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Skin rashes on the feet: causes of itching and peeling

Each of us experiences discomfort when the skin is peeling. Especially unpleasant is this problem for the beautiful half of mankind. Caring for their ideal appearance, women pay special attention to the skin of the legs. After all, this part of the body is an object of capture in the

men. And if you do not want to show a dull skin on the legs, which, of course, spoils the look of a new mini skirt. And those around think about whether there are any dangerous illnesses in a person with such visual manifestations. Modern cosmetics can sometimes have a reverse side of the medal. Those chemical additives that are part of them, cause allergies and intolerance, and as a consequence - peeling of the skin of the legs. In severe cases, the epidermis is so shocked that it becomes scalded, cracked and sore. Why skin is peeling? How to determine the reason for this state? Only a qualified dermatologist can answer these questions. It is necessary for him to consult at the first symptoms of the appearance of a pathological condition of the skin of the legs.


  • 1 Background to the appearance of dry skin
  • 2 Problems of dryness of the feet and toes
  • 3 Methods of therapy

1 Preconditions for the emergence of dry skin

All organs and systems of the human body are reliably protected by the upper layer of the epidermis. As a true protector, the skin should have a healthy look, be elastic, firm, moist enough. If these qualities are absent, then there are problems with its condition, which require correction and treatment. Before proceeding with therapy, one needs to find and eliminate the causes and answer the question: "Why does skin scaly on the feet, fingers, what are the causes of such a pathology?".Reasons are conventionally divided into three large groups. The first one relates the causes of the medical nature. This is an individual allergic intolerance to some foods, body care products, fabrics from which sewing clothes. Synthetic tights or leggings, which are mandatory in the wardrobe of every girl or woman, sometimes become a real threat to the skin, causing peeling on the legs.

Skin rashes on the feet: causes of itching and peeling

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Small pustular rashes, fungal infection in most cases is a protruding form of severe skindiseases and cause scaling of the skin of the legs. These include and manifestations of herpes zoster.

Lack of vitamins due to unbalanced diet of the same type becomes a number of medical reasons for dryness of the skin of the legs in the first position. After all, from what useful minerals will bring blood to the skin, its condition depends. And they fall into the body with food. In order to prevent such phenomena, it is necessary to drink a lot of liquids, to include in the diet fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy products.

In today's world, environmental causes become the provocateurs of many diseases, and peeling of the skin of the legs is no exception. Due to irrational and careless use of water resources, many reservoirs, including underground ones, suffer from pollution. Chemical substances are used for their purification. Such water in some people does not cause any reactions, and in others it can provoke dermatitis.

To the third group of reasons that provoke peeling fingers on the legs, and the skin as a whole, include physiological. They are related to the age. After all, aging skin can not be elastic and young, turning the time back. Plastic surgery comes to the rescue here.

2 Problems of dryness of the feet and toes

Most of our time in our lives, our feet are carried out in shoes. In this case there is no natural ventilation. The feet of the feet are subject to moisture losses much more than other parts of the body. Weak circulation of blood provokes gaps in the work of sebaceous and sweat glands. The skin on the feet of the feet loses natural grease and peels.

Skin rashes on the feet: causes of itching and peeling

But redness, peeling of the skin on the legs and itching can be symptoms of even more terrible ailment - fungal infections. Mushrooms are the simplest microorganisms that settle on the skin and start eating it. The fungus feeds on carotene, which creates a protective surface of our skin and, naivshis completely, forms the protection for its cellular system. In the world there are about 1.5 million species of fungi. When the foot and skin are touched between the fingers, a person feels itching, unpleasant sensations, burning. The aesthetic appearance of rashes, especially for women, is always depressing. The danger of some types of fungal exists for the whole organism as a whole. Candidiasis can affect the mucous membranes of the internal organs. Known cases of lesion with mycosis and candidiasis of the cardiovascular and nervous system. Recurrent and complicated biogenic infections of mycosis can provoke the development of varicose veins, Bushiv inflammation. Skin can begin to peel due to a number of factors:

  • increased sweating of the legs;
  • maceration;
  • microtrauma;
  • frequent visits to places of public use( baths, swimming pools);
  • non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

To get infected with mycosis can be directly from the sick person and through the invisible dispersal of mycelium of the fungus to linen, slippers, clothes, carpets, towels.

To determine the infection with a fungus, it is necessary to pass certain samples taken directly from the places of infection. Visually affected legs or toes have a reddish tinge, indicating the appearance of hyperemia. Itching appears. If the form of the epidermophytic angiogenesis is interginosa, then it is quite strong, and in the case of dry squamous form - insignificant. If the process is aggravated by allergy, itching is renewed.

There are serious dangers of cracks that are infected by streptoconazole bacteria. This infection provokes the development of pustular rashes. The skin on the toes in the area of ​​the cracks is painful, especially when walking. Pathogenic microflora leads its livelihoods and as a result there is an unpleasant odor that is annoying and suffers from this ailment, and others.


Therapy Methods All of the above described skin problems are well treated if it is started on time. And the first point in it is prevention, careful care and daily hygiene procedures.

Skin rashes on the feet: causes of itching and peeling

Skilled care is to maintain the skin of the feet in cleanliness, selection of tights and socks from natural fabrics. Every day, when going to bed, you need to lubricate your feet with nutritious greasy cream for good moisture. A warm bath with peeling with pumice will keep your feet soft, and rough skin will not serve as a feed for fungal microorganisms. Help in such procedures not only tools, but also tools for peeling. These are different masks. For their preparation, use sea salt( 1 tablespoon) and half a cup of sour cream or cream. This scrub cleans the skin of the stage after the previous steaming.

Substances for nutrition should fall on the skin of the legs not only by applying creams and masks, but also by introducing into their ordinary diet a large amount of liquid, useful fats contained in nuts, fish, vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables. In the winter, various vitamin complexes are recommended, which will fill the balance of the required trace elements and minerals.

Skin irritation caused by more complex diseases - fungal infections - is treated with ointments containing antifungal and corticosteroid hormones. Such modern pharmaceutical industry produces in sufficient quantity, but it is necessary to use them precisely following the instructions, after visiting the dermatovenereologist. Very popular are ointments based on Hydrocortisone, Dexapanthenol, Bepanten.

"Wolf Foot Feed", - says folk wisdom. After all, this part of the body provides movement and gives the person the opportunity to perform any work. The various disorders that arise on the skin of the legs, in case of improper care and treatment, can lead to complications. Qualified therapy, a review of your diet, clothing, shoes will permanently relieve you of problems on the legs, and the skin will become elastic and elastic.