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Fox Dogs: photo, breed, mexican, chinese hawk, videos that are

Fox Dogs: photo, breed, mexican, chinese hawk, videos that

Recently, fox dogs were considered exclusive and treated exotic breeds. But their origin is absolutely not a modern whim of dog breeders. There were such dogs for a very long time, many centuries ago.

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Genetics of FoxesThe dogs of different breeds are very similar, even if they are taken out at different ends of the Earth. At the same time, the characteristics of different breeds can be fundamentally different. To date, the most common breeds of bald dogs are Mexican Bare and Chinese Chubby Bare Dog.

Mexican naked dog: peculiarities of the

Fox Dogs: photo, breed, mexican, chinese hawk, videos that breed Dogs with the complex name "xolotytskuintly" appeared more than 3 millennia ago. In the ritual ceremonies of the Mexican Aztecs, such dogs were used. Human life after death represented the Aztecs a huge significance.

They traveled to the last person not only the close people but also the dogs that belonged to him. Strict Mexican rites assumed the killing of one of the dogs of the deceased owner with the launch of an arrow in her throat. After that, the dogs were wrapped around the neck with cotton thread and the body betrayed her burial fire, in which the owner was burned. A Mexican naked dog was considered a dog of the god of Xolotl, and its purpose was to accompany the deceased to the world of spirits.

During his life, the owner used such a dog to guard the house. It was also believed that when a serious illness of the host such a dog takes away all the sickness, and then betray the illness of the earth, spending a long time, lying in a pit with a mule or puddle. In the event that the disease was considered incurable, the dog died - he could drown or voluntarily die of starvation.

In ksol there was an extra, terrifying for a modern person, a destination - these dogs served for the Indians by meal. Aborigines bred such dogs for food because other animals were not in control of them. The dogs intended for a delicious dinner, the Indians were fed with plants, which was very much, and then killed dogs. The meat of these dogs was delicatessen, it was used for treats at various ceremonial ceremonies.

Dogs were considered delicious and delicious food for a long time after the European colonizers brought various cattle to Mexico. In the Aztecs markets, more than a dozen individuals of bald dogs could be found every day.

After some time after the appearance of the European conquerors on the mainland, the ancient ceremonies were banned. Aboriginal rituals were not appreciated by Europeans, the bald dogs seemed to them an unpleasant sight, and the dogs ceased to be necessary. For several centuries, fox dogs have not been popular. Representatives of the breed only rarely met in remote mountainous areas of Mexico.

In the twentieth century, from these distant settlements, several individuals of the breed were exported. They marked the beginning of the branch of dogs that today's modern man can observe. The breeders with the help of considerable works were able to restore the popularity of the breed. To date, in Mexico you can find several thousand dogs of this breed.

In Russia, xolos appeared only in the 90's of the twentieth century. The cost of such dogs was a very large sum. Today, puppies are much cheaper, and in Russia there are only a few dozen individuals - these dogs are not very popular in the country because of their heat-loving nature and incompatibility with the Russian climate.

The breed is a primitive species. This means that it was brought in on a natural way, without the participation of breeders. Such dogs, as a rule, are characterized by excellent data on health, longevity and genetics.

Xolo behavior: good-natured leader

These dogs have very peculiar traditions. The character is very restrained, but friendly. Puppies of Xolo are very different from their adult relatives. In childhood, dogs are very active, have a thick and stingy appearance. Their paws are short, the muzzles have a dull shape. Kids are completely covered with skin folds. They eat a lot and are full of energy. Puppies grow up very quickly and after a while turn into tall and elegant dogs.

A look at these dogs is very attentive. For strangers, the dogs are very cautious, but after a while they can come and get acquainted. But the guardian of such a dog is not very good - these qualities are developed in ksolo very weakly. In the case when the owner is in danger, Xolo begins to bark desperately.

The temperament in adult species of the breed is sanguineous. The dog has a fairly strong nervous system, has calm and high intelligence. Remaining alone with such a dog will not wound and carry furniture. Instead, he would prefer to wait quietly for the hosts, and uses the waiting time to get well enough.

During pubescence, the dominant traits are detected in the dogs. After a psa fulfills a year, he acquires calm character traits. The owner for him is the packer leader.

In the life of the Xolo family are quite sociable. They accept all family members as excellent friends, but one owner is a special person for them. The dog will constantly try to stay next to him. For such a dog, the whole family in which he lives is a pack. The owner of the flock is either the owner or the dog himself.

If there are other pets in the house, the dog regards them sympathetically and accepts them in this pack. Animal, which met the ksolo on the street, does not seem to be a dog for the enemy, there is a high probability that they can make friends.

Care for a Mexican bare dog

In the care of such dogs are absolutely unpretentious. This is especially true of the diet. The dog is happy to eat absolutely any food that she will be offered. The amount of absorbed food also does not cause any questions on the dog. But this fact does not mean that the diet of such a dog can be completely unbalanced.

Due to the fact that the ksol used to be fed exclusively by plants in the homeland, it is believed that such dogs are vegetarians. This idea is false - xolo is a need for meat like any other dog.

The owner has to decide on a food system for ksolo - it may be dry food or natural food. But mixing these two types is not recommended. The etching of a dog will not respond to this method in the best way. Mixing systems threaten vitamin overdose, protein poisoning or over-saturation of the body with minerals.

If the owner decides to go through a natural feeding, then the dog's diet must necessarily include:

  • beef;
  • cooked vegetables;
  • Fruits( as delicious treat);
  • for puppies are mandatory porridges and dairy products.

If the animal is not active, then it needs a low-carbohydrate diet. The necessity is caused by this tendency of the breed to be overweight.

In the event that the owner stops choosing dry fodder, he may not have to worry about the lack of nutrients for the dog. If the feed is high-quality, then it has enough needed additives, and the protein and fat content is balanced. Dog allergies are almost unlikely to fit any feed.

It is important to note that the granules of the feed or pieces of meat should be small in size. Sometimes a dog has few teeth. Such a flaw is considered genetic, but to absorb large granules in this case, the dog will be uncomfortable.

You can keep such a pet only in a city apartment or in a house, but not outdoors. Round-the-clock street content of this breed is contraindicated. Of course, it is not an axiom that the dog can not survive on the street for a while. Nevertheless, such dogs are very heat-loving. The heat they carry is much easier than the cold and with pleasure spend a long time on the street, if the weather is hot.

The microclimate of an apartment for ksol is no less important. The apartment should not be colder, they are 25 degrees. If the house is cool and damp, then the dog will feel great discomfort, and if the house is less than 20 degrees, it is better to put on a dog warm sweater.

Such a dog as xolo should be tempered by periodic walks even in the winter. Lack of warm clothing during a short winter walk will not do damage to the health of the dog, but will help to harden the dog. Such a walk should not last more than 15 minutes. Frequent skin contact with clothing can lead to dermatitis.

We train and walk the xolo correctly

Walking these dogs are very fond of. During these walks, classes with ksolo lead to good results. Dogs of this breed are excellent learners, classes are given easily and dogs and the owner.

It is possible to start dealing with xolo at the age of 4 months. Together with puppy training, the necessary socialization takes place. You need to go for a dog without any need - physical activity and fresh air are needed for a growing dog. But overload will not be a good workout. All active classes should take place only at the request of the pupil himself.

If a puppy wants to play with dogs that are bigger and older than him, then this desire must be stopped. Often such unions end with injuries. If during the games on the dog on the skin there are bruises and grass, then they must necessarily be treated with antiseptics.

It is difficult to name dogs such dogs, the dog needs a daily walk. Physical stresses may vary depending on the wishes and capabilities of the host.

It is important to give proper attention to the skin and cartilage of the ears of the pet. The lynx of a young species sometimes has to be pasted in order to keep them up to one year old.

What diseases can tolerate

dogs The average life expectancy of such dogs is 12-15 years. Good health accompanies the dog to the very old age, but if you give the dog an ill care, then you can develop dermatitis or eczema, and low-quality food will cause gastritis.

Hereditary diseases of xolo do not suffer. Even in the case when the dogs did not put vaccines - it is likely that the disease will overtake her side, but the inoculation of the dog is still necessary.

Problems with viscous or fertilization also apply to xalo very rarely. Bitch is born with ease, and the kids have excellent survival.

How and where to buy

In Russia, there are several nurseries where you can buy a puppy. With the documents the cost of a puppy will be not less than 60 000 rubles, and if the host is suitable puppy without a card, then you can invest in 30 000 rubles.

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Chinese Bare Dog Dog

Fox Dogs: photo, breed, mexican, chinese hawk, videos that In China, this kind of fox dog, whose photo can be found online, appeared more than 2 thousand years ago. In this country, these dogs were sacred animals and the greatness of the river was very popular. Nevertheless, world-wide popularity of these dogs was acquired only by the end of the nineteenth century, and this process began in England.

A representative of the breed from China to the UK brought a man named W. Taunton. The dog was exhibited at the exhibition.

The beginning of the twentieth century was marked for the breed very popular in America. To start such dogs was considered especially prestigious among public and scandalous people. Today in America you can find several large communities that include fans of such dogs. Often representatives of this breed win in the nomination "the most ugly dog".

Positive sides of the Chinese dog dog

Such a dog simply adores its owner. She constantly tries to be close, but does not bother with it. The dog is very sensitive and emotional, has a high intelligence and insight. These qualities help the dog to feel the mood and desire of the host subtle.

Extremely such dogs relate to children and accept all other family members. To attack and sneer through trifles such a dog will not be. It will adversely affect the puppy's rude or cold attitude from the host, an unstable psychological microclimate within the family.

Eating at home other pets live, the dog perceives them very kindly. Welding between them is possible only in very rare cases, and to take care of his friend a dog with a special tenderness and touch.

Negative features of Chinese chubby

Soldiers do not tolerate such dogs. Staying alone with them, they start barking loudly and waving, spoiling things. It is very dangerous to leave one dog where there are included household appliances. Pepping the wire, the dog can get a fatal blow to the current. Regardless of age, a dog needs a nearby presence.

During a puppy's age, dogs can be very sloppy. To keep them clean is very difficult. It is necessary from the very early age to bring the baby to the waist, otherwise all the corners of the apartment will be spoiled. Often, a dog can "forget" that it is already accustomed to the toilet and bring a not very pleasant surprise to the owner directly on the bed or things.

Dogs are noisy and aggressively react to the appearance of foreign sounds. When visiting other dogs on the street, they may be aggressive.

Dog Care

Dogs are prone to allergies, so nutrition should be carefully checked. Chicken or sweets are contraindicated for such a dog. The owner must decide on the feeding system and feed the dog with either dry food or natural food.

In such constant walking, this dog needs to be very sharp. Problems with the toilet and excessive activity of the pet will make life in the house very difficult, if the walks will not be enough. For walks in cold weather, you need to have clothes for your pet and be sure to warm the dog before you go out.

The training of such a dog is not mandatory, but for the dog to take part in exhibitions, it is necessary to conduct ring training.

What can an

dog fall Like any other breed, the Chinese whip is susceptible to some diseases:

  • problems with the stomach are possible due to genetic predisposition to an incomplete number of teeth;
  • is a dry eye and, consequently, conjunctivitis and blindness;
  • dislocation of the kneecap;
  • pelvic bone disease;
  • Food allergies;
  • dermatitis;
  • acne.

With proper care and careful monitoring of health, the dog will be able to live longer than 12 years.

How to buy a Chinese dogfoot

You can buy a dog in a kennel. The cost of a puppy starts at 40,000 rubles. When purchasing such a dog it is important to check the health of the person and the reputation of the nursery.

Representatives of rocks with common roots - Chinese and Mexican - differ from each other by different features. From the appearance to nature, these dogs are completely different. The biggest difference is the health of dogs.