Why do rabbits sometimes smother their eyes and how to treat them

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  • What are the causes of the disease?
  • Treatment of purulent eyes in rabbits

Sometimes rabbits are confronted with the question why the eyes of the rabbits are smothering? Animals, like humans, are susceptible to various diseases, including eye diseases. Rabbits easily carry cold, they have

good immunity, but if the conditions for their maintenance are unfavorable, it often leads to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the cell, which often affects the eyes. The owner must inspect the animals every day. If signs of the disease are detected, you should contact the veterinarian for help.

Why do rabbits sometimes smother their eyes and how to treat them

The main cause of eye diseases in rabbits is the untimely cleansing of cells.

What are the causes of the disease?

If the rabbit opens the eyes, then it may have a viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. The mucous membrane with this disease becomes red, eyes are tearing, from them there is purulent mucus, from it stick together eyelids. Sometimes simultaneously with a conjunctivitis a pupil may develop an inflammation of the cornea, such a disease called keratitis, with it also stands out manure.

Sometimes mucous conjunctivitis occurs in animals, especially in small ones, due to clogging or wounding of the eye, for example, hay. The reason may be lack of vitamin A. If this disease is not treated in time, then it goes into purulent form, with this manure dries for ages and glues them.

Why do rabbits sometimes smother their eyes and how to treat them

Allergy to hay - the cause of eye infections in rabbits.

Occasionally, in these fluffy animals, an infection may occur in the space behind the eyeball. Because of this, the cavity is filled with manure, the eye strongly pushes forward, develops abscess. In this case, the pupil must be shown urgently to the doctor. The reason for purulent eyes in rabbits can be the pathology of growth of teeth, when the roots are crushed on the tear duct. In this case, the doctor may appoint a clipping or removal of the problem tooth.

Animals may have an allergic reaction to hay or sawdust, while eyes also tear and rot. In this case, for recovery, you need to replace the filler in the cage with another. Instead of hay, an animal can be fed with herbal granules that are sold at a pet store.

In the summer, there is a risk of the disease of rabbits by such an acute viral disease as myxomatosis. In addition to purulent discharge from the eyes, there is redness of the eyelids and edema, the animal refuses to eat. Distributors of the virus may be mosquitoes or fleas. Such a disease of rabbits progresses very quickly and if the rabbit survives, then it produces immunity. For the purpose of prevention, they are vaccinated against this dangerous disease.

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Treatment of purulent eyes in rabbits

Why do rabbits sometimes smother their eyes and how to treat them

Skorinki are removed from the eye with a solution of boric acid.

Before treating conjunctivitis, the veterinarian takes the dung for analysis to determine exactly what infection affected the animal. Based on the results obtained, the rabbit is prescribed the necessary antibiotics. For the treatment of keratitis, anti-inflammatory eye drops and ointments are used, and additionally prescribe medications that help to restore the cornea of ​​the eye and pain reliever.

To remove purulent crust, they are first wiped with a cotton swab soaked in 3% boric acid solution, under the eyelids, a curry ointment is laid.

If the crusting around the eyes is very dry, it is possible to moisten a piece of bandage in solution and for a couple of minutes to apply to the eyes, the crust will become soft, it will be easier to remove it. You can swallow your eyes with a 30% solution of Albucide. To treat the chronic form of the disease, you can use 2% of the yellow mercury ointment, it is laid in the womb 1 or 2 times a day.

Development of an abscess is a very serious disease, treatment here does not help, immediate surgical intervention is required. Animals remove the eyeball and prescribe a course of antibiotics. After recovery, the rabbits feel great, despite the fact that they have one eye.

Why do rabbits sometimes smother their eyes and how to treat them

Infusions of chamomile are used as prevention of eye irritation in rabbits.

If the eyes of the rabbit are smothered, they should be periodically rinsed. To do this, you can use a hard tea or decoction of medicinal herbs, for example, calendula or chamomile. In the pet shop you can buy ready-made lotions made on the basis of medicinal herbs such as St. John's wort, green tea, sage and camomile. These drugs can also be used for preventive treatment of the eyes of the pet to prevent eye disease.

The pet's eyelids can be washed with furatsilin or plain boiled water. After washing the eyes are dug inflammation, for example, Tobrex or Tsiprovet. This procedure is carried out up to 4 times a day for about 2 weeks. If the patient has one eye, then everything must be handled both for prevention.

During illness, pus is constantly leaking from the eyes, it can cause an inflammatory process of the century. To prevent this from happening, the skin of the eyelids and cheeks should be regularly coated with boron ointment. Dosage of drugs and course of treatment the veterinarian appoints individually in each case, after careful examination of the animal. Self-treatment may worsen the condition of the infant and lead to an aggravation of the disease.

Diseases of the eye in rabbits can be warned if they keep their cages, feeders and drinkers clean.


All these items need to be periodically disinfected. There should not be anything sharp in the cage, it is necessary to protect animals from injuries. It is impossible to let the rabbits live throughout. In ration of rabbits must necessarily be foods rich in carotene. The care of the host about his pet will help maintain his health.