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Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

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After a good dense dinner, I want to relax and just relax. But sometimes this process is greatly hampered by acid bloating, the causes of which may be different. It's extremely unpleasant for

and certainly does not adjust to a positive system that could contribute to good digestion. People who are confronted with a frequent sour burgundy, usually appear after eating, should always consult a doctor. This symptom can speak of certain dangers, which sometimes can be difficult to fight.

Some people are trying to endure or try their best to cope with the problem. But the bite with sour taste is often a symptom of a serious illness, and postponing a campaign to a doctor only worsens the situation.


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1 Etiology of the problem of

Doctors say that blistering is a completely normal reaction of the body to certain processes occurring in the stomach and some otherorgans of the human body. Nevertheless, if this happens very often, and the plus to all the bloating delivers severe discomfort and is accompanied by additional unpleasant symptoms, this may indicate the presence of certain diseases. Most often the taste of acid, which appears after eating, signals the pathology in the stomach or duodenum.

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Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

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Some people are more likely to face similar troubles. In the risk group, there are those who are used to eating on the go, while using the best and far from useful products. In addition, this also applies to the use of some drinks, especially sweet soda water and alcohol. All this leads to an increase in acidity and the appearance of gas formation. That is, a person simply can not avoid the appearance of an unpleasant wheezing, but also with an acidic flavor.

Sometimes problems with the gastrointestinal tract lead to the wrong way of life. Excessive haste during meal, breakfast or lunch during discussion of important issues leads to the fact that food can not be digested as needed. The reason for this is a change in the allocation of desired liquids. If the glands do not work properly, it will cause the acid-base balance to be broken. If the production of hydrochloric acid will be excessively active for a long time, it can lead to inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane. In such a situation, a person has not only an acidic bite after eating, but also stomach ache. This is a very dangerous symptom that can speak of the development of serious ailments.

The cause of sore bloating may also be incorrect functioning of the motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract. This can be caused by excessive consumption of sweets, a very strong coffee in the morning, a plate of sour cabbage and some heavy products. Among the dishes that often cause acid bites, it is worth noting not only sauerkraut, but also mushrooms, pearl porridge and lamb.

Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

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2 Related Diseases


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If there are no serious problems in the human body, then there should not be any pain in the stomach and acid reflux from the cake taken with a cup of coffee. Another thing is when all this along with other problematic products is used in unlimited quantities for a long time. With this attitude to food, you can quickly earn serious health problems, which in the first place will lead to an illness of the SICKNESS-intestinal tract.

Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

Most often due to malnutrition there is gastritis. It can be acute, but with further malnutrition and lack of adequate treatment, it will turn into a chronic stage. This disease always causes an elevated acid release. The thing is that when you enter the stomach of food, there is activation of the glands that release the acid for its processing. In the case of gastritis, the body reacts incorrectly and allocates too much secretion. Increased acidity causes heartburn, a feeling of nausea and sore throat.

Similar symptoms can be observed in chronic pancreatitis. Sour bite in this case is a consequence of stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract. Food can not normally be digested due to the lack of enzymes, which is characteristic of pancreatitis. Products stagnate in the area of ​​the duodenum, which causes inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane. This, in turn, provokes a violation of the acid balance and causes heartburn and acid reflux.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease can lead to the appearance of such an unpleasant phenomenon, such as an irritation with a taste of acid. In this case, the violation of motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract does not rule out. Because of this, there is a stagnation of food, which becomes a reason for the bloating of acid.

All these diseases can occur in acute or chronic form. The second case involves periods of remission, when unpleasant symptoms are not noted. But some factors still lead to the fact that the person is exacerbated by the disease. This development can lead to a decrease in the immune system's function, which is often caused by serious illnesses, as well as malnutrition, poor quality foods and associated illnesses, which include hepatitis, cholecystitis, and colitis. If a patient has recently experienced an operation associated with the gastrointestinal tract, he may for some time be observed exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The most frequent period of exacerbation occurs in the spring and autumn. In some people, even without any serious illness, there may be an appearance of sour burgundy. This may be due to abuse of alcohol and smoking. People who have an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to face the SLE.

3 Preventive Measures


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Sour content is always very unpleasant. A special discomfort delivers this symptom, accompanied by heartburn and abdominal pain. Very often these troubles come together. In order not to deal with such phenomena and not to seek ways to treat ailments, it is necessary to periodically carry out preventive measures. This will not only reduce the risk of acid bursts, but will also prevent the development of unpleasant and dangerous diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

It is especially difficult to deal with chronic diseases. During the period of exacerbation, they can bring a lot of trouble and even do not let a person lead a normal way of life. Moreover, if you do not take any measures, the problem may get worse. For example, banal gastritis can easily cause the ulcer, which is already dangerous for human life. Therefore, diseases that can cause sore throat should be treated. And in order not to do this, one should not ignore prevention.

Measures to reduce the risk of problems with the gastrointestinal tract are primarily about proper nutrition and water balance. A refusal of heavy food, normal servings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as clear breaks between meals will ensure that the stomach will work as a watch. Specialists recommend not only to organize the food, but also to eat small portions 5-6 times a day. This will allow the digestive tract to better handle digestion and prevent stagnation.

The appearance of acidic wheezing may be the first symptom of problems in the stomach or intestines. This is a good reason to contact a doctor. Of course, there are many ways to get rid of this kind of trouble, but it will always come back until its root cause is resolved.

Sour bite after meals: causes and treatment

4 Methods of treatment for

A similar trouble always occurs during the period of exacerbation of diseases. At this stage, you need to be careful not to aggravate the situation, but the complete ignoring of the problem is unacceptable. It is advisable to seek medical advice when treating an illness to get professional advice on how to deal with unpleasant symptoms. An expert must prescribe a course of medicine. They not only facilitate the condition of the patient, but also allow to increase the period of remission. If you act correctly, you can completely forget about exacerbations.

Omeprazole, Ranitidine, Pantoprazole, and Famotidine are prescribed for the treatment of the septic ulcer and reduction in the severity of symptoms such as acid bloating, heartburn, and stomach acne. These are potent substances that have many side effects and contraindications, so they should be taken only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

The acid breakdown itself can be eliminated by means such as Rennie or Almagel. These are temporary, but fast-acting drugs that virtually have no side effects. Do not use to reduce the acidity of "pop", that is, a mixture of soda and vinegar, diluted in water. This will eliminate the increased acidity for a short time, but soon everything will be back in the enhanced version.

If the cause of the bloating of the acid is pancreatitis, appoint Mezim or Pancreatin. They restore the enzyme level and help digestion of the digestive tract.