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Rash and irritation around the baby's mouth: causes red spots

You can often see a rash around your baby's mouth. As a rule, there can be quite a lot of causes for such a malaise. And all of them must be known before you start treatment. After all, such diseases can be manifested as varying degrees of severity.


  • 2 Stomatitis, lupus, herpes and dermatitis
  • 3 Pigs, smallpox and scarlet fever
  • 4 Symptoms in newborns


To begin, we will understand what the common causes for all diseases cause a rash around the mouth. There are quite a lot of them, but only some of them will provoke such a malaise in children. Typically, these causes often cause normal external rash, while serious illnesses may have a number of other causes.

  • If your child has any chronic illness or congenital anomalies in the nervous system, his immunity is significantly reduced. At the same time, the delicate skin of a child begins to react immediately to all sorts of irritating factors of the environment and becomes an excellent place where bacteria can easily enter.
  • If you give medicines to children that are poorly digestible by the body or have side effects in the form of a skin rash, it will immediately affect the area around the mouth. Most often this happens with children who are prone to allergic reactions. To select drugs for them should always be with extreme caution.
  • In case if the child is constantly in a hot little ventilated room with high humidity, such rashes can be the result of the development of pathogenic microflora in the area around the mouth. They can provoke rash and sunshine. Ultraviolet has a detrimental effect on delicate baby skin.
  • The most dangerous cause of rash is the lack of hygiene around the area around the mouth. This is especially true for young children who are often polluted when they eat food, and then refuse to wash themselves, while squeaking and breaking out. In this case, more often in addition to the rash, there are also injections, which over time without treatment can turn into bleeding wounds.
  • Rash and irritation around the baby

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    There are several diseases in which the first symptoms are detectedshould immediately seek medical attention and take care of treatment.

    2 Stomatitis, lupus, herpes and dermatitis

    Very often, in young children, enterovirus stomatitis with exanthema occurs. As a rule, during such an illness, a small rash around the lips appears first. If you do not immediately take any measures, then exactly the same rash occurs on the palms, feet, and even on the mucous membrane of the mouth. It is easy to determine this in a small child, since he begins to cry and sneer constantly. After all, small pimples in the mouth bring great discomfort.

    Rash and irritation around the baby

    But in addition to rashes in the baby, body temperature may rise to 38 ° C, with weakness in the muscle and in the body as a whole. If the disease goes too far, the rash also affects the throat. Then on the mucous membrane of the throat there are purulent vesicles that can be easily confused with sore throat.

    If you do not take any measures, the number of red pimples begins to increase in 3-4 days. They can grow in size, wrinkle, itch or hurt. Only the treatment with special medications at the appointment of a doctor will give effect, while not inflicting harm to the baby's health.

    Rarely, but still there are occasional cases of pericardial dermatitis due to the rash around the lips of the child. Most often, this disease develops in older children in the face of stress or deep depression. Small peeling bubbles appear not only around the mouth, but also in the area of ​​the nose and eyes.

    Treatment in this case must be comprehensive. Although the disease does not cause serious complications such as fever and worsening, it can severely spoil the skin. Over time, the cells of the epithelium in the affected areas weaken, their reduction capacity is constantly reduced. As a result, if the treatment is carried out too late or will not be conducted at all, the skin in this place will change the color, it will become very dry and flabby.

    Often, the rash around the baby's mouth occurs as a seasonal phenomenon. In most cases, this occurs with weak immunity in a child. In the area of ​​the mouth and on the lips appear purulent vapors, which subsequently burst, and in their place there are small ulcers of white color. So it appears herpes.

    If the disease starts, then the size of the submandibular lymph nodes may increase, and body temperature may increase. In this case, it is also necessary to approach the treatment in a complex way. In addition to consulting with the doctor and treating bubbles with special ointments, you should take vitamins to increase immunity, try not to let the baby out again on the cold and to exclude drafts in the room.

    In most cases, a red rash in the baby's mouth is a result of the appearance of red lupus erythematosus. This disease does not conceal of any reason, but also the danger, too, if you contact a child's dermatologist in due time and start the correct treatment.

    Red lupus is characterized by the appearance around the mouth and on the mucous membranes of small red pimples. As a rule, they very much itch and constantly increase. Usually this is an allergic reaction of the child's body to their own tissues. The true cause of this phenomenon has not yet been clearly identified. But in any case, in part, such a disease is associated with low immunity and an excessive reaction of the body to seasonality. In most cases, the child starts to fall ill in the spring or fall, when the weather is constantly changing.

    3 Pox, smallpox and scarlet fever

    As a rule, children, such as chicken pox, scarlet fever and mumps, are often affected. And they all have one common symptom - a rash on the face and body. In order to be able to distinguish one disease from another, consider their peculiarities and the nature of the rash in more detail.

    So, if a rash appeared around the mouth, on the neck and cheeks, it could indicate a disease like a mumps. Recognize it easily, as there are a number of concomitant symptoms. In children with such a disease dramatically decreases salivation, dryness appears in the mouth. If older children can say this, then the little baby just begins to cry, refusing to eat, but while drinking liquids twice as much.

    Rash and irritation around the baby

    Parotid and submandibular glands begin to contract. In this case, the pain is well felt when chewing food, which once again explains the unwillingness of the child to eat normally. Such a disease is very important to diagnose and cure in a timely manner, as otherwise it may be difficult to have children in the future( this applies to boys).

    Pox is manifested somewhat differently. In the kid there is a large number of small and itchy bubbles around the mouth, which subsequently burst, and in their place remain ulcers. Already the next day such rashes begin to completely cover the whole body. It also increases the temperature, fever may begin.

    It is very important to explain to the child that he does not scratch the pins, as otherwise the scars may remain on the skin. Timely treatment of smallpox pills with green and minimal contact with healthy parts of the body will provide a quick recovery.

    Often a rash around the baby's mouth appears at scarlet fever. A characteristic feature of such a disease is not only the appearance of pimples, but also a gray plaque on the tongue, increased salivation. Often there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth.

    During scarlet fever, first of all, the mouth, and then the skin. In this case, the tonsils can be very intense, the throat begins to sore. Also, the gums begin to suffer greatly, because of all this there is a weakness, the temperature in the baby rises. This disease often affects children after 1 year and requires immediate qualified treatment.

    4 Symptom in Newborns

    The most common annoyance around the mouth affects newborn babies. Develop this illness can still be in the womb. And in this case, immediately after birth, small red pins on the skin will be noticeable. This happens with children whose mothers suffered from mild herpes in her pregnancy and did not manage to cure her until childbirth.

    Also, in newborns, due to the initial weakness of the body can develop candidiasis. This fungal disease begins because of the imbalance of the microflora of the oral cavity and on the mucous membranes of the body. Most rash also appears in the mouth too.

    After birth, the child begins to grow actively, which is accompanied by a constant change in the hormonal background in the body. At the same time on the skin around the mouth appear small flat red spots, which eventually can spread to the entire face. This is a safe phenomenon, and it usually takes a few days.

    The main causes of rash around the mouth in children are considered. As a rule, in any case when the first small pimples appear, one should immediately consult a doctor so as not to lose sight of a dangerous disease. If nothing serious comes to light, you can try to be treated with folk remedies or baby cream, but preliminary advice on the use of this or that remedy.