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Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

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Fibrogastroskopy of the stomach is a procedure in which a specialist finds the state of the organ. Assigned to regular pain in the abdomen. To refuse

this method is not worth it, because it is with the help of him can detect diseases that do not bother people.

Fibrogastroscopy has the abbreviated name of FGS, refers to endoscopic research methods, which allows you to check not only the stomach, but also the duodenum. Conduct it with a soft tube of small diameter with an optical fiber in the lumen, it is connected to a light conductor and a forceps for the tunnel. Thanks to the optical fiber, all the device is flexible enough and soft, which is convenient for the study, and does not cause pain to the person. Also, the tube allows you to enter the area under study microscopic tweezers, through which the material is taken for further morphological analysis.


  • 1 When is the procedure assigned?
  • 2 Existing contraindications
  • 3 Preparatory phase
  • 4 Technique for conducting
  • 5 Decoding the results of
  • 6 Next period

1 When is the procedure assigned?

FGS is intended for the detection of diseases of the upper gastrointestinal tract. It is performed if the patient has the following complaints:

  • Regular pain in the upper abdomen indicating the development of erosion of the mucous membrane or ulcers.
  • Constant heartburn, which is accompanied by a sour burgundy.
  • A frequent long-lasting feeling of nausea.
  • Reduced or no appetite.
  • After eating, there is a blister of air that can develop in atrophic gastritis.
  • A disturbance of the swallowing function occurs when a cardiac sphincter is involved.
  • A low hemoglobin, in this case, an FGS is prescribed if there are no other causes of the disease.
  • Weight loss with proper and balanced nutrition to exclude the development of cancer.
  • An examination of the effectiveness of the treatment of ulcer or erosion of the mucous membrane.
  • The inflammatory process of the duodenum.
  • Condition of the esophagus. All types of gastritis.
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    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

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    • FGS Decoding
    • Preparing for an
    • Fibrogastroscopy Method

    Procedure for Intestinal Swabbing If a specialist has suspected GI disease, he will appoint a fibrogastroskopy of the stomach. Also, along with this procedure, biopsy material can be taken to get a complete clinical picture of the condition.

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    2 Existing contraindications


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    Despite the fact that fibrogastroscopy is a safe method of investigation, there are some contraindications to its conduct:

    • myocardial infarction in acute form;
    • high pressure;
    • blood coagulation disorder, in which minimal damage to the mucous membrane can lead to severe bleeding;
    • transmitted stroke in acute period;
    • if the patient has a bronchial asthma, as when entering the probe, an attack on the strangulation may occur;
    • people with mental disorders do not pass this procedure, as the device may cause uncontrolled motor excitation that results in mucosal injury;
    • is a cirrhosis of the liver, when the endoscope is introduced, bleeding may be induced.

    In other cases, with complaints of pain in the abdomen, fibrogastroskopia is appointed by a specialist.

    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

    3 Preparatory Stage


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    To get the exact results you need to prepare for the procedure.

    To do this:

  • A few days before the manipulation, all drugs containing iron and activated charcoal should be discontinued, which precisely these substances can create obstacles visible when viewed from the mucous membrane.
  • Before the procedure, you can not smoke and use chewing gum, they can provoke increased secretion of the mucous membrane.
  • Check if there are allergic reactions to drugs such as NovoCaine and Lidocaine if they have not been exposed before.
  • For people with a sensory nervous system, a few days before the test, drink soothing medications.
  • A few days before the procedure, you must give up the hard-working food, which includes meat, legumes and fish. Their remains can be completely digested, thereby creating an obstacle in the procedure.
  • Fibrogastroscopy may be prescribed both in the morning and in the evening hours.

    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

    Before morning FGS it is necessary to prepare as follows:

    • is forbidden to eat after 19 o'clock in the evening, and also dinner should not be dense so that all food managed to digest;
    • from liquids is allowed to use only water, tea and coffee under the prohibition;
    • can not receive any medications the day before the procedure.

    At the appointment of fibrogastroscopy in the evening preparation is as follows:

    • is forbidden to eat 8 hours before the study;
    • water should drink a little sip, at a time you can make no more than three;
    • 3 hours before the procedure it is worth abandoning cigarettes.

    12 hours before FGS it is impossible to eat chocolate and chocolate products, nuts, all kinds of seeds and fresh vegetables.

    Following all the recommendations for the preparation of the study procedure will give the most accurate results.

    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

    4 Technique for conducting

    Gastric fibro-gastroscopy does not take much time. Most often the expert is not more than 15 minutes. Fibrogastroskopy is performed strictly on an empty stomach.

    First of all, the doctor treats the oral cavity with a special anesthetic in the form of an aerosol. This allows you to prevent an emetic reflex and reduce unpleasant moments while conducting a study for a patient.

    After oral treatment, a special mouthwash is installed, this stage is often accompanied by an uncontrolled burst, due to the fact that the stomach cavity is inflated with air.

    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

    During a study, a man calms and breathes freely. If a pathological change is noted, the specialist, with the help of the introduction of small tweezers, will take the material for further analysis.

    Procedure allows you to remove polyps and stop bleeding. Upon completion of the FGS, the endoscope is extracted from the body.

    You should not panic if the doctor took the biopsy material during fibrogastroskopy surgery. This procedure is absolutely painless, besides, it allows you to put an accurate diagnosis, and then start effective treatment.

    After the endoscopic technique, you may experience pricking or mild sore throat, due to the fact that the mucous membrane has been irritated by a mechanical device.

    5 Decoding the results of

    For a healthy person the following results are recorded:

    • esophagus passable, mucous membrane has a light pink tint;
    • cardio closes;
    • there is a stomach exfoliation during the introduction of air;
    • in the lumen of the stomach is mucus;
    • recording of stored peristalsis;
    • body has longitudinal folds;The
    • goalkeeper is closed.

    Fugro gastroscopy of the stomach: what is it?

    If a specialist has detected pathological changes in the area under study, a full description of the problem is given in the decoding of the results. In order to more accurately determine the violation, the doctor carefully inspects the stomach, in some cases, taking a little more time. Prior to this, the patient should be treated with understanding and be patient.

    6 Next period

    The procedure for studying the area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract takes a short time, however, after a few hours, the patient may experience discomfort.

    To reduce unpleasant sensations, you need to drink clean drinking water with small sips, rinse your mouth from time to time.

    On the day of gastric fibro-gastroscopy it is better to refuse the use of fatty and heavy food. This will prevent the occurrence of stomach upset and severity in it.