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Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus

Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus

October for Taurus - the period is quite complicated, especially in the first half of the month, when trials and troubles can catch them unexpectedly. The ambition and pride of the Taurus in this case can serve them a bad service, and they risk the victim's enemies. In addition,

at this time are not excluded from the problems of law, litigation, serious conflicts with partners. All these excitements can negatively affect their health. During this period it is not necessary to travel, and on roads it is necessary to be extremely careful. The period after the 18th day will be more favorable and calm, when the passions will emerge and there will be the opportunity to resolve the controversial issues, and the Tawts property or financial claims can be decided in their favor. However, in any case, the Taurus will have to reckon with the opinions of others, because luck will come from their side.
  • Favorable Days for Taurus in October 2017 - 4, 8, 12, 17, 21, 26, 30 October.
  • Unfavorable days for Taurus in October 2017 - 6, 14, 23, 29 oct.

Love Horoscope for Women's Taffeta by October 2017

From October 1 to October 10. There comes a period when you focus on yourself. You will spend all your free time traveling, talking with friends. It is possible that on a long trip you will meet your future half. And since October 2, you will mostly start to worry career issues. Maybe you want to make fun of the leader. Be careful. because light flirtation can grow into something more. And this will not work best for your professional success. October 9, try to focus as much as possible on the care of your beloved.

From 11 to 20 October. In the first few days of the decade, it will be difficult for you to achieve harmony in relationships, your desire will not always coincide with the interests and capabilities of the partner. Because of this, there may be some tension in the relationship. Therefore, be softer, go to the actions of the first one.

October 21-31. This decade will be conducive to relations. On October 22, you can schedule an interesting social holiday, the main thing - think ahead of the program of your entertainment in advance. Even more interesting and rich will be on October 23, this day you will have many creative ideas to revitalize relationships, to make them novelty. The best day for intimate closeness - October 25, you will feel relaxed and courageous, it will allow you to embody all the fantasies in life.

A romantic date. Remember your mommy or grandmother's recipes and astonish your chooser with a delicious pastry. Tasting the table will be an excellent addition to delicious food and will definitely be appreciated by your partner.

Family Horoscope for October 2017 Taurus

There are no particular worries and feelings about the family during this period. Only October 20 may there be some disagreements when communicating with children, try to control emotions and not break your anger on the child. On October 22 and 23, it will be easy to solve all important issues with a man( for example, discuss plans for the summer or plan a family budget).In October, it will be possible to make many successful purchases for the home.

Also, the whole period of your home will be open to guests, you will never need to communicate with your family and friends. With family affairs will be easy to handle after October 16, this day you can plan even the most responsible conversations.

Horoscope for health in October 2017 Taurus

It is important to pay special attention to your body, listen to your intuition. Be compulsive in food, it is now very important to adhere to a balanced diet. On October 20 and 21, chronic diseases may become exacerbated, but already on October 23, everything will get better, there will be strength and cheerfulness of the spirit.

Product of the month. Cabbage salad should be on your desk every day, it's a real source of vitamins for your body.


Now you especially want to collect suitcases and go somewhere far, but it is not recommended to go on a trip at the beginning of the period, especially on October 20th. Otherwise, your initiative may prove to be unsuccessful. After October 22 there will be a more favorable time when you feel much more confident and free in everything that concerns travel. The best days for travel are 23.24 and 25th of October. After October 3, the more relaxing vacation,

, will become your top priority

on the couch at home in a fun company of friends. The main thing - think of an exciting program with different games, in the end all were involved in a noisy event. But on October 8, you should spend alone to better understand what you want.

Horoscope of Finance and Work for the Girl of the Ring for October 2017

Early in the month you will see the first positive career advancements. Now you need to be especially diligent and patiently performing even daily routine work.so you show your dedication and dedication to your favorite affair. The bosses will soon appreciate your enthusiasm and zeal. As a bonus, you will receive an increase in salary, bonus or long-awaited increase. After October 2, you will be even more diligent in your professional development, it is now important to develop new techniques, undergo a variety of training sessions to improve your skills. If you have not been satisfied with your job for a long time, then start to look for a new one - now it's just a favorable period for this. It is possible to send on big purchases on October, 12th.

During this period, success should be expected in professional matters, even a dizzying rage that you did not expect at all. You are waiting for interesting events.

Horoscope for October 2017, Male Taurus

LOVE. You should not demand from your lover that he devotes all your time to you, because it is absolutely normal when work for a man in the first place. So if you want to develop a relationship.support him in a professional manner so that he does not come to fall in love with any of his colleagues.

TONUS. Excessive workload, constant stress and emotion can greatly undermine its health, so try to control your beloved so that it fully and qualitatively rests. Now is the time to go through a comprehensive examination of the whole body.

FINANCES. By October 10, all of its material assets will be in one way or another associated with active social activities.

WORK. Already in the beginning of the month, in his career, there will be positive changes. Self-development should become a priority area in his life. If he has long planned to change the place of work, now is the time. In any case, October promises to be fruitful, successful and productive for a career.

FRIENDS. There are a lot of interesting meetings and attractive offers from friends. So, if you have a desire to have fun, make the company your chosen one wherever he was going. The party can be scheduled for October 4-5.

LIFE. The possibility of a long trip will be on October 23rd. Earlier in this day, it's not necessary to go on the road, the trip can break off for unexpected reasons. If you do not plan to visit another city or country, you can have a great rest in a friendly circle.

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