with their own hands is somewhat difficult. Wall panels should not even be compared to painting.

How to prepare for the bathroom treatment

In order to begin to repair the bathroom with your own hands, determine that it needs to be changed or added to enable it to perform its role more effectively.

Let's say you can expand the room itself, replace the plumbing, pipes, choose any desired method of treatment. Make a preliminary draft and estimates of future work to determine what amount of money will be required to complete.plastic panels in the bathroom will cost more than painting. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the state of your wallet and, if necessary, make corrections to the project before the work starts, and not during the execution of them.

The repair and finishing of the bathroom with your own hands requires good preparation. Evaluate your capabilities realistically and do not hesitate to repair the bathroom with your own hands alone, if you have a little experience. If it is not clear how to make plastic panels in the bathroom, it is better not to take care of it in their own hands. Many too overestimated homeworkers have to hire specialists to correct mistaken processing, which is an additional financial expense. In the case of bathroom finishing with plastic panels, it is necessary to be especially careful.

Previous work in the

room. To process the bathroom with plastic panels or other materials, you need to be very careful so that you do not have to change the plumbing damaged then. Remove the old lining from the floor, walls, ceiling. You may need a drill with a nozzle, and for the removal of paint should be stocked with a spatula.

Walls, ceiling and floor must necessarily be aligned. This is carried out by means of plastering, it is possible to make a putty, a screed, to arrange on a surface moisture-resistant drywall. Wall panels in the bathroom require a different approach. Surfaces must be prepared for processing so that they are even, free of humps, dips and wavelengths.

When performing work, move from top to bottom. Start with work on finishing the ceiling surface. The room can be treated with plastic panels.

When calculating materials for the treatment of the bathroom should take into account the specifics of this room. Materials should be used only moisture resistant. First of all, take a choice of flooring - suitable ceramic granite, tile, decorative flooring. The repair, where wall panels are used in the bathroom, needs to be complemented by a frame.

Coloring and whitening

Methods that can be called traditional are wall painting or whitewash. Such a design is inexpensive, but only applied when all surfaces are perfect and do not require additional coordination.

What is the treatment of the bathroom with its own hands

The processing material must be selected in such a way that it is resistant to moisture, could repel pollution and grease. Preparation primers, putty, plaster should have appropriate water-repellent properties. Experts consider the appropriate variant of paint on the basis of latex - they are offered to consumers in a wide color spectrum, have the ability to repel moisture.

Decorative plaster ceilings or bathroom walls can be painted with acrylic, water-emulsion or water-dispersion composition. Coloring the bathroom has the following advantages over other types of treatment with their own hands: simple care, small financial expenses, sufficient vapor permeability, the ability to show imagination and create an exclusive bathroom design. Plastic panels do not allow the design to be as original.

Self-adhesive film or wallpapers

Another easy way to trim the bathroom is by using wallpaper or other moisture resistant varieties. When choosing, keep in mind that the wallpaper does not have to be patched directly to those areas of the surface that are located near the bathroom or shower cubicle. It is better to choose a combined method of processing and to add wallpaper to other materials, for example, plastic panels.

You can use a special film made of polymers - one of its sides is applied to the adhesive layer, on the other - a decorative color coating. And the spectrum of the proposed drawings and the color palette are quite varied. But polymer films also have a significant drawback - they do not let air.

Finishing the bathroom using ceramic tile

The most common of all types of facing in the present time is the treatment of the bathroom using ceramic tile. She has not only a wonderful look - it is easy to care and has good moisture resistance.

What is the treatment of the bathroom with its own hands

Variants for laying tiles may be different. The most common are the following:

  • "seam suture" - a very popular method that involves the coincidence of tiles by joints. It should continue for all directions and rows;
  • "at an angle" - a variant of the previous, when the tiles are arranged so that the joints coincide diagonally. It is convenient to disguise small roughness of the surfaces, but there is also a significant drawback - it is an increase in the cost of the material, since the edge tiles need to be cut, and not always it works correctly;
  • "chess" - simple stacking with the alternation of light and dark colors, imitation of a drawing of a chessboard.

Another similar method of execution - mosaic tiling.2X2 cm tiles stick to the elastic polymer net, as if the wall panels are 30x30 cm in size. In modern apartments, walls or floors can be treated. Available on the wall panel with different compositions and decor elements, which is achieved by picking sheets and pieces of mosaics of different colors.

Manufacturers increase the space for the imagination of masters, presenting all kinds of products that can be made of glass or stone, smalt or ceramics, exotic materials, a sample of shells of shellfish or coconut shells, precious and semiprecious stones.

The glass mosaic has a complete moisture resistance due to the lack of pores in the material. Water absorption is zero, water vapor is not absorbed, the material does not deform from excessive moisture, fungi, mold and microorganisms are not terrible to him. The impact of chemicals on the material is not terrible.

Those who like an interesting and unusual design can offer mirror tile treatment, that is, geometrically cut glass panels of various sizes. They are easy to attach to the walls, only to remember that the material is rather fragile. In another, the processing technology using these materials is similar to the treatment of ceramic tiles. It turns out a sophisticated coating that, when properly used, can visually expand the space very well.

Plastic panels in the bathroom will cost a little more expensive painting, but the effect is different. In the bathroom they are mostly used for the ceiling. This does not mean that they should be used only as such. You can trim the walls using plastic panels in the bathroom, only for each type of surface you need to choose a separate material grade. The wall panels inside have more stiffeners, and their plastic is thicker.

When choosing light shades for the finishing materials, the bathroom will appear visually more. Wall panels help ensure good design, if you know how to make them right. The plastic panels in the bathroom will need a frame.