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What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom?

Sphincteritis - a disease to which modern proctology gives primacy over prevalence, pushing to the background even the well-known hemorrhoids. A characteristic feature of the disease is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the sphincter, circular locking muscle, the main task of which is

regulation of acts of defecation and prevention of involuntary emptying. Consequently, rectal sphincteritis: symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, photos and prevention of pathology.


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What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom? Causes There are many causes for the disease, but they can all be combined in one word: "Concomitant pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and the rectum".This can be attributed to:

  • cholelithiasis;
  • cholecystitis of chronic form;
  • Duodenit;
  • angiocholitis;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • chronic pancreatitis with hypertonum;
  • Oddi's sphincter dysfunction.

The reasons for the occurrence of rectal sphincteritis include technical errors that may occur as a result of an operation performed in the lower parts of the digestive system, a violation of the defecation process, and overcooling.

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What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom?

With the first signs of sphincteritis, you need to contact a doctor

The disease has mostly non-specific features. The clinical symptoms include the following:

  • pain in the epigastrium;
  • colks;
  • nausea;
  • color of urine in a dark color;
  • bile vomiting;
  • colorless feces;
  • bitter taste;
  • itching in the anal area, burning;
  • jaundice, sometimes accompanied by itching;
  • fever, chill.


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Sphincter sphincter refers to the symptoms of the disease. It manifests itself in painful sensations in the area of ​​the rectum. Since pain and discomfort in the anal area appear in all proctological diseases, the diagnosis of "sphincteritis" is posed in the absence of other pathologies of the anus, and the identification of the real causes of pain, after which the necessary treatment is prescribed.


To provide an accurate diagnosis, a specialist must carry out a number of instrumental and laboratory tests.

What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom?

Patient Examination with

Fibrocolonoscopy A proctologist starts with a verbal questioning of the patient, and then uses the following methods:

  • anoscopy;
  • Fibrocolonoscopy;
  • rectoromanoscopy.

Instrumental techniques allow the physician to visually assess the state of the rectum.

Laboratory studies include:

  • fecal analysis of cysts of the simplest and helminth eggs;
  • study on dysbiosis.

Only after conducting all of the above-described methods of research can talk about sphincteritis of the rectum.

Treatment for

The first thing a doctor makes after an accurate diagnosis is to remove inflammation that can cause erosion and yazopodobnyh phenomena, improve the process of bile outflow and relieve spasm. In other words, at this stage the treatment is aimed at the removal of symptoms. For these purposes, he assigns antibacterial and choleretic drugs to the patient, and also recommends anesthetics and anesthetics.

What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom? In addition to drug therapy, the patient needs:

  • to pay heed to the hygiene of the anal area;
  • stick to the diet.

In sphinctures, it is recommended to use dietary foods predominantly to prevent irritation of the walls of the intestines.

It should be preferred to sweaty meat and non-lean fish, there are eggs, cheese fat-free, to drink compote, jelly. From greasy and roasted food, from fruits and vegetables without heat treatment should be discarded.

When conservative treatment is unsuccessful, surgical intervention is performed, which includes:

  • choletomy;
  • transcapillary drainage of the bile duct;
  • is a papillosphincterotomy.

Folk medicine recommends getting rid of the symptoms of the disease with the help of decontaminating sedentary baths, microclimate with phytochemicals and rectal swabs, as well as self-made herbal medicines. Although the safety of folk methods is not in doubt, it is still not necessary to apply them without consulting a specialist. In addition, the doctor will advise the most suitable for the pharmacological properties of medicinal plants that can in the shortest possible time to normalize the state of the rectum.

Prevention of

What is sphincteritis - a disease or a symptom?

An ideal prevention is the timely diagnosis and proper treatment of inflammation that occurs in the internal organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Of great importance is the balance of nutrition and the abandonment of alcohol and smoking, since it allows you to normalize all processes in the intestine.

Seriously it is necessary to relate to the hygienic procedures of the anal area, washing off with cool water every time after the process of bowel movement, as well as in the morning and evening.

The prognosis is based on the duration of the disease, the presence of stable deformation of the bile and pancreatic ducts, as well as the patient's response to treatment.

The sphincteritis of the rectum is far from an innocent disease. It proceeds in most cases lasting. The patient experiences physical as well as psychological suffering, some patients even develop carcinogenesis. That is why it is very important to correctly diagnose the cause with the identification of the causative factor, as well as timely and competent treatment. Do not delay with a visit to a doctor.