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Proper Beard Care at Home


  • When the beard begins to grow?
  • A few simple tips
  • Beard care
  • How to accelerate face growth
  • Little tricks
  • Conclusion

Proper Beard Care at Home Beard is a pronounced attribute of power and strength, and it is understandable why many men are trying to decorate her

with her face trying to grow her beard as quickly as possibleits thicker and harder.
But, according to experts, the approach to high-growth beard is incorrect, and is able not only to not give a positive effect, but also damage the vegetation on the face.

Trying to accelerate the growth of hair on the face is categorically not recommended, it can only be slightly supported and with the help of folk remedies. All the same, it takes at least several months to create a chic beard. If you are not ready to wait, it means to think about a good beard too early.

Many young people aged 15 to 17 are trying to grow a beard, but more often than not, it does not work out. The reason for this is not the genetic peculiarities of a person or the wrong approach, but simply age.

When the beard begins to grow?

The vegetation on the face of young people begins to manifest in the 15 to 17 years, but it is still rare and not very beautiful. Therefore, at such an age, it is not necessary to start a beard. According to specialists, to think about letting go of the beard can be from 20 years, it is then that the hormonal fund is completely stabilized. Testosterone - a male hormone that appears in 14 - 15 years, and affects the growth of the beard. But at the very beginning of its action, at a young age, the work of the hormone is still unstable and therefore, you need to wait, before you start the decoration in the form of a beard.

A few simple tips for

Let's talk about some of the things that will help you become truly beautiful and dense beard lovers and accelerate their growth. There are also a number of videos that most fully reveal this topic. Proper Beard Care at Home

Wait for

Enjoy patience, do not touch your face for a whole month, do not need to cut, comb or carry out care of the bristles in a different way. Do it on vacation, so you'll be much less likely to cross with other people and hear their "helpful" tips.

Beard Adjustment

When you stand and your beard grows up during the month, you can go to the second responsible step of care - beard cutter. In a month it will be possible to see the beard line, and we will correct it. If you do this for the first time, it is better to turn to the professional services, go to the hairdresser to see how your beard will be made by people with knowledge of the case. Then you can repeat the same at home.

First you need to determine the type of beard you want to grow. The network has many different options from which to choose the appropriate photo. Proper care of the beard and its haircut require the presence of a trimmer. Buy a good quality machine so you do not pay a second time. Because a low-cost device can quickly deteriorate.


Fast beard growth requires proper nutrition that your diet should contain protein; it can be found in the following products:

  • Vegetables and Fruits;
  • meat;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • nuts;
  • fish;

Drink at least two liters of water per day. For the most complete effect you can apply a set of vitamins "Biotin", it is able to accelerate the growth of hair. You can buy a drug in any pharmacy.

Use "Biotin" at home precisely, it is a strong stimulant for hair growth throughout the body, and also affects the growth of nails.

Full Sleep

Sleep at least eight hours a day. Only then can the food be fully absorbed. Avoid stress, get rid of yoga, meditation and similar exercises. The same should be done in sports, physical exercises increase the amount of testosterone that improves hair growth. On the question of proper rest in the network there is a lot of video clips.

Face Care

There are a number of moisturizing creams that exfoliate ointments, procedures and nutrients that enhance the circulation of the face, ensuring the proper functioning of the hair follicles and the rapid growth of the beard. In order to get rid of the problem of growing hair under the skin, it is necessary to treat the person a ferry.

All this can be arranged at home, without spending large sums of money. Proper Beard Care at Home

Beard Care

Even if your vegetation on the face is not too thick, it needs care. Follow these steps:

  • constantly cut the contour of the beard, do not touch the top, and hold the bottom edge a couple of centimeters above the Adam's apple;
  • follow the length of the hair, it is advisable to cut them a couple of times a month. Thus, the beard will look gently;
  • every seven days, using manicure scissors to cut hair on the cheeks;

How to accelerate the growth of the hair on the face of the

Helps hair grow faster at home, can only careful care, which consists of the following procedures:

  • Massage chin circular movements, in the transition to a zone of greater vegetation massaging comb.
  • Beard oils. Existing oils for strengthening of hair not only heads but also beards. According to the research results, rapeseed and castor oil have a beneficial effect on the vegetation of the person and provide proper care. They need to be rubbed into the skin once in seven days and do not wash off for about an hour. For those who are in a hurry, you can use the services of oil daily, you can leave it at night. Use a towel to prevent bedding.
  • Use vitamins E and A, you can buy them at any pharmacy.
  • There is a spray that accelerates the growth of bristles and beards. The product is completely natural and well helps to quickly increase the hair on the face.
  • Little tricks

    If, despite all the efforts of the hair grows not like it would be desirable, it is possible to apply various chemicals that will help the Proper Beard Care at Home to accurately accelerate the growth of a good beard. Thanks to them, even the most liquid bristle may look good, to become a luxurious beard.

    In order to smooth the facial hair and make them lie in one direction, you can use oil and wax. Thus, the beard will look well-groomed. For places where the bristle is not very thick, you need to apply a spray-thickener, which is easy to buy at any cosmetics store and used at home.

    A thickener is a dye that tints the beard's rare beard. One touch on the vial will paint any plunge.

    A thicket must be picked exactly to the color of your vegetation on the face, otherwise you will look like a leopard.


    Enlightening your beard, remember - this is a tough thing that requires perseverance and attentiveness. Follow the described methods, and the result will not force itself to wait.

    Keep an eye on your appearance in order not to surrender to an unpowered woodcutter that is far behind the modern world. It's better to buy a hair clipper and do it yourself, or visit the hairdresser and look like a macho from popular video clips or he is in a photo in magazines.