How To Care And Maintain A Californian Rabbit At Home?

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  • How to feed a rabbit at home?
  • What foods can be included in the diet?
  • What do you need to know about keeping rabbits?
  • How To Carry The California Rabbit?

A very good pet is the

California rabbit, which weighs about 4 pounds. The animal has a fairly dense and snow-white coat with dark spots, which are located on the paws, muzzle, and tail. The pupil can boast of beautiful long ears and red eyes. Today it is known that the Californian breed of rabbits was officially registered in the last century. Beautiful and smart animals became very popular very soon, as they have a friendly character and a rather interesting appearance. The

How To Care And Maintain A Californian Rabbit At Home?

Californian rabbit has a white color with dark spots.

How to feed a rabbit at home?

The diet of well-groomed and healthy rabbits should provide them with everything they need. Well-chosen and, of course, useful food - this is the main basis for the successful development of an organism of the pet. For example, amino acids help accelerate the process of cell regeneration. The required amount of fats is deposited in the rabbit's body and serves as an important source of energy. However, in addition to the substances listed above, animals need trace elements and various vitamins.

Rabbits of this breed have a very good appetite and are not easy to eat. That is why making the most appropriate menu for a pet will not cause any problems. You can use the feed offered in pet stores, the characteristics of which are very positive.

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What foods can be included in the diet of animal beings?

How To Care And Maintain A Californian Rabbit At Home?

Forage For Rabbits.

Adult California rabbit rabbits should daily use the most useful green fodder: clover, tansy, espaces, dandelion, plantain, which are given to them in the form of pre-crushed mixture. In a diet the pet must necessarily contain juicy foods: zucchini, fresh cabbage, sweet carrots and pumpkin.

Among the most acceptable coarse fodders, hay, birch, ash, willow or linden shoots will be the best option. Rabbit concentrated fodder, which includes peas, bran, soy, barley, oats. The fact that the owner correctly picked up for animal nutrition is evidenced by the normal color of feces, a good condition of the pet's pet, the presence of shiny hair and satisfactory behavior of the rabbit.

If you want to pamper rabbits, sweet fruits and vegetables that are not included in the main diet are used as a delicatessen. It can be fresh parsley, bananas, broccoli and even kelbrabi. Such delicacies can be given to a pet in small quantities, since their surplus provokes the development of allergies.

It is necessary to try to avoid overcharging of the diet, and it is best to introduce new products gradually! And you need to remember that rabbits can offer chips, sweets and all kinds of smoked foods.

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What should you know about keeping rabbits?

How To Care And Maintain A Californian Rabbit At Home?

Detention of rabbits according to age.

Mostly at home, Californian rabbits live in a spacious cage. The place of residence of a moving animal must be equipped with a small house, a convenient feeder and a drinking bridge.

The pallet of the cell itself should be covered with sawdust or special fillers, which perfectly absorbs moisture and retains an unpleasant smell.

A cage for a rabbit is put in a place protected from sun rays or drafts. There must be clean water in it, as the animals of this breed love to drink. In the summer, the daily rate of fluid needs to be increased. The drink should be kept clean.

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How to Care for a California Rabbit?

Owners of such a beautiful animal must remember that its contents include a thorough examination of the skin, eyes, wool and ears. It is necessary to regularly cut the pet's claws and perform other hygienic procedures. This is necessary in order to give the rabbit a neat exterior and timely detection of the disease.

Of course, the Californian rabbit has a skin that is a kind of barrier against virtually all types of exposure: very harmful toxic substances, cold, bacteria, dampness and a large number of fungi. At least 1 time in 7 days it is good to examine your favorite pet.


There should not be pustules, no reddenings, scrubs and acne on the skin of the pet. The pet's hair should be silky and soft.

It is best to comb the animal with special brushes that have a rubber seal and a soft bristle. The combing process itself can be facilitated by the use of pads and sprays. Appeared dummies need to be cut with special scissors.


A very poor condition of the wool and skin of an animal is an indication that it has stress, disturbance in the work of the internal organs and the presence of hormonal failure. Eyes of a pet should be inspected every day. Allocations that are collected in the corners of the eye should be removed using a clean cloth pre-soaked in slightly warmed water. Irritation is best removed by applying plant drops.