Cluster Headache: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment with Prevention

Cluster headache is characterized by severe pain, this is due to the fact that the pain occurs in places of touch of the tissues of the brain with the skull.

Cluster Headache: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment with Prevention

Usually such an attack comes unexpectedly with very strong pains. Sometimes the pain may be intolerable to the

and may cause inappropriate actions to take off the attack.


  • General Information
  • Signs of Cluster Headache
  • Why Are Headache Attacks?
  • Treatment of headache attacks
  • What provokes the onset of cluster headache?
  • Summarizing

General Information

Headaches in this situation arise serially. Maybe a few attacks in one day and it can last months or even years. The duration of the attack is several minutes, and may take several hours.

A side effect may be pain in the eyeballs or eardrum. Eyes are red, tears, nose lays, blood flows to the face, there is an increased sweating.

Such manifestations are observed in one part of the face, and can spread throughout the face. Sometimes such manifestations are associated with changing time of year. Aggravation occurs in the spring or in the fall.

Science has not yet been revealed because of such attacks of cluster headache and why such manifestations can be inherited.

Signs of cluster headache

  • cluster headaches begin to manifest after twenty years of age;
  • attack occurs without any previous symptoms;
  • can not predict the onset of pain;
  • pain is very strong;
  • periodicity of attacks is different;The
  • can have about ten attacks a day, an average of about three;
  • at the onset of an attack can be repeated;
  • may be remission for several years at the end of a period of pain relief;
  • men suffer from such attacks six times more than women;
  • most often experience pain on one side of the person, but in fifteen percent can spread throughout its area;
  • possible night-time headache attacks that will be repeated and occur in the same way as the previous ones;
  • eyes blush, tear, nasal congestion and excessive sweating;
  • forever swells and may fall down;
  • is a temporary deterioration in vision, the pupil decreases;
  • pulse is more frequent;
  • the main periods of manifestations are observed in the fall and spring;
  • alcohol consumption, even at low doses, can provoke a cluster headache attack.

Attacks of cluster headaches are distinguished from migraine attacks. It should be noted that in the study of this disease, scientists have found some regularities.

Mostly these attacks are afflicted by men of high strength, strong body and with great features of the face. It has also been discovered that they all have a bright eye color and are keen smokers. Smoking starts early enough and drink alcohol in the same way.

But this is just an observation, and the reason for this manifestation is not established, why men of the same type and with similar habits are prone to such attacks. No cause-and-effect relationship has been established.

Why Are Headache Attacks?

Cluster Headache: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment with Prevention It is believed that this is a certain disorder in the body's work, which is associated with biorhythms. Such a judgment is based on the fact that the body of each person has its own biorhythms.

Cluster attacks have their periodicity, which is directly related to cycles in nature. They are usually repeated with great precision and at the same time of day and time of year.

Human biorhythms are designed to regulate enzymatic activity, body temperature, affect the secretion and many other functions of the body. With the appearance of cluster headaches, we can talk about failures in the work of biorhythms.

Maybe this is affected by a pituitary gland disorder that regulates daytime biorhythms. The process can occur in this order - the hypothalamus, by means of impulses, affects the central nervous and circulatory systems, resulting in vasodilatation, which causes the appearance of cluster headaches.

Maybe their appearance affects the level of serotonin content that has a link with histamine and is affecting human biorhythms. Such a process in the body can affect the sensation in the eye area. The level of histamine affects the expansion of blood vessels. Injections of histamine may cause headaches, so they put forward such a version of the onset of headaches.

Many complain that headaches occur in a dream. Scientists have found that this occurs during the phase of a fast sleep. There is no scientific justification for the influence of alcohol as a provoking factor.

Alcohol increases the blood vessels, which can cause headache attacks. Therefore, it is not recommended for patients who are prone to cluster headaches, even in small numbers.

Treatment of headache attacks

Severe headache attacks are very difficult to treat. Very often an oxygen mask is used to relieve the pain and relieve pain. Perhaps physical education and sports will help get rid of tufts of headaches. But the load during classes and their frequency must necessarily be agreed with a specialist.

As one of the ways of removing headaches, drops are used in the nose, contain somatosthanin or lidocaine, but you can only use these medications under the supervision of a doctor.

Cluster headache is also called a medicine headache. Pain sensations during an attack can be very strong. Such manifestations should not be tolerated; consult a doctor and follow his appointment.

First of all you need to take an analgesic, then the attack will go down and you can set the root cause. In some cases, it is advisable to mark in a diary where it is necessary to note the frequency of attacks and your feelings during them. Such an event is very helpful in conducting the diagnosis.

Usually a doctor prescribes:

  • medications with ergotamine and caffeine;
  • procedure using pure oxygen, it must be inhaled;
  • for the removal of acute pain in the nose with lidocaine;
  • triptan group preparations.

To prevent such attacks, administer:

  • verapamil hydrochloride;
  • lithium carbonate;
  • various antiepileptic drugs.

Doctors around the world are unanimous in their opinion that alcohol and tobacco can provoke cluster headaches. By refusing these bad habits, remission may occur without going through the course of treatment.

What provokes the onset of a cluster headache?

  • Tobacco;
  • alcohol;
  • narcotic substances;
  • stress;
  • depression;
  • overfill;
  • foods contain nutritional supplements and preservatives;
  • increase in body temperature.

This will depend on the frequency of attacks and the strength of pain. At home, you can relieve headache attacks or at least reduce their frequency.

For this you can use:

  • high concentration oxygen, inhale for twenty minutes;
  • to take medications only at the appointment of a doctor;
  • , if necessary, to take additional medications to eliminate side effects;
  • to keep a diary.

In case of cluster headache, it is necessary to correctly select the method and method for the removal of attacks. This process can take a certain period of time until you find the most effective method for your body. Try using folk remedies or herbal remedies as an additional element that enhances the action of medicines. But in such a situation, it is always necessary to consult a physician for their compatibility.

Such attacks are recognized as one of the most difficult ones. The attack may take a long time and therefore you need to learn how to get rid of it.

Cluster headache can become a deterrent to the attainment of goals set in your life. Drugs can become addictive and will not achieve the desired effect. You can try several products that will affect headache attacks.

Cayenne pepper is used to make various ointments and make painkillers. If such an ointment is rubbed into the temporal region, you can achieve a reduction in pain and the attack will gradually move away.

Turmeric has an effect of soothing and can be used in cooking without restriction.

Qudzu will help cope with dizziness, headache, and even remove the firmness of the ears. It is used as a preventive poisoning agent.

Ginkgo improves overall circulation, but only in raw form.

Walnuts are a widely recognized antioxidant. With their help increases immunity, improves blood composition and blood circulation. But they can be consumed no more than two, three pieces per day.

A good way to reduce attacks can be your behavior - try to avoid stress and not overdo it. The modern rhythm of life and constantly arising household problems are a very common factor in the appearance of cluster headache.

Cluster headache is quite difficult to treat. Therefore, if a specialist has put you in such a diagnosis, much attention should be paid to preventive measures.

  • day mode;
  • is a healthy dream;
  • outdoor walks;
  • healthy food;
  • Physical Education and Sports.

These long-known rules should become your regular companions. Take caution when using strong tea or coffee. Especially if you are prone to high blood pressure.

Sports should be supervised by a specialist or at least after consultation with him. In modern sports halls you can create an individual program of classes and gradually increase it. For these purposes, they have a trainer or instructor. Such classes can be useful at any age.

A very wide range of presentations among medicinal herbs, but it is also necessary to use them in accordance with the specified dosage, taking breaks, so as not to become addictive.

Broth and herbal teas can be used for oral intake or for compress. You can combine several herbs or take only one, many options.

Summary of results

Cluster headache is rightly recognized as one of the most problematic in their classification. For frequent and severe attacks, you should immediately contact a doctor, undergo an examination in order to find out the root causes of their occurrence.

During the course of treatment, you must strictly comply with all the prescriptions of a doctor and consult with him for any reason.

The use of phytotherapy and folk remedies for headaches is widespread. The correct approach to such methods brings positive results.

They are used as preventive measures, and the main course, all depends on the strength and frequency of attacks. It is allowed to combine several methods, only in agreement with the doctor.

When working with harmful substances, be sure to use personal protective equipment, eat sour milk and other products that can remove them from the body.

Any chronic or serious illness can cause cluster pain attacks, so you need to undergo a special course of treatment. Even in the modern rhythm of life, do not forget about outdoor and outdoor walks.

The human body is arranged so that it can carry certain loads and overload. But if this continues, it can start to crash in any of the systems, which can lead to complicated diseases and as side effects - headache attacks, they will be frequent and strong.

Try to find the most effective method of treatment and a set of preventive measures in which case the results will be fast and steady. Self-treatment causes great harm to your health.