How to build a cage for rabbits independently


  • Types of cell designs for rabbits
  • Containment conditions and parameters of constructions
  • Required materials
  • Selection of mesh
  • Construction tips

How to build a cage for rabbits independently Breeding of rabbits - it's not difficult, but it brings considerable benefits. As stated in the famous sketch: "rabbits are not only valuable fur for the

".They are fruitful, their meat and skins are highly valued, and special conditions of their maintenance are not needed. Having studied the basics of breeding, you will first need to rearrange the animal "habitat".

Rabbit is most often found in cages that can be purchased( used) or ordered by experienced craftsmen. But most often rabbits crafted them on their own. The production of cells - the task is not complicated, and it can save a lot.

Types of cell designs for rabbits

How to build a cage for rabbits independently Before proceeding with the construction of a building, it is necessary to determine the design and find the place where it will be located. There are quite a lot of types of designs, the choice largely depends on your territorial capabilities. The most commonly used types are:

  • Family Block. This block is divided into several sections( up to three) for the separate maintenance of rabbits, pregnant rabbits and male rabbits. Cages for rabbits with their own hands are the easiest thing to do two-part.
  • Mikhailov's cell. This is a mini-farm model, where the houses are cleaned, and food and water are served automatically. Two-tiered cells used by professional rabbits and collective farms.
  • Zolotukhin mini-farm. Houses without a pallet and a grid on the floor, it is covered with boards. Feeders are arranged on the doors, they are easy to clean. The design is simple, but effective and popular among breeders.
  • All-metal metal cage. Industrial cages for breeding rabbits in livestock farms. The ceiling and walls are completely tucked in a grid, they are easy to make even in a shed in your area.

Depending on the number of animals, their breed and breeding purposes, variants of designs and cell sizes also vary. Some are suitable for group retention, some for separate. There are options for decorative rabbits, there are industrial cells. Before you begin to create, you have to decide what cell is right for you.

Containment Terms and Design Parameters

How to build a cage for rabbits independently

Cells can be located indoors or outdoors, but it should be borne in mind that they must necessarily create certain conditions for the life of rabbits.

Rabbits are sensitive to humidity in the room, it should not be higher than 60-75%.Similarly, there should not be strong drafts. Animals need fresh air and light, in the winter, when you keep them in a closed room, consider this. In the open air in the warm seasons, for placement of the cell, it is best to choose a place protected from direct sunlight and wind.

Houses are erected at a height of 0.7-0.8 meters from the ground or floor. The design should be convenient for the rabbits itself, and for the breeder who should clean them, fill the feeders and drinkers with food and water. Any cell is best divided into two sections - the part in which the animals live and the one in which you will feed rabbits. You can also arrange a walkway, especially if the animals are kept in the open air.

Required materials

How to build a cage for rabbits independently Any industrial materials that are easiest to get will be accepted for construction. In order to make a cage, you may need the following:

  • plywood, grid or wall board and roof;
  • wooden beams for frame and support;
  • loops and nails;
  • rails or mesh with small holes for the floor of the cage.

All materials must be durable and well-crafted so your future pupils are not injured or broken through the structure. The use of iron during construction is not desirable.

Grid Selection

How to build a cage for rabbits independently It does not matter which construction design you choose, you will definitely need a grid for rabbits. It is important to choose the right metal mesh, because only wooden materials can not do you. Previously, you can talk to salespersons or specialist who will suggest you the perfect options.

If you decide to completely floor the floor entirely from the grid, it is best to stick to the size of the cells in 1,5-2 cm, starting from the breed and the density of the hair of your pets. The net for the floor should be welded and thick enough. If you make a floor of a combined type, that is, partly from rails, partly from a grid, you can take a grid with cells of 25 mm. For the door any net, though welded, though woven, is suitable: the main thing is that the rabbit can not get through it. Most often used steel mesh for cages.

Indoor cells are usually made of welded mesh. According to the breeds of rabbits different sizes of cells and the thickness of the wire are selected. On the walls of the room you can use large cells of the grid, which will save you.

Grid for rabbits is best suited for galvanized, but it will cost more than steel. But it will serve you and your animals for a much longer time.

Construction Tips

How to build a cage for rabbits independently Drawings of a variety of building designs are available in a large number of networks. Having determined what you are going to build, do not forget to make your own drawing on the basis of available: homemade cages allow rabbits, depending on the available space for construction, to finalize the existing schemes. The size of the cages for rabbits varies.

General Construction Tips:

  • Do not save on the amount of material. Rabbits should have enough space, if they stay in a small area, the males may fall apart, and you can not wait for the offspring.
  • If you are going to keep pets outdoors, keep them out. It is also necessary to cover the floor with a wooden pull-out pallet. In winter, the rainy floor will not allow the rabbits to freeze, and rails will make cleaning easier for you.
  • For each 3-4 rabbits, you need to make a separate cage space so that you can keep small rabbits with your mothers.
  • Drinkers and feeders should be made removable on the door for convenience. It is better to make them V-shaped.
  • The rabbit's facade should be equipped with two doors - mesh and solid. The mesh is suitable for the feed compartment, it is most convenient to place feeders.
  • Disinfection of rabbit cells is required at least twice a year. Pooh and excrement accumulate a lot, animal can also get sick if cell processing is not performed. The design you choose should be convenient for you and during processing.

Selection of cell design remains for every future breeder: the main thing - do not forget about the comfort of your animals.

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